Shipping Container Pools

Shipping Container Pool Conversions


With the intense growth in shipping container modification for both residential and commercial use, a number of innovative transformations are becoming more common, allowing shipping containers to be made into just about anything. Shipping container pools have become increasingly popular given their customisability, affordability and potential luxury. Essentially, a shipping container pool is a traditional, general purpose container that has no ceiling. After that, a filtration system is installed and a membrane is fitted to the internal portion of the container to make it completely waterproof – these are made from steel, vinyl or fibreglass. Container pools provide a fairly instant and preparation free pool solution, and boast the same durability and robustness as our other sturdy containers.

Why use Shipping Container as Pools

There are a number of benefits associated with a container pool. One of the main benefits is the ease of set up and installation, with containers able to sit above ground, requiring zero building work. Adding to this, container pools come with kits which include filtration systems, lights, and other pool necessities so they’re ready to use as soon as they’re filled with water. Choose to paint or cover your container and you’ll have a fully customised structure to match the aesthetic of your home, or if you prefer the industrial aesthetic then keep the corrugated steel on show – it’s totally up to you. Other key benefits include price reduction when compared to traditional in-ground swimming pools and the benefit of easy transportation, so if you ever decide to move, your pool can move with you.

We have a wide variety of container pools in stock across Australia, so wherever you’re located, we can get a shipping container pool to you.

Container Pool For Sale & Prices

Depending on what you specify your could be paying anything from $15K to $120K for a Container Pool.