Shipping Container Lunch Rooms

Shipping Container Lunch Rooms for Sale

Shipping Containers can be used for just about anything. You may have heard of site offices constructed using shipping containers, but they’re also being used for other site amenities, like lunch and tea rooms. To stay productive, your team has to eat. Safe, temperature controlled, dedicated eating and break spaces are an integral part of any work site. Add the portability component of a shipping container and you have the ideal space for your team to enjoy a non-disrupted break. With a vast amount of modification options available, you’ll be able to create a space that your team will love. Shipping containers are perfect for creating full-service work sites, so start buildings yours today. Container Traders stock a number of general purpose shipping containers ready for conversion to your requirements. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members to find out more today.

Types and Specifications

Shipping container lunch rooms can be designed using any size container as a base. We recommend 20ft or 40ft containers for added room and enhanced flexibility when designing your space. Once you’ve selected a container, choose from the plethora of conversion options and additions to make the space both unique and perfectly tailored to you. Inclusions can range from insulation, air conditioning and air vents to windows, vinyl flooring, tables and chairs, storage, electrical fit-out and data point inclusions. Alternatively, take your break space to the next level by including kitchenette spaces (with sinks, fridges and appliances) and bathrooms for added comfort. The available options are fairly substantial and it’s totally up to you. All of our containers are constructed from the highest quality Corton steel and are built to withstand the harshest of conditions during transport. This means, no matter how high traffic site (or lunch room) may be, your container is guaranteed to last.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Lunch Rooms

Creating a shipping container lunch room has a number of benefits that go beyond the obvious. Aside from being fully portable, and able to move around within and between sites, shipping container lunch rooms are extremely cost effective and environmentally beneficial. You’ll save money when using shipping containers in construction due to the minimal demand for raw building materials. Since the container is already constructed, the only inputs required are the materials to complete the modifications. This reduced use of building material has a positive environmental impact given no additional resources are required to build the frame. Shipping container lunch rooms can also play an important role in ensuring your work site adheres to Work Health and Safety rules. Work Health and Safety Act specifications require a site to have adequate facilities for workers, and why not construct these facilities easily with shipping containers?