Shipping Container Hoardings

Shipping Container Construction Site Hoardings

Given their strength and durability, converted shipping containers make the perfect, cost-effective hoarding solution for your worksite. Used (or new) shipping containers can be effectively modified into container hoardings and boast high levels of strength, easy installation and most importantly, pedestrian protection. Essentially, a container hoarding is a pedestrian walkway – an empty shipping container with cut-outs on one side which seeks to shelter pedestrians from hazardous areas on worksites while reducing impact to the building team. Offered in a range of sizes, configurations and colours, and with the option for further modification or branding, Container Traders is sure to have the perfect shipping container hoarding options for you.

With interior lighting, trip-hazard-free flooring and streetscape maintaining colour/branding options, container hoardings can be purchased and modified to your choosing. Alternatively, pre-fabricated and lightly used hoardings can be purchased for a smaller fee and are guaranteed to provide safety for the duration of their life. All our hoarding solutions offer quick installation and satisfy relevant Occupational Health and Safety Codes for added peace of mind. The containers also boast 10kPa effective protection against falling materials and debris, with user safety remaining the number one priority for our modification team. Combine a number of containers together to create a larger hoarding solution, choose a site office or first aid container and create a full-service worksite easily – the options are practically endless and it’s totally up to you.

If you’re looking for the perfect hoarding solution for your worksite, contact the helpful team of experts at Container Traders today! We can help you plan a full-service hoarding solution so you can keep pedestrians safe and comply with industrial Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Get in touch to keep your site and surroundings safe with Container Traders.