Shipping Container Change Rooms

Shipping Container Change Rooms for Sale

Given their versatility, shipping containers can be turned into just about anything. They’re super popular choices for a huge range of customer sites and are increasingly being used as great portable change rooms and locker rooms. Whether it’s the construction or mining sector, a local sporting club, or the PE department at school, a shipping container can be efficiently converted into a change room space for employees, team members and students to change comfortably and privately. Furthermore, the security provisions that are added as standard on shipping containers mean belongings can be locked securely in the change room space when it is not in use. Container change rooms are available in a range of sizes, and can be purchased in generic or totally customised formats. Container Traders have stock right across Australia so get in touch with one of the friendly team today to learn more and get a quote.

Types and Specifications

Shipping Container Change Rooms are best constructed using a 20ft or 40ft container base. These sizes provide adequate space for the room to feel comfortable, while still maintaining a manageable external footprint that will fit comfortably on most sites. If you only need a 10ft container, we can arrange that too – get in touch with the team to find out more. Generally, a shipping container change room will include a few main modifications. Insulation, doors, windows, air conditioning, vents, lockers, seating and storage are just a few of the inclusions that will make your space functional and effective. Add ancillary inclusions such as heaters or even bathroom spaces to make the space even more functional. All our containers are built to withstand the harshest of conditions. No matter the weather or traffic, your container will stay durable and robust through it all.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Change Rooms

The main benefit of a shipping container change room is its portability. Too often, traditional construction methods are used to construct temporary amenities which later have to be torn down. With a highly convenient shipping container conversion, you’ll be able to use the space time and time again, transporting it to/from or within sites. This means your investment is more viable and cost-effective, with extended container longevity. Another benefit of a shipping container change room is its flexibility. Depending on which facilities you already have on site, your container change room can be left untouched or can be totally modified to include amenities you don’t yet have. Add bathrooms, showers and so much more to create a complete solution for your site. Get in touch with Container Traders to discuss your options today.