Shipping Container Ablution Blocks

Shipping Container Ablution Blocks for Sale

Defined as ‘the act of washing oneself’, ablution is a necessary part of life. Following this definition, an Ablution Block (or washroom) is a room or set of rooms that is can be used as a toilet, shower block or general amenities area. Mandatory under the Work Health and Safety Act, an ablution block is an essential part of any site set up. Portable toilets and bathrooms are the perfect choice for worksites or temporary events where permanent structures are either not possible or inefficient. Using a shipping container as an ablution block provides a robust, totally customisable and completely transportable solution to your needs. We stock ablution units and container ‘wet areas’ Australia-wide. Get in touch with the friendly team at Container Traders to find out more about creating an ablution block that will work perfectly on your site or at your event.

Types and Specifications

Depending on the restrictions of your site, or the number of potential simultaneous users, you’ll be able to select a container size that accurately suits your needs. We can modify 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers as ablution units; however, the 20ft container is the most popular option. It provides a flexible yet efficient space that is both roomy and manageable on most sites. If you need more space, you have the option to combine multiple containers to create a full-service amenities area at your site or event. The containers are fitted with features such as toilets, showers, hot water systems, shelving/storage, fans/ventilation and basins – all installed to Australian Standards. You can then choose to add ancillary accessories like mirrors, hand dryers and more. The best thing is, the process is totally customisable so if you want to separate showers and restrooms, or perhaps need a unit with sinks only – we’ll happily handle your requests.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Ablution Blocks

The benefits of choosing to use a modified shipping container as an ablution block are impressive. Firstly, the block will arrive on your site fully assembled and ready to use. Since they’re completely constructed off-site they’re more cost-effective than traditional building methods which would inevitably take longer to construct and implement. If you choose to plumb your unit, simply connect the services and you’re good to go. Alternatively, choose to design an ablution block for a remote area that requires zero water or electrical connections. Each unit is completely self-contained and designed to meet Australian Standards, with hygiene and efficiency considered throughout design to ensure easy upkeep. Moreover, since our shipping containers are constructed using the highest quality steel and are built to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, you can rest assured that the container will stay strong – even in high traffic areas of festivals or worksites.