Ablution Blocks

Portable Ablution Unit Blocks

You can choose Ablution Units in various sizes from 10ft, 20ft or even 40ft and they can fitted with toilets, urinals, showers, changing rooms, along with wash basins and more. Shipping containers modified to a Ablution Blocks is another perfect use for a container built to last and be moved. So when you think Ablution blocks for your worksite, event or sports club contact Container Traders first.


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When and where do you need Portable Ablution Blocks?

A benefit of using a container is you can create a mobile Ablution Blocks. By fitting it on a chassis during customisation, your Toilet Blocks rooms can be transported wherever your home, business or company needs it. This is ideal if your Ablution Block is used on a building site where you need to move to a different location when a project is finished. You won’t have unnecessary expenses to build a new Ablution Units at each new location.

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What kind of Toilet Blocks do you need?

You can use a mobile Staff Toilets Blocks on your Mine, Construction, Sport Ground or One off Event. Urinals, toilets and washbasins with hot and cold water. What ever you need we can do.

  • Individual Toilet cubical, or Male and Female separated Toilet Block Units
  • Need to add shower facilities we can a dedicated container to showing and change or a combo; just ask for what you need.
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How is a Shipping Container Ablution Block the better option?

It’s an ideal option to implement a container as a the Ablution Blocks. This is why:

  • Portable: your building site’s Ablution Block can be moved to anywhere its tools and interior is needed.
  • Affordable: Instead of building many ablution units, customising a container is a once-off expense which won’t be excessive in terms of all you’re able to get out of the unit.
  • Tailored: Your every requirement can be met by planning your container Staff Toilet blocks efficiently. Make your work area ideal!
    So the question is, when are you getting yours?
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What do you need installed?

A simple steel cube can be transformed via customisation. Add any of these aspects to your design to get the most out of using your mobile workshop:

  • Look: You can transform the look of your container by painting inside and outside and even fixing your logo to the exterior. This means you obtain portable marketing, because your tailored workshop will advertise your company or home business wherever it’s moved to.
  • Doors and windows: Plan your workshop’s entrances so you have easy access and enough doors if there’s going to be a lot of traffic in the form of staff or clients moving in & out. Windows serve in giving natural light as well as insulation to keep the unit at a comfortable temperature.
  • Ventilation: For a comfortable interior you need air ventilation or even air conditioning units to create heated or cold air. These can easily be installed by cutting holes and installing the units.
  • Ramps: A container has an eight inch lip around the edge which needs to be navigated when entering or exiting. Make it easy for staff carrying heavy objects by having a portable ramp ready. You’ll have less accidents and traffic will move easier.
  • Shelving: The strong steel structure is flexible in what it can be turned into. Its sturdy walls are perfect to fix shelves to for all your tools and machinery.
  • Tables: You need work surfaces for all your projects. In a container you have enough floor space to install the ideal workbench for your requirements. Two containers can even be connected if more space is required.
  • Electrical: For adequate lighting as well as sockets for electrical appliances, power can easily be connected to this kind of mobile workshop.
  • Storage space: Containers are high enough for you to plan additional storage space near the top. As long as these racks or lofts don’t interfere with your air conditioning structure you can easily store tools and products out of the way so your work area is kept neat.