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Work, On-site or at Home Kitchenette

Space is a valuable commodity in any scenario. In your home, there is always something—such as a new appliance—which needs storage space or a functional place to be placed. Businesses have lots of papers and work related items that need to be stored securely. Containers are ideal answers to these problems. A container can be converted to create space and it can be customised to suit your specific needs. Turning a container into a kitchenette is one way of creating and saving space in terms of home or business. Let’s look at how you can use this to your advantage.

container kitchenette

Use it for yourself or others

A kitchenette is created by installing certain fixtures such as sinks and countertops into a container. By connecting plumbing and laying down flooring you quickly create a functional kitchen. And then the uses are endless. Besides applying a container to enlarge your own living space—yes they can be made aesthetically pleasing—a kitchenette in a container turns a steel unit into a small apartment which you can rent out.

Another option is to use a container as a kitchen when you want to utilise your garage as an additional living space. All you need is bathroom facilities which can also be installed in containers. Kitchenettes are affordable workers lunchrooms or a staff meeting areas. The list of uses is endless.

container kitchenette

Use it wherever you need it

There’s another benefit of installing a kitchenette into a container: it can be mobile! Especially for businesses such as building contractors a movable kitchen means there’s no need to build a new one at each building site. Staff can be catered for throughout the project and when it’s time to move on, a kitchen built on a chassis—instead of a concrete slab for permanent use—can simply be packed up, hooked on the back of a vehicle and taken to the next site. It couldn’t be easier!

container kitchenette

How can you convert a container into an ideal kitchen?

So what do you need for all these ideas to become reality? You’ll be glad to know many conversion companies can do the work for you. If you do have the know-how to do it yourself, it’s important to keep all your requirements in mind so you can plan efficiently:

  • Plumbing needs to be installed to ensure there is adequate water supply as well as a drainage system. Remember you need to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • A power source is needed to be able to have lights and appliances working inside the kitchen.
  •  Flooring is vital on the inside of the container because the steel surface of the container may be slippery or uneven, depending on the age of the container. It will also add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen and create a safe and comfortable workplace.
  • Sinks are a must for any kitchen and need to be fixed to the plumbing system without any leakages.
  • Countertops for food preparation—or even as space where workers or a family can eat—need to be installed. This can also contain shelving or cupboards underneath for more storage space.
  • Appliances will be needed to assist in food preparation. For small kitchen appliances, you’ll need electrical sockets. You can decide whether gas or electrical stoves and ovens are more appropriate for your specific setup.
  • Air conditioning is a wise choice, because kitchens can get quite hot simply from the oven and stove being used. Air ventilation via vents or whirlybirds is an alternative option.
  • A great addition to a kitchenette—especially in warm parts of the world—is a fly screen. By fixing this to a customised personal access door, you can create a source for air ventilation, while keeping insects out of your way.

Now all you’re left with is stocking the kitchen with the necessary items to make you industrial or domestic kitchen usable for everyone involved.

container kitchenette

Kitchenettes benefit many spaces

Once you start thinking about the practical implications of a kitchenette in a container, you’ll see how many applications there are around you. Your home life, alternative income as well as your business will benefit greatly from implementing this conversion. Containers can be bought but also rented, so if you need a temporary answer, this is still a practical option to investigate. In situations where containers serve as emergency housing, such a conversion can quickly create comfort for individuals in need. Start converting today!