Granny Flat Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Granny Flats

If your current home is becoming increasingly short on space, or perhaps you need an extra room for family, friends or visitors, a shipping container makes a perfect granny flat that you can use as a stand-alone residence on your property. You might even want to rent it out and earn some extra cash – the possibilities are endless. For a granny flat, our 20ft container offers the most potential. Small enough to fit on most properties but large enough to create a stunning and roomy space, the 20ft container is your best bet. We do, however, have a number of other sizes in stock, so whether you’d prefer a smaller 10ft container or larger 40ft to 45ft options, we’ve got you covered. All you’ll need to do is select your container and then choose the modifications you’d like to make. The container can be brand new, or if you’d prefer to save some money, you can choose a lightly used container instead. From there, modifications can include; new flooring, paint jobs, electrical, plumbing, kitchenette install, shelving, extra doors and windows, insulation and so much more. You’ll really be able to create the space of your dreams.

If you only need your granny flat container for a short time, you might want to hire a container instead of purchasing. This commitment free option is available for a small monthly fee for as long as you need. All of our containers are made from high quality materials, are wind, water and vermin proof and are fitted with secure locks so whoever/whatever will be inside will be safe and comfortable.

If a shipping container granny flat is the accommodation option you’ve been searching for then contact Container Traders today. We have a friendly team of container experts to answer your questions and help you create the living space of your dreams. Get in touch!