Floor Coverings – Shipping Containers

Custom flooring to improve appeal

When you’re busy planning the conversion of your container, flooring is one of the major aspects you need to consider. Containers are usually manufactured with hardwood floors. These floors are durable, but after use in the shipping industry they may need to be replaced or tended to. Years of use can leave them stained and damaged and if you’re concerned about how your customised container looks, this look may not suffice. Sanding these floors down can give your container a new look, but after years of use sanding it down may result in unwanted fumes escaping. This is due to years of being treated with a variety of substances. So what other options do you have?

Modification vinyl

Flooring is functional and fun

Floor coverings don’t have to be a boring part of your container’s customisation. With a range of options available, you simply have to consider what you need in a floor and decide on an appropriate solution. If aesthetics are part of your considerations, you don’t have to feel restricted. You can lighten up the atmosphere and change the style inside the container by laying down a floor covering that has a more finished look.

Floor coverings protect

A prime reason for floor coverings is protection. This goes for various aspects:

  • People: The right floor coverings will keep people from slipping and hurting themselves. Flooring also serves as a way of insulating a container. Constant temperatures create a healthy work or home environment
  • Container: You want your container to be in service for as long as possible. The correct flooring will keep for years without the need of replacement. By covering the original hardwood floor with durable vinyl you’ll protect timber.
  • Trees: After years of manufacturing containers with hardwood floors, this timber resource has diminished. By using specialty flooring instead of laying down a new hardwood floor, you protect timber which is a valuable resource on earth.

flooring types

Types of flooring

It’s an exciting process to choose the ideal type of flooring for your container. Any container can be transformed into a vibrant space by choosing specialty flooring. A container’s bottom is specially designed to carry up to 30 tons of cargo. If the use you have for the container will require a heavy duty floor, the structure should not be tampered with. The best option is to cover the hardwood floor with one of the products below:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo is looked at as a replacement of hardwood flooring to protect timber which was previously used. This is an affordable and durable substance.
  • Steel: Some refrigeration containers may already have steel flooring. Where a lot of water drip steel won’t rust or rot. Steel is practical for kitchens or workshops though diamond plates should be used to create a non-slip area.
  • Carpet: Carpet flooring can cover hardwood floors and create a new look in an old container. With a range of colours and designs it’s ideal to create a more finished look in your site office.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl also adds a more finished atmosphere to a room because it’s available in a range of designs. You can choose what fits your style and added to this benefit is vinyl’s durability.
  • Linoleum: You can choose another eco-friendly option to protect timber. Linoleum is even antibacterial and will give you years of good service.
  • Wood: Varnished wood is the ideal option for a more finished look inside your new space. Varnish will help the floor look stunning and serve you well for a long time.

Floor coverings have long term effects

Floor coverings you choose for your container is a big commitment because it determines how well you use your container in years to come. You need to choose a floor which fits with all your requirements. Durability is great, but you also want your space to be easy on visitors’ eyes. Luckily there is a wide range of options to choose from to transform a bland space into a vibrant and functional area

It’s good to see after years of misuse of resources, industries have seen their errors. Now there’s an active movement to save hardwood resources and find alternatives. These alternatives add to the options you’re given when fitting out your own container, so you can get the ideal floor at the right price and with a great look! Your decision to use alternative floor coverings gives you great floors and saves the trees the world needs. Your floor covering decision makes a big impact!