First Aid Shipping Containers

Shipping Container First Aid Rooms

Whether you’re on a work site or commercial premises, injuries and accidents may unfortunately occur. If staff or guests suffer from an injury or illness, it might be beneficial to have instant medical care on hand. Particularly in hazardous construction, mining, manufacturing and industrial industries, injuries can be all too common and the need for a dedicated first aid space becomes apparent. This is where a first aid shipping container comes into play. Our first aid containers come in a number of size options depending on your site size and specific needs. They can be constructed with air conditioning, secure doors, lighting, electrical, plumbing and medical examination fit out for quick installation and instant usability – meaning if injury strikes, you’re ready from day one. First aid and medical shipping containers can be particularly important in remote regions where other medical services are far away from your site or property.

Due to their high quality construction, the containers are secure and safe, and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. They’re water, wind and vermin proof and can be used for festivals, farms, outdoor shows, exhibitions and more. Luckily, they also provide the ability to satisfy Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements for any industries requiring on-site medical/first aid rooms. Moreover, for larger companies, these containers are important investments given their ability to be easily and efficiently transported to different locations when a site is no longer in use.

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