Festival Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers at Festivals

Shipping containers offer an immense amount of potential due to recent industry innovations and their total customisability. If you’re a festival planner or vendor, a shipping container may be the perfect option for your specific needs. With the ability to function as any number of festival amenities’, shipping containers are versatile and full-service festival solutions. From ticket booths, first aid rooms and bathroom blocks to cafés, bars and viewing platforms, shipping containers can be converted into just about anything. Additionally, if your festival is going to travel from state to state, we can also assist in the transportation and relocation of containers to new destinations when needed – it’s easy!

We have a number of container sizes and configurations in stock across Australia. All of our containers are constructed from high quality Corton steel and are built to survive the harshest of conditions. They’re water, wind and vermin proof so you can rest assured that no matter what environment the container may be exposed to, it will remain safe and secure at your event. We’re also happy to customise your container to suit your specific needs. Whether you need benches, storage shelving, doors, windows, lights, air conditioning or more, we’ve got you covered. The best part is that shipping containers are extremely cost effective, meaning you’ll save time and money that may be associated with alternate construction/temporary establishment methods.

If you want price guides and further information about how shipping containers can your event reach its full potential, contact the friendly team at Container Traders today. We’ll discuss how we can help organise and implement your plans to provide a successful and efficient event experience.