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What are Canteen Containers?

A canteen is a building that is used for selling inexpensive food and they are a common feature on campuses, camps, events and worksites. Canteen containers are canteens made out of shipping containers.

  • They are a great alternative solution to a traditional building
  • They are also durable, reliable and the self pack option allows them to be easily portable
  • They are also environmentally friendly as all of the materials used in the construction are 100% recyclable.

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Sturdy Construction and Reliability

Shipping Containers are built with sturdy Australian galvanized steel and they are created to withstand 20 – 25 years under the harsh salt water spray and wind conditions at sea. You can buy a brand new shipping container for your canteen container needs or you can buy a used one that has been tested for any damage that may have occurred at sea. You can purchase them as a long term solution to your canteen requirements or you can rent them for a weekend. You can even sell them back to the company that you purchased them from when you no longer have a use for them.

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Requirements, Customization, and Accessories

A canteen container can be placed just about anywhere. No foundation is required; the only requirement is a flat surface so that the doors can be opened easily. You also need enough space so that the transport truck and equipment can easily approach and leave the site it is to be placed. They can be placed in school yards, parking lots, front lawns, beaches or on barges. You may need a permit so it is best to check with the local planning authorities before choosing the area for your canteen container.

Canteen containers are extremely versatile and they can be used for many different things. . You can customize them anyway that you want; your imagination is the only limit. You can add windows, a glass roof, glass walls, personal access doors, roller doors, and additional container doors. You can also hook up water, gas and electrical connections which make it easy to prepare food as well as sell it. You can create a full scale kitchen like those found in a traditional restaurant with a slide through dishwashing system, gas burners, ovens, deep fryers, wash up sinks and a refrigeration unit. Or you can just add a hot plate and a coffee maker if that is all that is required. They can also be outfitted with ventilation systems, air conditioning, insulation or heating to meet your air circulation and temperature requirements. You can also outfit your container with ramps so that a forklift can easily deliver any large items that you have ordered to your canteen container.

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Get Creative and Standout

You can have different kinds of flooring in your canteen contaner such as hard wood flooring, vinyl flooring or carpeting. They are painted with durable marine enamel and they can be painted with any colour pattern or design that you choose. You can easily store or display small items by installing custom design shelving in many different configurations and sizes. The steel construction requires little maintenance and the only thing you will have to worry about is occasionally touching up your paint job.

To create a secure canteen container you can add alarm systems and heavy duty lock boxes that deter thieves from breaking in. These are great features if your container is off the beaten path and you are worried about it s safety when you are not around.

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