Bathrooms – Shipping Containers

At home or on-site Bathroom facilities

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to convert an ordinary steel cube into a functional living space for yourself or additional work area at your business premises. By installing certain features and connecting a shipping container to plumbing & electrical sources you can instantly create a usable space or expand existing space. This is a great option for low cost housing or businesses that travel a lot such as building contractors. One of these conversions is the creation of a bathroom inside a shipping container. How is this done?

container bathroom

Turn storage space into personal, practical space

Containers are built for transporting goods. This function means they are designed to be durable and watertight. These characteristics are already ideal for a living space and more specifically for a bathroom. You won’t have to be concerned with leakage problems or security, because the sealed steel unit takes care of both water and intruders. By connecting the container to plumbing and installing sinks, toilets & showers, you’ll have a watertight bathroom wherever you need it.

Make sure you’re safe

Whether you’re creating a bathroom for yourself, tenants or staff you need to give attention to safety measures. For public use there will be certain guidelines and standards to comply with. A basic example is to have non-slip surfaces to keep users safe. With a lot of water being used in a bathroom, a floor is sure to become wet. You don’t want individuals getting hurt and blaming you for negligence. As far as plumbing and electricity are concerned, you should have professionals assist you so loose wires or leakages don’t create risks.


What does a bathroom look like?

A converted container can have as many or as little installations you desire, according to your budget and requirements. Any container can be used and you can even decide on a size—10ft, 20ft or 40ft—which suits your need. Containers can be converted by yourself or delivered by a supplier with all modifications already in place. With the correct décor and design a container can become a modern wet room or bathroom with a rustic look. Alternatively it can have all the basic requirements a public bathroom may need, at a fraction of building one from scratch. What do you need to take into account when creating your bathroom?

  • Plumbing is your first necessity as most fixtures in a bathroom need running water. A water source—whether municipal or rainwater—needs to be connected to your container and all pipes have to be checked for leakages. Remember location and water pressure will play a role in how well your system works, so take this into account before you decide where to place your container.
  • An electrical source and wiring will be necessary because any room needs lighting. You may also need additional fixtures if you want to cater for hot towel rails or hair drying facilities. Do keep in mind these fixtures need to be installed in such a way that they won’t easily get wet.
  • Flooring is required and with installation of a shower you need to make sure that the floor has an angle so the water can flow away. You don’t want to be left with puddles of water and no drainage system. Non-slip floors will benefit the safety level for everyone using the bathroom.
  • Shelving creates a comfortable space because storage space makes it easy to keep a room tidy. Plan this beforehand and opt for a substance which won’t get damaged in the humid air.
  • Containers aren’t made with ventilation, because they’re supposed to be airtight. You do however want the room to be able to dry out. Extraction fans assist in this regard and underfloor heating also helps with evaporation of excess water.
  • Public bathrooms can easily be created by installing plumbing, toilets and sinks. Dividing walls will give separate areas for male and female users. Once again a big need is fulfilled at a fraction of the price.

Grab the opportunity

It’s truly easy to convert a shipping container into something functional. Your home can have a brand new look and low budget housing projects can get the most out of their resources. Businesses and government institutions can place functional units wherever it’s needed and by building it on a chassis you can move it to new sites if necessary. You can’t go wrong with attempting to implement this as the solution to your problem. Start planning today! Design and implement your exact needs wherever you want.