Minicube Shipping Container Dimensions for 6ft and 8ft Containers

Shipping Container Dimensions in Feet and Meters for Minicube shipping Containers in 6ft and 8ft Shipping Containers

Shipping Container DimensionsMinicube Dimensions & Sizes in Feet and Meters (ft. & m)
Shipping Containers Sizes 6ft (1.82 m)8ft (2.43m)
External Dimensions for Minicube Containers
Length External6ft (1.82 m)8ft (2.43m)
Width External1.95 m2.19m
Height External1.92 m2.25m
Internal Dimensions for Minicube Container s
Length Internal1.67 m2.28m
Width Internal1.87 m2.1m
Height Internal1.73 m2.05m
Weight of Minicube Shipping Containers
Mass Gross Weight5,000 kg6,000kg
Shipping Containers Available:6ft (1.82 m)8ft (2.43m)