DNV Lifting Slings

DNV Certified Lifting Slings

If you’re involved in the offshore industry, or ship globally using shipping containers, you will be well aware of the DNV certifications required before container transport can be cleared by regulatory bodies. Due to rigorous standards, DNV certified containers must be used to ensure certain safety and efficiency specifications are being globally. Part of the DNV certification process involves the inspection of lifting and fastening equipment used within the container. If you are using DNV containers, it’s important that you also select DNV certified shackles and slings for lifting and securing goods within a container during shipment. Container Traders offer DNV slings and shackles available for purchase or hire across Australia. We guarantee these products have been certified for offshore use and you can rest assured that DNV requirements will be met when you buy with us.

Our range of DNV products includes chain, wire-rope and synthetic slings, one-leg to five-leg slings, round slings, adjustable slings, single laid rope slings and more.

The team at Container Traders have extensive knowledge of the DNV requirements set out by industry authorities and are more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns when it comes to certification. Get in touch with the helpful team at Container Traders today to find out more about our DNV products and DNV certification.