Accessories for Shipping Containers

Container Traders offers a number of accessories for Shipping Containers. See below for a list of accessories we offer 


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Make your shipping container even more secure by adding a security lockbox. This uses a steel housing to protect your padlock, preventing the possibility of cutting your locks off with bolt cutters. There are a variety of options including standard lockboxes, slimline boxes or sliding bolt locks. These are in line with ISO specs so containers are still able to be shipped.
When sending a container overseas or interstate via rail, your container needs to be certified to meet IICL standards. Gaining a CSC plate for your container will show proof that the container has met IICL guidelines and is safe for travel. This standardised proof will give peace of mind that containers you lease or buy will be in the correct conditions as per IICL guidelines.
modification cscplate
Increase air circulation inside of your container by adding a whirly bird. High temperature and odours can be minimised in your container by adding a whirlybird. These do not necessarily need electrical power and so are ideal for situations where power is in short supply or not available at all. They are simple to install and are available in powered and unpowered forms to suit your needs.
Air vents help create a natural flow of air inside your container. They work best when installed on opposite sides of a container, which allows for wind to push fresh and dry air into the unit, and for hot air to escape through the opposite wall’s air vent. This creates natural air flow and reduces high temperatures. They are also useful in curbing moisture formation which can be damaging to certain goods. For housing, adding vents can increase air circulation and decrease humidity which some find more comfortable to live in.
We can refurbish your second hand container back to a near new look by repriming and painting it in one of our standard colours or you can choose your own particular colour. Painting can also protect your container. Creating an additional barrier means that there is a smaller chance that rust will form. Other reasons for custom painting are to change the appearance, upgrade or refurbish the container, or to match the container to its surrounds.
We also offer custom signage to suit your commercial needs. Attaching signage to a container results in an eye catching, billboard sized advert, without having to pay billboard prices. This will increase exposure for your business. Using shipping containers for both storage and signage is a great way to fully utilise the container’s potential. This is an incredible versatile option as you can choose an appropriate location, easily change banners, or even rent out your container to other businesses.
We can add extra single or double container doors in the end or side of your containers for ease of access and loading/ unloading bulk materials. This may be necessary for large objects that may be wider than the doors on the end of the container. This may also help to maximise space by ensuring items are easily accessible. They also enable you to partition the container into two fully contained parts if you require two accessible areas for work or business.
These flush fitting doors with deadlocks are the perfect addition for your container where regular access is required without compromising security. They are pre-fabricated steel doors that can be installed in one of the container’s sides. They are available in different substances and colours. They can be installed to open either way and are lockable. An overhead drip ledge can also be installed so that you don’t have to walk into a waterfall when exiting the container in wet weather.
Roller doors are ideal for customers needing extra access for forklifts and unloading/ loading of bulk goods. They are metal doors that roll up or down to open and close entrances. They are made of horizontal metal slats so are weatherproof. An upgrade from this is a motorised roller door, where the door can be opened using remote control. Roller doors can be installed to replace the original hinged door of the container or can be installed in the side of the container
Our standard windows include aluminium framing and a sliding glass window. We also offer security grills and shutters as additional extras. Adding windows allows natural lighting and ventilation to your container. This can relieve stuffy interior atmospheres and the natural sunlight that enters can greatly enhance the feel of your office or living space. Many different types of windows are available and windows of any size can be installed in your containers sides.
We can install lights, power points, phone + data outlets and even air-conditioning. Adding an electrical fitout enables the space to be dynamically used and increases its functionality by making the container usable by electrical devices. With this customisation, a shipping container can be transformed into a dynamic workspace with great lighting, internet and resources. This is ideal if you require a fully functional, secure, and mobile workspace.
Standard or customised ramps or ramps + platforms can be installed in your container. They are specially designed to fit securely onto your container’s opening to create a smooth surface for wheels. Ramps can minimise accidents, improve access, and increase safety. There are several options available so you can choose one that best serves your needs, whether that is a high weight-capacity ramp or a light, portable ramp, we have many options and configurations available.
We offer various types of shelving to suit your needs and can be made up in multiple configurations depending on what you require. Adding shelving can create storage space. The uses are endless. Shelves can be customised to assist your specific personal or business purposes. There are many different types of shelves that are suitable for different situations. Shelves can be assembled and installed by you if you have the tools, you could order ready-made tiered shelving, or you can get them installed by a professional, there are many options.