General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney

The General Purpose Shipping Container is the most common choice for domestic and commercial use in Australia. After originating for use in the transportation of large cargo items by land and sea, the General Purpose Shipping Container is now used for a variety of reasons ranging from storage and shipment to conversion and modification.

shipping container 20 ft brand new

Container Traders supply Sydney with new and used containers in a selection of sizes and configurations. The General Purpose Container comes in three different sizes. Depending on your needs, you can select 10, 20 or 40 foot options, providing added flexibility to meet your unique demands.

Our General Purpose Containers in Sydney boast some impressive features. These include Corton Steel construction, 30,000kg container capacity, double doors as standard, weather resistance, as well as vermin proof and security guarantees.

These containers are made to handle any customer needs and are built to last so you can feel confident that your goods are safe and secure. For more information about our new or used General Purpose Containers, contact Container Traders now.