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Looking to Buy a Used or New Shipping Container for sale in Sydney?

Shipping containers are the useful, reliable and easy way to store or move your belongings. There is a huge need for shipping containers in both personal and professional settings. Shipping containers were originally used to ship goods by sea. Thanks to the versatility, shipping containers are now essential to many different industries and many homeowners have found excellent use for them during times of renovation and moves or just to store extra items. If you need high quality shipping containers at a competitive cost in Sydney, look no further than Container Traders! We sell high quality shipping containers to every part of Sydney, from the North Shore to the Blue Mountains to Sutherland Shire and anywhere in between!

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Container Traders is the leading seller of shipping containers in Sydney. We have a wide range of storage solutions available. Whether you need a storage container to create space during a move, keep extra items safe during renovations, ship large or bulky items to a job site or for keeping temperature controlled substances fresh during events or festivals, you will find the perfect storage container with Container Traders.

We provide shipping containers to all areas of Sydney for personal and professional use. You can find general purpose containers for home storage or to help with a move. We provide refrigerated containers for the event you have been planning on the Eastern Beaches or open top containers for hauling industrial materials to your construction site in Sydney’s city center. Or if you are shipping dangerous or hazardous materials, such as flammable liquids or solids, oxidizing agents or corrosive substances, you can find the safest dangerous goods shipping containers from Container Traders. Every one of our containers is made of the highest quality steel and they are all extremely competitively priced. For the widest variety of the absolutely best shipping containers at the absolutely best prices in Sydney and the surrounding areas, shop at Container Traders and discover why we are the leading shipping container company in Sydney.

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Container Traders sells shipping containers in multiple sizes to fit all of your needs. When space is limited, we have a 10’ foot container that will easily fit into the smallest and tightest of spaces. These containers are able to hold enough items so you have extra space without taking up too much room at your home or on your business property or creating a hassle for you. They fit in the tightest of spaces, making it convenient for you to keep your shipping container close by for easy access or easy to ship quickly and efficiently. Our 10’ container comes in two different height sizes: 8’6” and 9’6” so you can find the right fit depending on your storage and shipping needs.

If you are looking for something larger but still easy to maneuver and access, our 20’ container is an excellent solution. This popular item is spacious and strong without overpowering an area. It’s the perfect in-between solution for plenty of storage but no hassle of maneuvering it. Perfect for temporary storage at a place of business or your home, the 20’ container is a durable container that is great for shipping, moving and storing items. The 20’ container also comes in two heights, the 8’6” and 9’6”.

But if you have large storage needs and have demanding shipping and storing needs, we recommend our 40’ containers. The 40’ containers are best for industrial shipping or long-term storage. Extremely durable, strong and weather-resistant the 40’ containers are excellent for long-term shipping or storage needs. They can accommodate the biggest of storage and shipping needs and will keep your items safe and secure during shipment. Like our other sizes, the 40’ containers come in two heights, 8’6” and 9’6”.

In addition to offering different sizes, Container Traders has many different types of shipping containers available for sale in Sydney, for all of your shipping or storage needs. We provide general purpose, refrigerated, open top, flat rack containers and dangerous goods containers for residential and commercial use in Sydney. Every single one of our containers is strong and durable and is delivered with our fast, efficient and friendly customer service and delivery teams.

General Purpose (GP) Containers for Sale Sydney

General Purpose containers are popular shipping and storing methods for personal or business use. The general purpose containers available at Container Traders are high strength, weather resistant and easy to transport. Made of high quality steel, these general purpose containers are tried and tested and will provide secure storage if they are moving your items across country or keeping your items safe outside of your home during renovation or a move. Our general purpose containers have security features built in so you can be assured that your items are secure from thieves or damage. Whatever your shipping and storing needs, a general purpose container will be able provide the security and durability you need.

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Refrigerated Containers for Sale Sydney

Refrigerated containers are an ideal way to store or transport items that require temperature controlled facilities. Shipping or storing meats, seafood, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and even plants or flowers require precise temperature so they remain fresh and in their best condition. Refrigerated containers from Container Traders are fully installed with the latest temperature control technology and are maintained to the highest standards. We will ensure that your refrigerated container is in excellent working condition to keep your goods at their highest quality during storage or shipping. Refrigerated containers are also ideal for events, festivals or work sites that require keeping food, drinks or special items cool and temperature-controlled.

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Open Top Containers for Sale Sydney

Container Traders’ open top shipping containers are specialized containers that can be loaded from above and can carry oversize cargo loads. They are excellent storage and shipping containers for bulky, heavy or awkward-sized items that will not fit through the standard size doors of a normal general purpose container. Open top containers have a hinged top header above the doors to support tarpaulin and keep the container’s structure stable. Open top containers make it easy for loading with a crane and come with tarpaulins covers to ensure your goods arrive secure and undamaged. If you need to move general industrial goods, steel bars, cables, logs or other goods of that nature around Sydney, an open top container is the best option for you!

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Flat Rack Containers for Sale Sydney

Some items are so bulky and awkward that they will not fit into a general purpose container or an open top container. For shipping and storing those items, a flat rack shipping container is an excellent solution! Flat rack shipping containers have a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends or no ends at all to accommodate easy and cost effective transport. Flat rack containers are ideal for shipping vehicles, machinery, construction materials, over sized items or large industrial parts. Flat rack containers can be safely stacked on top of one another for easy storage and transportation.

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Dangerous Goods Containers for Sale Sydney

If your company needs to store potentially hazardous goods, then dangerous goods containers are essential! Dangerous materials require an extra level of security and strength to ensure the safety of workers and the public. We equip our dangerous goods containers with an internal safety door handle, ventilation and a welded steel floor to meet Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations. You can rest assured that Container Traders will provide your business with the highest quality dangerous goods containers. Your team and your business will not be at risk when you invest in our strong, weather-resistant and secure dangerous goods containers

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High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney

A High Cube shipping container has the same foot print as the trusty standard height general purpose shipping container; however has the advantage of being an additional 300mm in height for additional storage space.

Insulated (Non Operational) Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

Insulated Shipping Containers are decommissioned refrigerated shipping containers. They are of an A grade quality and guaranteed wind, water and vermin proof units, and are great if you need your personal affects protected from the extreme high and low outside temperatures.

Side Opening Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

A Side opening shipping container is simply a shipping container that features full bi-fold side doors, with double container doors in the rear end wall. These are the perfect storage solution for anyone requiring full access from the side.

Bolster Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

Bolster shipping containers have a slightly thinner base, and no end walls. Therefore they are predominantly manufactured for oversized items that do not need to be protected from the elements and only need to be shipped somewhere safely.

Double Door Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

The Double Door Container takes the hassle out of accessing gear at the back of the container, and allows you to have a more organised storage container. These containers have lockable doors on both ends, making it easier to access items and load or unload.

Pallet Wide Shipping Container for Sale Sydney

Unlike standard width containers (which are marginally too narrow to slide two pallets side-by-side), pallet wide shipping containers allow customers to load two Australian sized pallets in a container still legal for transport by road, rail or sea.

Quality Service & Quality Product, Guaranteed!

No matter what size or type of shipping container you need in Sydney, Container Traders will provide you with a high quality container with our high quality customer service. The team at Container Traders will help you to determine the best type of shipping container for your needs. Just give us a call and explain what you are looking for and we will be able to find the best shipping container for you! We also provide fast delivery and our friendly drivers and delivery team can help you unload and set up your container so it’s exactly how you want it! It is a fast, easy and convenient process! The shipping containers are made of the highest quality steel and every inch of them is checked before they are delivered to you so your items will be secure, safe and undamaged, no matter where you are moving or how long you will need your items stored.

Container Traders offers unbeatable prices, stress free delivery and the most durable, long-lasting and well-made shipping containers in the country! We can assist you with all of your storage and shipping needs in Sydney. Do not stress over about shipping or storage in Sydney ever again! Contact the team at Container Traders today to learn more about the best shipping containers in Sydney from Container Traders!