Side Opening Shipping Containers for Sale Perth

A Side opening shipping container is simply a shipping container that features full bi-fold side doors, with double container doors in the rear end wall. These containers offer an added level of convenience when accessing, loading and unloading your items – or for conversions/modifications.

party in a side open container

Our Perth supply of Side-Opening Containers is varied, with 20 foot, 40 foot, high cube, dangerous goods and both-side-opening options available. Our extensive range means whatever your needs, we’ll have a solution for you.

If you’re in Perth and you’re looking for a versatile, safe and weatherproof storage option or modified container, the Side-Opening Container is the perfect choice. From pop-up shops to personal storage, this container will satisfy your needs.

If you want to learn more about the Side-Opening Container, then speak to one of the friendly team at Container Traders today.