Shipping Container Sale – Perth

Do you know to ship or store items in Perth? Container Traders is your source for high quality, strong, secure, durable and long lasting shipping containers for all your residential, commercial and professional needs! When you store or ship your items in a Container Traders shipping container, you know you are getting the best and safest containers on the market!

Shipping containers are versatile and useful innovations that make moving, renovations, construction and domestic shipping easy and convenient! At Container Traders we provide ourselves in offering the very best in shipping container solutions with exceptional customer service and efficient delivery. We are shipping experts who will be able to advise you on the best shipping container for your needs. Whether you are in need of a large open top container to shipping to your latest worksite or your need a twenty foot container for extra storage or a refrigerated container for your next event, you will find what you need with Container Traders. All of our containers are made of high quality steel, excellently maintained, checked for quality assurance and competitively priced! You won’t find another container like ours in Perth!

Container Traders have containers for every type of job, of every size. We pride ourselves are being able to solve any shipping or storage situation! To help accommodate all of our customers in Perth, we have three different sizes of container and five different varieties for residential, professional or commercials use.

For small items, quick jobs or rush moves, we recommend our ten foot shipping container. The smallest of our available containers, the ten foot container is perfect for those who want to prioritize convenience and maximize space. These handy shipping containers are able to fit into the tightest of spaces. Our ten foot containers are made of high grade steel and include secure locks to keep your items protected. They are weather-resistant and made to last through the harsh Australian weather conditions! The ten foot container comes in two height options: 8’6” and 9’6”, able to accommodate a variety of personal or work related goods and items. When you need an easy to maneuver container that is just the right fit for your belongings, our ten foot container is the right fit for you. Our friendly deliver teams will be sure to deliver your ten foot container quickly and efficiently and we’ll even help you set it up!

For larger jobs, more long-term projects or bigger items, we recommend our twenty foot shipping container! The twenty foot containers are the perfect middle-of-the-road option for someone who needs space but also wants to prioritize convenience. You will find these containers extremely spacious but they are still small enough to fit in a driveway, the corner of a yard or parking lot or in a garage. Much like our ten foot containers, our twenty foot containers come in two different heights, 8’6” and 9’6” and are made of durable steel with quality hinges and security features. No matter if you are shipping your items across the country or storing them outside of your Perth office building during a renovation, your items will be secure and protected inside Container Traders’ sturdy twenty foot containers. Our twenty foot containers are popular for residential moves or local office projects.

For the biggest of jobs, we recommend our forty foot shipping containers. The forty foot containers are ideal for storing or shipping big items, large loads or for long-term storage. They are built to survive every type of weather, have high tech security features and are incredible spacious. The forty foot containers come in two different heights, the 8’6” and 9’6”. Container Traders knows you want your items protected and your shipping containers durable and study which is why we only use the strongest steel and most advanced features for our containers. You will never worry about making sure your goods or items fit for storage or shipping ever again because our forty foot containers fit everything! The forty foot container is one of the most popular products because of its versatility and durability. For personal or professional use, look no further than Container Traders forty foot containers!

We know that Perth residents have a variety of shipping and storing needs and we want to meet every single one! That is why we offer more than just the standard all-purpose shipping containers. We offer the most innovative and unique solutions so no matter what you are shipping or storing, you can find the perfect container for you at Container Traders! Our friendly representatives will be able to help you determine the right shipping container for you.

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are used for a wide variety of residential and commercial reasons. They are the most popular shipping containers on the market because they are so versatile and easy to use and maintain. Constructed with high grade steel, held together with durable hinges and featuring safety measures, general purpose containers have standard double doors for easy loading. The general purpose shipping containers at Container Traders come in three different sizes with two different heights so you can find the perfect one for you and your items. General purpose containers are made to last so even if you need to store something for years, you know it will be safe and secure in your Container Traders shipping container. You will love the ease of having these strong and durable containers at your service when you need to store or ship items in Perth or across Australia!

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers are some of the newest and innovative shipping containers available. Refrigerated containers require a power source or generator and will keep its contents cool during transit or storage. It is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to ship or store foods, plants, flowers or items that require temperature control, such as pieces of art. Many event planners and managers also use refrigerated containers for large off-site events like festivals and weddings. Refrigerated containers are also popular on construction or job sites where things need to be kept cool or cold for long periods of time. You will be able to ensure your items stay fresh when you use Container Traders refrigerated containers. Our containers have the most advance refrigeration technology with precise temperature control and are excellently maintained before they arrive at your home or business! You will never worry about keeping items cool ever again!

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are incredibly strong containers that have an open top to easily load goods in by a crane. This comes in handy when you are shipping items like pipes, logs, wooden beams, large coils or anything oversized. Container Traders open top containers come with an open top and side opening so you can easily load in and load out. They are constructed to handle even the largest, heaviest and most bulky items and will solve the toughest shipping problems. Each open top container comes equipped with tarpaulins and detachable bows so that when your items are loaded in, they can be covered and protected from outdoor elements. The extra security is ideal for storing things outside for long periods of time or shipping items far outside of Perth.

Flat Rack Containers

What happens when your item is so big or awkward that it does not fit inside an open top container? Luckily there is a solution for that called flat rack containers. Flat rack containers are amazing innovative containers that feature a flat bed and a variety of different ends that allow for large, oversized or awkwardly shaped items. Some flat rack containers have fixed ends which are great for wide loads; some flat rack containers have collapsible ends which is useful for shipping items that are extra long and some flat rack containers don’t have any ends, only a flatbed which can ship a variety of oversized items. If you need to move machinery, bulldozers, trucks or vehicles, boats or yachts; then you will want one of Container Traders’ handy flat rack containers! To make shipping even easier, flat rack containers can be stacked so you can ship even more without taking up too much room.

Dangerous Goods Containers

Dangerous goods containers ensure that your team members, equipment, the environment and the general public stay safe from harm when transporting or storing dangerous goods such as anything flammable or corrosive. If your company ships hazardous materials, it is essential you have a high quality dangerous goods containers to meet regulation standards and ensure safety. These containers come with the most advanced technology and extra layers of security designed to withstand the most dangerous of chemicals or solvents.

If you want the best shipping containers in Perth at the best prices, you need to shop with Container Traders. Our wide selection of high quality shipping containers will meet all of your shipping and storing needs!