Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Sale Melbourne and Victoria

Commonly known as ‘Reefers’, Refrigerated Containers were initially designed to ship temperature controlled items by land, sea or rail. Now, there is increasing demand for safe and hygienic storage of temperature sensitive items and food. We offer the perfect solution for all these needs.


Container Traders supply Melbourne and Victoria with temperature-controlled Refrigerated Containers that allow users to maintain an operating temperature between -20 and 20 degrees Celsius. The containers are also produced with foam insulation and lined with stainless steel for hygienic wash out and efficient air flow.

The Refrigerated Containers supplied to Melbourne and Victoria are available in 20 or 40 foot configurations and can be of high cube or regular format. This allows you to select the perfect option to match your needs.

For more information or to purchase a new or used Refrigerated Container (the most practical way to safely transport meats, cheeses, dairy, seafood, fruits, flowers, vegetables and other foods) contact our team today!