Shipping Container Sale – Melbourne

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne is one of the finest places to live in and work in Australia. If you call Melbourne home and are looking for reliable shipping and storage options, you have found it with Container Traders! We are the leading provider of the highest quality and well-priced shipping containers in all of Melbourne. Whether are you have a home in Fitzroy, work in downtown Melbourne or have a worksite in Geelong, you can find quality shipping containers with Container Traders. We provide shipping containers for personal use or commercial use. From moving homes to expanding offices to shipping industrial materials, we can offer the ideal shipping container solution to you.

We are proud to lead the way in innovative and strong shipping solutions at Container Traders. Container Traders has a variety of shipping container solutions, including multiple sizes and features. Every one of our containers has top of the line features, is built from the strongest steel and has high quality extras that will ensure your goods remain safe while in transport or storage. We specialize in the best customer service and competitive prices, making us the best choice to buy shipping containers in Melbourne.

From making small moves down the road to transporting large items across the country, we will provide you with the perfect shipping container. Container Trader has three different size and a variety of different types of containers to cover every shipping need in Melbourne. If you need a small general purpose container to store extra furniture while your home is remodeled, we can do that for you. If you need to transport temperature-controlled food across the state, we provide you with an excellent refrigerated shipping container. If you are looking to move a large boat to its new home in the marina, let us get you the perfect flat rack shipping container to take care of your boat. Or perhaps your company needs to transport highly flammable substances, we will provide you with the safest hazardous goods shipping container to guarantee absolute safety. Every one of our containers is checked for quality assurance and given the Container Traders stamp of approval before it is delivered to you.

We accommodate large and small needs with our three different sized containers. Our smallest containers are the ten-foot shipping containers that are extremely popular with residential use. These are the most convenient shipping containers on the market and will fit into any small space and provide you with plenty of storage space. The ten-foot shipping containers come in two different height sizes: 8’6” and 9’6”. Made with high quality steel, these are excellent options for small shipping needs or short term storage needs. The ten-foot shipping containers are the most convenient containers we have available. They are extremely easy to move and can be used for a variety of reasons.

When you want a little more space, you can upgrade to the twenty-foot shipping containers. These are the best middle of the road option for when you need space and convenience for your shipping and storage. The twenty foot containers are perfect for temporary storage of up to a few months. If you are remodelling your home, upgrading your office or building a new space, we recommend using the twenty foot containers to store your items during the transition. They are also excellent for shipping important goods, furniture or tools. Each twenty-foot shipping container is made of long lasting steel, has quality hinges, is weather resistant and includes security features. You will love having space and convenience with your twenty-foot shipping containers.

When your storage and shipping needs are extensive, we recommend the forty foot shipping containers. The largest of our options, the forty foot containers will provide you when enough space to store and ship everything you can think of for residential or even some commercial use. They solve the toughest shipping and storage solutions. These containers are extremely durable, safe and will provide your items protection from the harsh Australian weather, long transport or long length of storage. These are the ideal solution for long-term storage or when shipping items a great distance. Our containers are guaranteed to be long-lasting and provide excellent storage and shipping for your shipping needs, no matter how big the job is!

Container Traders offers different types of shipping container solutions, depending on your unique needs. We offer general purpose containers, refrigerated containers, open top containers, flat rack containers and dangerous goods containers. Are you unsure of which container is the right option for your shipping needs? Here is the specifications of our different varieties!

General Purpose Containers

General purpose shipping and storage containers are the most popular containers are the market. They are widely used for residential storage or shipping and many commercial uses. General purpose containers are versatile and useful. Container Traders general purpose containers come in three different sizes with different height options. They are made with strong steel and include security features so you can rest easy that if you are storing your queen sized bed or shipping documents for work, whatever is in your container is safe from damage or theft. Easy to transport and built too last, General purpose containers are some of the most popular containers on the market because you can use them for many different reasons for years to come!

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers are incredibly useful innovations that help keep items cool and temperature controlled. You may need to ship or store foods, meats, seafood, plants, flowers, dairy products or even high quality art or items that need to be temperature controlled. Instead of worrying about the heat or the cold ruining your items, purchase a refrigerated shipping container and keep your items safe and temperature controlled! Container Traders come with the latest refrigeration technology and are in the best condition possible so you don’t need to worry about spoiled food or ruined goods. Refrigerated containers are not just for shipping items either! Many people use refrigerated containers for use during long construction projects, for off-site events, like a festival or to store foods during certain times of year. Whether you are shipping or storing temperature controlled items, you will love the ease and convenience of Container Traders refrigerated containers!

Open Top Containers

Many businesses have to ship or move large and bulky items like construction materials, industrial goods, logs, large pieces of wood, steel bars, big cables and other bulky items. If you have a large or oversized cargo load, ship it with an open top container! These unique containers allow for loading in from above, such as with a crane and are supported with a tarpaulin so your large items stay secure during transport. They make it easy to transport the biggest of items and many even include front load in and top load in so you can choose how to secure your large items. Open top containers are the perfect solution for moving large and heavy items around Melbourne easily and conveniently.

Flat Rack Containers

Another option for large and bulky items, is to ship it with a flat rack container. Some items are so large or awkward that they do not fit in an general purpose container or an open top container. Flat rack containers have a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends or no ends at all to accommodate easy and cost effective transport. If you need to move vehicles, boats, yachts, machinery or anything else oversized, you will want one of our high quality flat rack containers! We have different varieties with fixed, collapsible or no ends, to fit each unique situation. For extra convenience, you can even stack flat rack containers on top of each other and save costs on shipping.

Dangerous Goods Containers

It is essential that businesses ensure the safety of their employees and the environment when they operate or move dangerous or hazardous materials. Container Traders provides the most technologically advanced and safest dangerous goods shipping containers on the market. You will be able to relax knowing your company is transporting hazardous materials in the safest container available. Our containers meet Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations and are checked for quality assurance. They are weather-resistance, secure, and long-lasting, protecting you, your business and the public.

Every shipping container from Container Traders comes with our high quality guarantee. We want to make shipping and storage as easy and accessible to the people of Melbourne and that is why we offer the best in quality and the best in customer service. From our friendly customer service teams, to our helpful delivery team to our strong containers, you will get everything you are looking for in a shipping container when you buy from Container Traders!