Shipping Container Sale – Hobart

Shipping and storing any personal or commercial items in Hobart just got easier! Container Traders is the number one provider of shipping containers in the area for residential, professional and commercial use. We offer shipping containers that are carefully crafted for security and safety and include the latest in security. Container Traders has the very best in shipping containers at the very best prices and sold by friendly experts who will be able to advise you on the best shipping container for your needs. We offer fast delivery and incredible prices! You will never have to stress over shipping or storing large items ever again thanks to Container Traders.

Container Traders believes in excellent quality and exceptional customer service. We want to make shipping and storage easy for our customers in Hobart and that’s why we offer an incredible variety of shipping containers that are all excellently maintained. Whatever you might need, whether it’s a large open top container to ship materials for a new home construction for your construction company or if you are the one who is having a new home built and need to create extra space while you wait for your new home and need a small twenty food general purpose container, you can find what you need at Container Traders. Every single one of our containers is the highest quality and is offer at an incredible price. We are proud to provide the very best shipping solutions to you.

There are so many reasons you could need a shipping or storage container. From jobs big and small, personal or professional, these versatile containers are useful in so many ways! And when you buy from Container Traders, you are buying for life as our containers are built to last for years!

We offer three different sized shipping containers based on your needs. The smallest size available is the ten foot shipping container. These are quite popular for residential moves or small businesses looking to ship economically. We provide shipping containers made of heavy duty steel, with quality crafted hinges and security locks. Our excellent delivery team will help you to move and set up your shipping container wherever it is most convenient to you and the great thing is, they fit everywhere! The ten foot containers are easily squeezed into small space, freeing you up. It’s perfect when you have too much stuff and need to maximize space. Just use the ten foot container as an extra closet and you’ll love the extra space you have! The ten foot container comes in two different heights, 8’6” and 9’6”. Your customer service representative at Container Traders will be able to determine the best fit for you!

If you need a little bit more space but don’t want to sacrifice space around your home or office, we recommend our twenty foot shipping container. This container is an excellent middle point between maximizing space and maximizing storage space. Perfect for long-term renovations, months of storage or shipping across the country, there is plenty of space in these versatile containers and yet they are easy to maneuver and can still fit on your property or driveway. As with the ten foot container, the twenty foot containers come in two different heights. You can choose the smaller 8’6” or the 9’6”, depending on your storage or shipping needs. Whatever height you choose, you can rest assured that your twenty foot container can withstand any outdoor elements and will keep all of your items completely protected while they are in transport or storage.

For the largest of shipping and storage, you will find our forty foot containers extremely handy and useful. These are the biggest containers we have available and they the most sturdy on the market. If you want a long-term storage solution, we highly recommend our forty foot containers. They were built to last, withstand the elements and fit as many items as you need to fit! The forty foot containers will provide a secure spacious area to fit work or personal items. The forty foot containers are also very possible for work sites, industrial shipping or long-term projects. These containers will handle your biggest shipping needs and you’ll love the convenience of having your own shipping container that you can easily access and check on when you need to! As with our other sizes, the forty foot also comes in two different height options. Get the best in quality and the biggest in size with Container Traders.

There is more than the standard shipping containers, however and some contents require special care and that’s why we offer several variety of shipping containers. We have many shipping containers to choose from, including: general purpose, refrigerated, open top, flat rack and hazardous goods. Each of these containers is unique but all are crafted with the same high quality care that Container Traders is known for.

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are perfect for every day use of personal items or small business needs. If you are looking for just a bit more space or an easy way to ship items, the general purpose container is for you! These containers are the most widely used and they are so versatile that you really can use them to ship and store almost everything. Our general purpose comes in the three sizes described above and you also have your height options. Each is made with reinforced steel and has its own security feature.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers are some of the most innovative containers in the shipping industry. They are able to be climate controlled and keep your contents cool and fresh. This comes in handy when you are shipping foods such as meats or cheese or flowers or plants. Event planners and managers love using refrigerated containers for storing their food or vegetation for off site plants and many long-term worksites, such as construction sties, utilize refrigerated containers to keep items cool during long working days and months. Don’t worry about the Australian heat ruining your vegetation or food and trust in the top of the line technology that Container Traders uses for its refrigerated containers. These containers are very easy to use and monitor and make shipping temperature controlled items incredibly easy. Container Traders checks each refrigerated container before it is shipped to ensure it is working to perfection to keep your items cool.

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are popular for shipping large items or oversized loads. Unlike traditional all purpose containers, they do not have a hard top and instead have an open top. This allows for loading in contents with a crane and is beneficial for when you have extra large loads or especially bulky items. When your contents are loaded into the open top containers, you can secure them and protect them with detached bows and tarpaulins. This ensures that your items will not move or fall out of the container and that they are protected from sun, rain or snow damage that could occur. Container Traders provides open top containers with top loading and side loading opening for extra easy access. If you need to ship or move long cables, logs, bulky items or overflowing piles of materials, we recommend open top containers. They make heavy transport extremely easy.

Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers are some of the most innovative containers on the market. Flat rack containers are for items that do not fit in standard all purpose containers or open top containers. For example, you may need to ship a vehicle, heavy machinery, a boat or any other large, oversized item. They will not fit in an open top container but they will fit in a flat rack container. Flat racks are made up a flat bed and either fixed ends, collapsible ends or no ends at all. The type of flat rack container you need will depend on what you need shipped. Container Traders offers every type of flat rack container and the experts will be able to assist you with finding the best continuer for you.

Dangerous Goods Container

Our dangerous goods container are the most technologically advanced shipping containers available. If you ship anything that is termed a hazardous material such as flammable materials, corrosive substances, gas cylinders or dangerous chemicals, you must use a dangerous goods container. These containers have an extra layer of technology built in so you can ensure that the safety of your team and the public and the environment is guaranteed. Every Container Traders dangerous goods container meets Australian hazardous material regulation and comes equipped with the latest technology security features.

Shipping and storing items has never been as easy as it is with Container Traders. For high quality containers of every variety and all at great prices, contact one of our seasoned shipping experts today so we can help you ship or store items efficiently, safely and securely in Darwin and the surrounding areas!