Shipping Container Sale – Darwin

There are so many uses for shipping containers in Darwin. You could need to ship your vehicle, ship construction materials, store personal items or furniture or keep your work supplies safe and secure. Whatever the reason for need a shipping container, you will find the best options for the best price at Container Traders in Darwin! Container Traders sells premium shipping containers of all different shapes and sizes but all of excellent craftsman ship and durability at incredible prices. We provide those living and working in Darwin with easy and convenient ways to ship and store their items.

Whether you need to ship tables to your new cafe or want to store the bedroom set your father left you or you need to ship over one hundred metal pipes across Australia, Container Traders can help. We have a shipping container for every single shipping need, big or small, long-term or short, special circumstances or standard. Every single one of our shipping containers comes with the excellent high quality design including strong steel and quality hinges. Our professional shipping experts will help you through the process of finding the perfect shipping container for your needs and our delivery team will deliver your containers courteously and efficiently. they will even help you set it up if you need! There is no other shipping container company up to Container Traders standards in Darwin!

Container Traders is a one of a kind shipping expert and we know there is a wide variety of shipping needs in Darwin and we are happy to accommodate every single one. We offer multiple types of containers in multiple sizes, all designed to fit your needs! Whatever you are looking for, you will find it with us at you will find it at an amazing price.

The smallest container we have for small storage or shipping needs is our ten foot shipping container. This container, which is made of high quality steel and comes with security features, is offered in two different heights, the 8’6” and the 9’6”. Both are available, depending on what you need. The ten foot container is so convenient for storing or shipping anything. It will easily fit into small spaces and while it may look compact on the outside, you would be surprised at how much you can fit in in the space! For residential moves or home renovations, the ten foot containers makes for the perfect space to keep your furniture, clothes, tools or personal items. You can store the container on your property and will love having the extra space! Or if you are a local business, you can use the ten foot container to ship or store important business materials.

If you are looking for a little more space but do not want to invest in the biggest size possible, we recommend our twenty foot shipping container. It is the perfect medium between not enough space to store your things and taking up too much space. It’s and extremely versatile product that is often used for both personal and professional reasons. Many people in Darwin prefer the twenty foot container when they know that they will need to store something for a long period of time or they need extra space for their items when shipping. Made of the same high quality as the ten foot, the twenty foot container also comes in two different height sizes and can easily be moved or shipped cost effectively. In addition the twenty foot container will last for years, strong enough to endure weather and outdoor elements.

Finally for the biggest of shipping needs we suggest our forty foot shipping container. This is the heavy duty and spacious shipping container most loved for its durability and its versatility. You can fit as much as you need into the forty foot container and still feel like you have room to spare. This is excellent for long-term shipping or storage needs. Also available in two different height sizes, you will be able to use this shipping container for years to come. It has the top of the line security features and will keep all of your items completely protected. If you want more space and need to put your items somewhere or if you have moving and need to ship everything, we know the forty foot shipping container will be perfect for you.

But what about when you have unique shipping needs such as temperate control or oversized load? Luckily Container Traders have a solution for you as well! We have many types of containers available, each with their own unique strength.

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are the most widely recognized shipping containers in the world. They are the most used and the most common containers for shipping or storing items. Our general purpose containers come in three different sizes, the ten foot, twenty foot and forty foot, as described above and each has two different height options to choose from. The general purpose containers have a standard double door, secure locks and is weather-resistant. They are great multi-purpose containers that can double as extra storage space or a convenient way to ship large items for the office. General purpose containers are easy to transport and an fit a wide variety of items, making them one of the most useful items you can own. Container Traders offers the strongest general purpose containers in Darwin!

Refrigerated Containers

There are often special circumstances for shipping. For instance, you may need to ship or store something that needs to maintain a specific temperature. A few years ago, it would have been incredibly difficult to safely transport foods, meats or flowers because extreme weather conditions could impact their freshness. However with the innovation of refrigerated containers, it is now easy and convenient to store temperature controlled items. This is especially helpful for those in the event industry who may need to keep certain foods or vegetation cool while they prepare for an event that is on the beach, in the mountains or away from the city. Refrigerated containers have precise temperature control and you will able to relax knowing that during transport and store what needs to stay cold will, in fact, stay cold. Refrigerated containers are also especially helpful if you have a long-term project such as a construction or mining project where you have workers working in remote locations and they need access to cold items.

Open Top Containers

Some items will not fit into a standard hard top all purpose containers. Sometimes the time is too bulky or there are too many and they do not fit but they will fit into an open top container. Open top containers are meant for oversized cargos such as cables, logs, construction materials and other large items. They have an open top and it is easy to load in contents with a crane from above. Once the contents are loaded in, you can reinforce them using detachable bows and tarpaulins, which will prevent the contents from shifting or flying out of the container and will protect from any rain, snow or weather-related issues. Open top containers also come with a side door to make load in and load out even easier. Container Traders sells open top containers that make moving large or bulky items in Darwin an easy task.

Flat Rack Containers

There are some items that won’t even fit into an open top containers. Sometimes you need to ship cars, vehicles, construction machinery, even boats or yachts and they will not fit into a standard size container. For these types of shipments, we offer flat rack containers which are unique containers made to handle awkward sized or shaped items. Flat rack containers come with different types of ends, depending on what you are shipping. Fixed end flat rack containers have a flat bed, open sides and two fixed ends, making them perfect for shipping wide loads. Collapsible end rack containers have a flat bed, closed sides and open ends, which is excellent for shipping items that are long in length and there are some flat rack containers without any sides and that will ship massive items that do not fit elsewhere! For the best flat rack containers in Australia, shop at Container Traders.

Dangerous Goods Containers

When you ship or store hazardous materials it is essential you guarantee safety and security and with Container Traders dangerous goods containers, you can do so! We provide the most technologically advanced containers that are designed especially for dangerous goods. Shipping dangerous goods requires that you meet all Australian regulations and our containers meet every code! These containers are extra reinforced and they have extra layers of security to protect your teams, your equipment and the general public from hazardous materials.

From standard general purpose containers to large flat rack containers and everything in between, Container Traders will provide you with the most high quality shipping containers in Darwin!