Flat Rack Shipping Containers for Sale Canberra

Flat rack shipping containers are an innovation in the industry that makes it easy to ship any type of item, no matter how big it is. Flat racks have a few different configurations so whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

flat rack shipping container

We supply Canberra with flat racks that are primarily used by the industrial market for heavy machinery and overweight items. With strong loading capacity, collapsible ends and solid timber or steel floor, our Flat Rack Containers are perfect for oversized, overweight, or awkward items.

We supply our Adelaide customers with a range of different Flat Rack configurations. From 20 to 40 foot, fixed or collapsible ends, and bolster options, you have the freedom to choose the perfect flat rack option for you. Contact us today to chat to one of our helpful staff and learn more about the ideal solution for you.