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Shipping Container For Sale Brisbane

Brisbane Shipping Containers for Sale

Are you looking for a shipping or storage container in the Brisbane area? Do you need a shipping container for your worksite, your home, your office or for a special event? Container Traders is here for you and all of your shipping or storage needs in Brisbane!

Brisbane and Queensland Shipping Containers for Sale

Container Traders sells high quality, well-priced shipping containers for personal, commercial or industrial use in the Brisbane area. Our wide selection of high quality shipping containers combined with our excellent customer service, fast and efficient delivery and excellent prices make Container Traders the number one seller of shipping containers in Brisbane.

No matter how large or small your shipping container needs are, we are here to help you. Whether storing extra furniture in Southside, keeping food temperature controlled for an event in Springfield Lakes or shipping industrial equipment to Logan City – Container Traders has the container for you.

Product Types for Sale in Brisbane and Queensland

General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

General purpose containers are fantastic choices for shipping or storage during moves or transporting goods by sea and land. We are careful to ensure that our general purpose shipping containers are in exceptional condition and have every feature and customization you need.

High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

A High Cube shipping container has the advantage of being an additional 300mm in height for additional storage space. High cube shipping containers are even more versatile and useful because they provide you with more space while still easily fitting into tight spaces.

Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

The Australian Hazards Goods Regulations require that dangerous or hazardous materials are classified, labelled, stored and transpired to a specific code. Our containers keep your workers, the public and the environment safe and protected from hazardous goods that need transportation.

Refrigerated Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

There are certain items that need to be temperature controlled to stay in their best condition during shipping and storage. At Container Traders, you’ll find the best quality refrigerated containers that are top of the line and ensured with our quality check.

Insulated (Non Operational) Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

Insulated Shipping Containers are decommissioned refrigerated shipping containers that keep contents at a steady temperature. They are also a standard build of shipping container, which means they can be trucked, railed or shipped at ease, and guaranteed to be wind and waterproof.

Side Opening Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

As general purpose shipping containers have become more popular, the shipping industry have started modifying containers to make it easier to access your items. The side opening shipping containers have side doors to make accessing your items quick and easy.

Flat Rack Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

There are certain items that are too large or bulky for even open top containers but are perfect for flat rack containers. If you need to ship vehicles, machinery or large industrial parts, you need flat rack shipping container from Container Traders.

Bolster Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

A bolster shipping container has a thinner base, and no end walls. Bolsters have a high loading capacity which allows heavy weight to be stacked onto a small area. They are truly some of the strongest and most sturdy shipping containers available.

Double Door Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

Add efficiency to your business, or double the access for the home. These containers have lockable doors on both ends which takes the hassle out of accessing gear at the back of the container, and allows you to have a more organised storage container.

Pallet Wide Shipping Container for Sale Brisbane and Queensland

Pallet wide shipping containers allow you to fork contents in on pallets quickly.  These are frequently used in warehouses for loading goods and materials in with a forklift and are made to fit  2x Australian pallets side-by-side (unlike other containers which are too narrow).


No matter how large or small your shipping container needs are, we are here to help you. Do you need a small general purpose container to store extra furniture during the remodel of your home in Brisbane Southside? We have a shipping container for you! Do you need a refrigerated container to keep food temperature controlled for an event in Springfield Lakes? We have a shipping container for you! Do you need a flat rack shipping container to ship industrial equipment to your worksite in Logan City? We have a shipping container for you! Are you shipping hazardous materials across Brisbane? We have a shipping container for you! Container Traders covers every size and specialty of shipping containers.

Container Traders shipping containers come in three different sizes and two heights for each size.
We know every shipping and storage need is different and we like to accommodate every need!

Sometimes your storage and shipping needs are small. Maybe you just need to ship a small table or store some extra furniture for a limited time. For small items or when you need to maximize space, we offer a strong and easy to handle 10’ shipping container. The 10’ is like a container that is perfect for tight spots or light loads. The 10’ comes in to two different heights 8’6” and 9’6”. If you need a little more room without upgrading to the larger shipping unit, we can accommodate you with our different height options. The 10’ shipping container is a convenient storage space for smaller areas.

If you are looking to upgrade but still want to maximize space, we recommend our 20’ shipping container. This versatile container will be able to fit more of your goods and items but is still small enough to easily manoeuvre into tight spaces. Like the 10’ shipping container, the 20’ containers comes in two different height options: 8’6” and 9’6”. The 20’ containers are ideal for storing personal items, household items, tools, extra items or transporting business documents or cargo. The 20’ container is one the most popular sellers as it can fit so many shipping and storage needs for both residential and commercial use.

However, when you have large items to store or ship, you will want the most spacious container you can find, which is our 40’ container. These high quality and durable containers will fit everything and anything you need to store. Choose between the 8’6” and 9’6” heights to find the right space for you and then pile in everything you need shipped or store in these secure containers. If you are having long-term renovations on your home or office, the 40’ storage containers are excellent ideas for holding all of your furniture or personal items! 40’ containers are also great options for construction site storage or shipping large items.

Not all shipping or storage need is the same and there are specialized needs for everyone. At Container Traders, we understand that you may have unique needs and we are able to accommodate you. Container Traders has a shipping container for every single need you could have for moving and storing items in Brisbane. We offer five different types of shipping containers including general purpose containers, refrigerated containers, open top containers, flat rack containers and dangerous goods containers. Our helpful team of shipping experts will be able to help you find the right shipping type and size for your shipping needs. If you are in Brisbane, give us a call and let us walk you through our many different options! Until then, we will provide you with an overview of the different shipping containers we can offer you.