Shipping Container Sale – Adelaide

If you need a shipping container for your home, business, work site or special event in Adelaide, trust the best shipping container sellers in the country, Container Traders. We provide premium, high quality shipping containers at competitive costs in Adelaide.Whether you need a shipping container for storing old furniture, shipping personal items during a move, shipping office supplies across the country or clearing out oversized items at your construction site, we have the ideal shipping container for you! Container Traders offers a wide variety of shipping container types and sizes that will fit every single storage and shipping need you may have! We offer superb customer service, fast delivery and the most durable and high tech shipping containers on the market to those living and working in Adelaide!

We sell shipping containers for every shipping and storage need, no matter the size of the job. From small ten foot all purpose containers to forty foot flat rack containers to the most technologically advanced refrigerated containers, each and every single one of our shipping containers is made of high quality steel and is checked for quality assurance and safety. You can be confident that your items are safe and secure when you use a Container Traders shipping container.

Container Traders understands there are many unique shipping and storage needs in Adelaide. That is why we offer three different sized shipping containers with multiple heights to choose from and many different varieties of shipping containers.

You may have a small storage or shipping need. Perhaps you want to store some personal items for a short term while you prepare for a move or clean out your home. Or you may want to ship smaller items across the country. If this is the case, we recommend our ten foot shipping containers. These containers are extremely useful because they are so convenient. They have plenty of space on the inside but are able to fit into the smallest spots. If you are looking to maximize space while storing or shipping your items, the ten foot container is for you. These shipping containers are built with our guaranteed high quality steel so while they are easy to handle, they can withstand the elements. We also offer the choice between two heights: 8’6” and 9’6” depending on your shipping and storage needs. For small loads, quick storage and ease, our ten foot shipping container is ideal for you!

The next step up from our ten foot container is our twenty foot containers. While slightly larger than the ten foot container, they are still able to fit into small spaces, such as garages and driveways. Our twenty foot shipping containers are very versatile and long-lasting. These containers are popular for those who are looking to store items longer term but don’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping their container off-site. The twenty foot will easily on your property or can be cost-effectively shipped because of their convenient size. Like our ten foot container, the twenty foot comes in two different height options, the 8’6” and 9’6” so you can add extra space with height should you so choose. Container Traders twenty foot containers are made of high quality steel, are wind, weather and water proof and will keep your items safe in any condition .

The workhorse of the shipping containers is the forty foot container. These large and durable are ideal for the toughest of shipping and storage solutions. When you have long-term construction, home renovation or are moving properties or need to ship a large item, our forty foot container will solve your shipping and storage solution! Strong and secure, these handy containers can fit anything you need to store or ship. You can choose the standard 8’6” height or when you really need a large amount of space, you can upgrade to the 9’6” high forty foot container. No matter which height you choose, you will love these spacious high quality shipping containers that will keep your items protected during storage or shipment. Our forty foot containers are maintained with the high level of quality that you have come to expect from Container Traders.

There are many reasons why you could need a shipping container. These innovative items have come so far from their humble beginnings as the main method of transporting goods by sea. New innovations in technology have allowed for many different types of shipping containers that can meet your unique needs. Container Traders offer five different varieties of containers in Adelaide: general purpose containers, refrigerated containers, open top containers, flat rack containers and dangerous goods containers. The friendly customer service representatives at Container Traders will be able to help you determine which is the best option for you!

General Purpose Containers

General purpose containers are the most popular shipping containers today. Versatile and handy, general purpose containers are widely used for residential and business purposes. General purpose containers are strong, secure, durable and versatile. Container Traders provides general purpose containers that are made with steel, have the latest security features, reinforced hinges and are stackable for extra convenience. Each general purpose container has standard double doors for easy load in and load out. We provide fast and efficient delivery and will help you to set up and place your containers upon delivery. Built to last and easy to use, you will love strong and shipping your items in our general purpose containers. Choose from three different sizes and rest assured every container is just as secure as the next!

Refrigerated Containers

Recent innovations in the shipping industry have now allowed individuals and companies to ship and store items that need to be temperature controlled. If you ever need to ship or store meats, dairy products, plants, flowers or vegetation, you will want to use a refrigerated container to ensure highest quality and freshness of your items. Refrigerated containers are also often used during weddings, events or long-term projects or jobs on work sites and construction sites. Container Traders offers the latest in refrigeration technology that provide easy to use precise temperature control. Our refrigerated containers come in the same size offerings as our general purpose containers but they may be slightly smaller on the inside do to the refrigeration technology. No matter what size you need, you will find a spacious and strong refrigerated container with us!

Open Top Containers

Large cargo, super sized materials and bulky items can be difficult to maneuver. But open top containers solve the shipping and storage problem of big items! Open top containers allow you to load items into them overhead with a crane which is useful for shipping items such as pipes, steel bars, mining materials, logs and other large items. Our open top containers feature top loading and door loading capabilities for extra convenience. Each container comes with attachable bows and tarpaulins to protect the items from wind, rain and other weather related elements. The bows and tarpaulins can be easy removed if you need quick access to your storage container contents. Open top containers are excellent solutions for construction sites, industrial materials and transporting bulk goods.

Flat Rack Containers

Even open top containers cannot fit everything but luckily the shipping industry has more innovative solutions, including flat rack containers. Flat rack shipping containers are unique containers that were designed to fit the largest and most awkward shaped items. Flat rack shipping containers come in three different varieties: fixed ends, collapsible ends or no ends at all. Fixed end containers have a floor and two fixed ends and no side walls, perfect for wide loads. Collapsible containers have a floor but no side walls and two end walls and they ends can be collapsed if required and are useful for shipping long items. Flat racks with no ends consist of a flat bed with no side or walls. Each variety has a flat bed for shipping oversized goods such as machinery, vehicles, boats, metal sheets or oversized items. Flat rack containers are also stackable, making shipping large in Adelaide item easy, convenient and cost effective. Container Traders flat rack containers are extremely durable and strong, designed to carry the heaviest and bulkiest of items.

Dangerous Goods Containers

If your company stores or ships hazardous or dangers materials such as gas cylinders, flammable liquids or solids, toxic substances, corrosive substances or anything that could be dangerous to a person or environment, you need to ensure your container is a safe and secure as possible. Container Traders offers the most secure containers with the latest technology that meet all Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations and will keep your equipment, team and the public safe. Our dangerous goods containers are equipped with safety precautions, proper ventilation and heavy steel. They are the premium of safety and security.

Every type and size container that Container Traders offers is guaranteed to be the highest quality and will suit your needs!