8ft Shipping Containers

8ft General Purpose Shipping Containers

If a 6ft container doesn’t provide the space you need and the 10ft container is too large, our 8ft container is the perfect mid-point, guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Also grouped in the ‘mincube’ category, these containers have immense potential to be useful on your site. When compared to our smallest 6ft container, the 8ft container boasts greater internal storage space, while maintaining a manageable external footprint. The 8 footer carries a 10 cubic metre storage capacity (5 cubic metres more than its smaller, 6ft relative) which might be more appropriate for increased storage needs.

8ft General Purpose Shipping Container rear end

It’s also important to note that our 8 footer has a higher ceiling that the 6ft container, making it easier to store larger and bulkier items with ease. Even though the container is smaller, lighter and more manageable than our 10ft, 20ft and 40ft options, it still comes with Container Traders’ guaranteed quality and meticulous construction standards. Made using Corton steel, all our containers are strong and durable, secure and lockable, as well as weather and vermin proof. This means that whatever you choose to store in your container, you can rest assured it will remain safe and damage free.

8ft general purpose shipping container left side

Our 8ft containers measure 2.44m long, 2.26m wide and 2.26m metres tall. If you desire, you can also choose to modify your container to improve functionality according to your needs. Whether you want lights, shelving, windows, alternate doors, floor coverings or full insulation, we’ve got you covered. You can purchase a container today but we also have a number of containers ready for hire. For a small monthly fee, you can hire from Container Traders commitment free. It’s simple, and as long as you have a flat surface to place the container on, you’re all set for delivery. We also offer 8ft containers with dangerous goods certification. These containers meet Australian Standards of Hazardous Goods Transportation and come with extra features like drainage valves, ventilation and double doors for added convenience and removal of harsh fumes or liquids.

8ft General Purpose Shipping Container right side front

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Container Traders to learn more about how you can take advantage of an 8ft container today!