New 45 Foot – High Cube Shipping Containers

45’ long High Cube Containers

If you need something bigger than the 40′ General Purpose, or High Cube Containers. Container Traders can manufacture you 45′ containers. You can select your colour, and we do the rest.

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40 foot beige shipping container

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45’ long High Cube Containers

45’ long High Cube Containers are more readily sort after throughout Europe and the American states.

Container Traders can have our factory manufacture you 1 or 100+ of these 45’ containers, in a variety of colours.

If you need the additional 5 foot, give our helpful team a call today on 1300 89 89 70. Extra space? We recommend our unique 45’ high cube general purpose shipping container.

Much like the traditional general purpose high cube shipping containers, the high cube containers are extremely versatile and able to be used in a wide variety of situations and are used for a great many purposes. High cubes are excellent choices for personal, professional and commercial use. The high cubes provide an extra foot of height so with the largest of shipping container, the 45’ shipping container, you are able to create even more space for your items by investing in the 45’ high cube shipping container. These are the most spacious shipping containers available! Container Traders provides state of the art, brand new durable high cube shipping containers at competitive prices. These strong shipping containers create the extra space you may need for your biggest storage or shipping needs. They are built to last and will easily solve the toughest of shipping or storage problems. Sturdy, high quality and spacious, the 45’ high cube shipping containers are exactly what you have been searching for to take care of your biggest shipping and storage needs!

High cube shipping containers are slightly different from traditional shipping containers because they offer an extra foot of height to hold your tallest of items and create even more space. A 40’ high cube shipping containers provides you with 344 cubic feet more storage space that you would have with the 40’ general purpose shipping container. While an extra foot of height may not seem like much, it can make a huge difference when you think in terms of cubic feet. The 45’ high cube shipping containers from Container Traders are 9’6” high.

The Longest Container Manufactured

High cube shipping containers can be used as portable storage units, temporary living or work spaces or for commercial storage and domestic shipping. Many businesses and companies utilize high cube shipping containers at festivals, trade shows or special events as marketing booths and promotional spaces. The 45’ high cube shipping containers can also be used for permanent storage for homes and businesses. High cubes can store the tallest and bulkiest of items such as tall pieces of furniture, long items like beams or poles, oversized lamps, extra large materials, such as pieces of wood and pipe, among many other things. They are also excellent storage spaces for when you need extra storage space to pack more boxes, cartons or goods into your container for either shipping or storage. It is very important to note that while high cube shipping containers offer more storage capacity than a general purpose container, the gross weight limit of the containers is the same. This means if you are shipping items, you need to take into consideration the weight of the items. This will not impact you if you use the high cube as a storage space. High cubes are the most spacious shipping containers available at 45’, these sturdy containers can accommodate a huge amount of goods and items for shipping or storage.

Highest Quality

Container Traders is proud to offer the highest quality  of brand new high cube shipping containers on the market. We the most secure, cleanest, strongest and convenient shipping containers in the country. Much like our traditional sized general purpose shipping containers, our 45’ high cube containers are made out of durable solid steel, have sturdy strong wood flooring and standard double doors. The doors of the high cube open at a full 270 degrees making it extremely easy to load and unload your shipping container. The 45’ high cubes are also equipped with the latest security features for even extra protection. Our 45; high cube shipping containers can withstand any weather conditions. Your items will not be impacted by any moisture, humidity, wind, water or vermin or unwanted visitors. They will keep your items secure and in excellent condition during the longest of journeys or the longest of storage time. Our 45’ high cube shipping containers provide maximum space with maximum strength.

Space maximised

The 45’ high cube shipping container is one of the most spacious containers available to you and it can truly store almost everything you need. The extra five feet of storage depth and the extra foot of height make these containers our biggest shipping containers available. They will help you ship or store your biggest items or the largest quantities of shipments. Whether you need to ship large machinery, store high stacks of boxes, store large furniture or vehicles, the 45’ high cube can fit it all and much, much more! High cube containers are also often used as temporary or permanent office and living spaces. The extra height makes them feel much more spacious which is ideal when you spend a large amount of time inside of your shipping container. This extra foot of height can make the high cubes feel much bigger than the traditional general purpose shipping containers.

If you need a long-term storage solution or need to ship a large amount of goods, we highly recommend our 45’ high cube shipping container. The 45’ high cube containers are just as versatile as our general purpose shipping containers and can fit almost any type of time inside of it. These spacious containers are excellent choices for personal use, professional use and commercial use. The 45’ high cubes can hold all of your personal effects while you travel abroad or they can ship huge shipments of products across Australia. The 45’ high cubes can be permanent storage shed or temporary or permanent living space. These massive shipping containers prove to be very handy in many different situations.

45’ high cube shipping containers are often the choice for creating shipping container home and office spaces. Over recent years, it has become extremely popular to create innovative houses, offices or places of business out of shipping containers. 45’ high cube shipping containers have been used as additions on homes, work sheds, cafes, bars, pop up coffee shops, temporary garages, galleries and studies. The extra foot of height space and the extra five feet of depth makes them ideal for living, working and playing.

Delivery Arranged

You may not want to use a shipping container for a permanent living or working situation but that will not stop you from using a 45’ high cube as a temporary living or working space. If you are undergoing renovations, have had damage to your house or are in-between homes or office spaces, a high cube is perfect for temporary space. 45’ high cube shipping containers are wind-proof, waterproof and can be modified for temperature control or other amenities. High cubes are extremely secure and have the latest locks and security features so when you need to close up shop for the day, you can use one of the security features to keep your work or home completely secure while you not occupying it! With the secure general purpose shipping containers form Container Traders, it is unnecessary for you to be concerned about the safety of our items! Our shipping containers will keep your items completely safe and protected, no matter how you are using the 45’ high cube shipping container!

45’ high cube shipping containers are made to handle the largest shipments. They have more space than any other shipping container. No matter if you need to ship tools, heavy machinery, products, personal items or vehicles, the 45 high cube shipping container will get the job done! They make it easy to efficiently ship large amounts of items.

Container Traders is the leading provide of shipping containers in the country. Our team of shipping  expert are extremely knowledgeable in the many different containers available and will be able to help you determine the best shipping container for your unique needs. We provide a wide selection of different sizes and specialities. But no matter what size or type of shipping container you receive from Container Traders, you can trust that is the strongest and most reliable shipping container available. Each and every single one of our containers is made of high quality steel and is built to last! They are exceptionally well maintained and will arrive at your home or office in pristine condition!

Shipping and storage can be incredibly stressful, especially when you have large items or large amounts of items to ship and store. We want to make it easy and stress-free for you to ship and store large items with our 45’ high cube general shipping container! These durable containers will keep your items safe and secure! You will enjoy investing in a quality shipping container that can be used in many different situations! They are truly the most useful items available today.  Contact one four friendly customer service representatives today to learn more about our heavy duty 45’ high cube shipping container!

Dimensions and Sizing

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