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Our Quality

Container Traders pre-trip all machinery prior to delivery, and we also set the container to the temperature you require and give all units the tick of approval. We also survey all equipment prior to purchase form the shipping line, ensuring our clients can have peace of mind their valuable produce is safe, sound, and at the right temperature every time.

We have used and new Refrigerated containers available from all capital cities for delivery within 48 hours of ordering!

Powerful Containers

Refrigerated stay cool with a power source. They use a power source or generator on the truck or ship to keep the container cool. Although they are the largest of our shipping containers, the 40’ high cube refrigerated containers can be easily transported and can be stacked on top of one another to maximize space on a ship or rail. The 40’ high cube refrigerated containers are extremely durable. They are made of heavy duty steel on the outside & steel floors on the inside. Our 40’ high cube refrigerated shipping container have standard three phase power and the temperature ranges from -20 degrees to 20 degrees. Container Traders refrigerated containers are built to last through harsh weather and long journeys. These incredibly strong and large container are sure to meet all of your refrigerated container needs!

Need to keep it at -20 degrees? Container Traders has you covered

All Refrigerated Containers feature corrosion resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel exterior, a three coat paint system and smooth high grade Stainless Steel inner linings and aluminium scuff plates. The interior floor is an insulated base with aluminium “T” section floor rail and corrugation subfloor. Our general purpose refrigerated containers are very strong and made to withstand tough weather and long transports. These durable refrigerated containers will be able to keep your items cold and protected, no matter how far they are being transported or how long they need to be stored.

Reefer Interior

The refrigerated containers from Container Traders provide the most technologically advanced temperature control solutions for all of your refrigerated needs. The high cube refrigerated shipping containers have precise temperature control and are extremely easy to use. Container Traders ensures that our used 40’ high cube refrigerated shipping containers are well kept and maintain a high level of quality. We check each high cube for quality assurance before delivery.

The Best Brands and the Best Service

brands of refrigerated containers

There are many varying uses for high cube refrigerated containers. Many stores need to ship refrigerated items like foods, plants or flowers to partner stores or their clients and would use a refrigerated container to keep those items cool and fresh during transport. High cube refrigerated containers are ideal for seasonal businesses and companies. For example, restaurants may need high cube refrigerated containers during their season when they require extra food to meet their extra demands that holidays or other peak seasons usually bring. Grocery and food stores are similar as that they often need to stock more supply during peak seasons and therefore may not have as much space so they require temporary cold storage during peak seasons as well. When you need to keep extra items cold during busy seasons, you can save money on expansion or building a permanent cold storage by investing in our durable 40’ high cube refrigerated shipping container. That way after high season is over, you are able to cut costs on electricity as you can switch your refrigerated container off and save on energy costs.

Event planners and special event companies will use 40’ high cube refrigerated containers for events that are held outside or are destination events, such as weddings on a beach, charity events in the mountains or fundraisers in the country. The 40’ high cube refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders provide enough space to fit every supply, food or drink that one would need to host an incredible event. Event coordinators and planners know to trust the high cube refrigerated containers from Container Traders to keep items cool and fresh before and during events.

The construction and mining industry have long used refrigerated containers on their work sites to keep food or supplies cold while their teams work long hours. In recent years, many other industries have adopted that practice including film sites, music festivals or other job sites; really anywhere that portable refrigeration is needed. They keep food or drinks cold and are able to protect anything that is sensitive to temperature.

The Biggest Fridge we can truck to you

The 40’ high cube refrigerated containers are made to handle the largest of shipments and the biggest of storage needs. These massive containers provide you with plenty of space to properly store all of your temperature-controlled items. You will not risk damage from overcrowding with our huge high cube containers.

When using a 40’ high cube refrigerated container, you will need to keep some tips in mind to ensure your items stay cold and fresh during storage or shipping. We recommend that your items are pre-chilled or frozen when they are loaded into the 40’ high cube refrigerated container. You want to ensure your items are properly ventilated and will not slip or move around during transport. Different foods or items will often have different requirements so they may require different packing and loading methods. You can maintain the quality of your refrigerated goods during transport by loading and packing them correctly inside of your 40’ high cube refrigerated container.

Quality Guaranteed

Container Traders wants to ensure you get the highest quality at a great cost. We strive to provide the very best in second hand high cube refrigerated containers. We only offer high quality shipping containers. We inspect all of our shipping containers for damage, wear and tear and only the top of the line make it past our inspection and to our clients. Shipping containers are built to last the toughest conditions and they offer outlast the need of their owners, which is why second hand shipping containers are popular choices. Container Traders checks our second hand high cube refrigerated shipping containers to make sure that the refrigeration technology is still working properly and that your items will stay cool and fresh while they are in your 40’ high cube refrigerated container from Container Traders!

Container Traders stands for quality and you need to be certain of that quality when using a refrigerated shipping container. Our goal is to keep your items safe and secure, no matter what type of shipping container you purchase from us. Every one of our shipping containers are secure, safe and strong.

Shipping Perishables?

Shipping and storing perishable goods requires complete confidence that you shipping containers are the highest quality and working properly. You cannot risk your business or the safety and health of your clients by investing in low-quality shipping containers. When you invest in a Container Trader 40’ refrigerated shipping container, you know you are getting the absolute best quality at the absolute best value. Our refrigerated high cube containers are from the leading brands & they are working in the very best possible condition.

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefers were originally created to ship temperature sensitive items long distances by land or sea. Today the shipping industry has evolved to offer more technologically advanced refrigerated containers that are widely used by small and large businesses. Container Traders sells 40’ high cube refrigerated shipping containers for your largest of refrigerated shipping needs. Refrigerated shipping containers are extremely versatile and used for many different reasons by many different industries. Refrigerated shipping containers allow you to transport and store anything that requires temperature control. For example, when you ship or store foods like meats, cheeses, dairy, seafood, fruits, flowers and vegetables, you must have a refrigerated container so you can keep your items fresh. High cube refrigerated containers are also frequently used on construction sites, film sites and at festivals to store items that need to be kept cold. High cubes provide an extra foot of height in the containers, providing additional storage space inside the container. Container Traders offers spacious, high cube 40’ refrigerated shipping containers that will help you keep the biggest shipments cold.

Fast Delivery

The experts at Container Traders will be able to help you master managing, working and maintaining your 40’ high cube refrigerated container. When you purchase from Container Traders, we will show you the best practices for using your high cube refrigerated container, from loading, unloading and cleaning your container, you will know exactly what to do to keep your items fresh!

We can also provide fast delivery in the case of an emergency. Do not risk spoiling food or goods because your refrigeration system is inadequate or breaks suddenly. Instead contact the experts at Container Traders. We will work with you to quickly provide you with a 40’ high cube shipping container.

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With Container Traders, you can easily keep items cool and temperature controlled. We offer excellent service with exceptional prices and competitive prices. Whether you are planning a beach side wedding and need to keep items cool during the ceremony; expecting holiday crowds at your cafe and need extra storage space to accommodate; managing a year long construction site and need refrigeration on site; or need to ship food and plants across the country to a partner store, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for with our 40’ high cube refrigeration shipping containers! Get the highest quality of second hand shipping containers with the latest temperature-control technology. Trust Container Traders with the quality and freshness of your cold storage and invest in a 40’ high cube refrigerated container today!