40 Foot Soft Open Top Shipping Containers – New

40′ Open Top Containers – New

New Build Open Top Containers give that additional Peace of Mind when transporting expensive equipment from A to B.

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open top shipping container

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40′ Soft Top- Open Top Containers

Soft top shipping containers are a unique innovative in the shipping container industry. They offer the ability to easily and securely store and ship large, heavy and oversized items. The open top of the shipping containers allows you to load in large items using a crane and the soft top gives your contents security and safety. Soft top shipping containers are excellent containers for any business with large or frequent shipping and storage needs. They can be used over and over again and in many different ways. The 40’ soft top shipping containers available from Container Traders are some of the strongest and most spacious containers sold on the market today. They make it convenient to ship and store the biggest of cargo loads. The soft top shipping containers will keep your items protected, withstand the toughest environments and also allow you to easily access your items. Your business deserves the strong shipping containers available and the 40’ soft top shipping containers will meet every shipping and storing need you have, no matter how large or heavy!

Container Traders provides quality shipping containers. The 40’ soft top shipping containers are constructed of durable steel and have strong plywood floors. The soft top shipping containers provide you with flexibility in how you want to load your items. You can choose to use the standard double doors with a forklift or you can choose to load items in through the open top with a crane. Either way, the 40’ soft top shipping containers will hold heavy and bulky loads. Once your items are loaded in, you will be able to secure them with the soft top. The soft top attaches with detachable bows that can be attached to either side. Then a durable PVC tarpaulin is attached to the bows and covers the shipping container, securing your items inside. While the PVC tarpaulin is easy to manoeuvre, it is still incredibly strong, weather-resistant, waterproof and will keep your items secure while they are in shipment or storage. The 40’ soft top shipping containers are enormous and made to fit the biggest and heaviest of materials!

New Containers are a Great Investment

Investing in a 40’ soft top shipping container is a worthwhile investment for your business because you are getting a versatile shipping container that will last for decades at extremely competitive price. These are ideal choices for businesses that are often shipping and storing large and heavy items. The 40’ soft top shipping containers are popular at constructions sites, mining sites, for clearing debris or handling heavy machinery.

The 40’ soft top shipping containers from Container Traders will protect your items. The soft top is made to outlast tough weather conditions. The tarpaulin will not move during transport and it will keep your contents secure. If you preferred extra security, you may want to choose a hard top shipping container from Container Traders but it is not always necessary since the soft top is so strong. The soft top shipping container can act much like a general purpose container once the top is secured onto it. You are able to load your items in with a forklift or stack them on top of each other to maximise space. No matter how you are choosing to load in your items into your 40’ soft top shipping container, they will always be secure in these heavy duty and spacious containers. You can fit an enormous number of items into them and when you need to access them, you can quickly do so by removing the tarpaulin. They are the best combination of space, strength and convenience.

Water Tight Guaranteed

While they are named “open top” containers, the name does not do it justice because the tops do not stay open. The top is needed to help keep the container structurally sound and soft top shipping containers are not shipped without the top in place. So while they are extremely useful for heavy cargos and big items, they will not fit every large and awkward sized items in them. Some items are too big to fit into a 40’ soft top container and those items would require a flat rack container. The 40’ soft top container are best used for item like logs, cables, mining materials, construction materials, pipes or even debris. Soft top shipping containers are most often used on construction sites, mining sites, in warehouses or when clearing and hauling debris. Anything that can be loaded in with a crane is an ideal choice for a soft top shipping container. After your container has been filled, you can secure the top and stack them to maximize space.

40’ soft top shipping containers are versatile workhorses that are perfect for storing and shipping huge items. You have the choice of loading items in with a crane or a forklift with the 40’ soft top shipping container. Both of these options make for fast and efficient loading, which is convenient on a job site or in a warehouse or when you many cargo loads to ship and store. Should you ever need quick access to your shipping container contents, the soft top is easy to remove and replace when needed. The 40’ soft top shipping containers also provide you with protected and strength. The PVC tarpaulins are very strong and will keep your items secure. Water, rain and animals will not impact your shipping contents when they are covered with the PVC tarpaulins. The 40’ soft top shipping containers are easily stacked on top of one another once the tarpaulin is secured on. Once the tarpaulin is on, the 40’ soft top shipping containers are just sturdy as general purpose containers that have a solid steel roof.

Crane it in- Shut the Top – Open the Top – Crane it out

Container Traders sells the highest quality shipping containers on the market. Our brand new 40’ soft top shipping containers come from leading brands, have the latest features and are the most durable and most convenient to use. These containers were built to last for years and can be used for many different reasons. They are strong and spacious and will enable you to ship and store even more items! When you want a long-term solution that you can reuse over and over, turn to the 40’ soft top shipping container from Container Traders. You will find the strongest available at competitive prices. The experts at Container Traders perform quality inspections on every one of our shipping containers so you are can be confident that your shipping container is in pristine condition when it arrives at your business. When you work with large and heavy items like machinery or mining materials, it is incredibly important to be confident that your materials will not be damaged, you will not be putting your crew at risk with a low-quality shipping container. You must be confident you are getting the best quality available, which is why it is essential you shop with the best. Container Traders is the leading seller of shipping containers in Australia! Our quality products speak for themselves and once you have discovered how much easier the shipping containers from Container Traders make shipping and storing for your business, you will never want to shop anywhere else!

Delivery Anywhere

The expert team at Container Traders is here to help you find the best shipping container for your business. We have a wide selection of different sizes and types of shipping containers at affordable prices. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Container Traders! We can help assess your shipping needs and walk you through our wide selection so you are clear on the benefits of each and every shipping container. When you have determined which container is best for you and your business, you will be able to find a high quality one available at Container Traders. Every single container we have available is of the best quality and is exceptionally well maintained. Our expert team will offer you the best tips for using your shipping container and caring for it so that it will continue to last, no matter how many times you use it. After you have chosen the perfect shipping container for your shipping needs, our delivery team will quickly and conveniently deliver it to your business or work site. Container Traders serves all over Australia and no matter where you are located, we will be able to deliver your container as soon as you need it so you can quickly get to work shipping and storing your large items!

Container Traders values high quality and exceptional service, as well as, competitive prices. We want to provide the most secure and versatile shipping containers on the market. If you are looking for strong, safe, durable and easy to use shipping containers, you need to shop with the best in the business. At Container Traders you will find the best shipping containers available and you will easily be able to find one that fits your budget. Contact the friendly experts at Container Traders today to find your perfect shipping container today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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