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40′ Insulated shipping containers

Great for storing just about anything. But ideal for items that require protection from the extreme Australian temperatures. Delivery can be arranged Australia Wide, so get in touch. We would love to help 1300 89 89 70

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40ft High Cube Insulated shipping containers – Non Operational Refrigerated Containers

40ft Insulated shipping containers are ideal for keeping contents cold over short trips or at a steady temperature for a long period of time.

While refrigerated shipping containers keep contents cold with the help of a power source or generator, non-operational refrigerated containers have had their motors removed and sold as insulated containers and keep items cool through their own insulation. This is especially helpful when you are storing material in areas with extreme ambient outside temperatures.

containers when you ship your goods a short distance, for a short amount of time or if there no power available. Container Traders offers secondhand 40’ high cube non operational refrigerated insulated shipping containers that can be used for a number of purposes for large cargos that need to be kept cool or at a steady temperature.

The cooling equipment is no longer operational in these insulated shipping containers. However the heavy duty insulation of a refrigerated container is still intact and that is what helps to keep contents cool or at a steady temperature. Insulated containers are most often used if you need to transport or store goods that require a steady temperature. Non-operational refrigerated insulated containers can be used to keep items cold but only if you are shipping a short distance or storing them for a short amount of time.

Up to 15’c cooler than the outside ambient temperature in Summer

Container Traders sells study second hand high cube 40’ non-operational refrigerated containers for items that require temperature control. These large insulated shipping containers are made of stainless steel, offer solid wood flooring and steel structural components. They are equipped with have standard double doors that open a full 270 degrees, as well as, security features. High cubes provide an extra foot of height in the container which allows for an extra 344 cubic feet of storage space. The high cube non-operational refrigerated insulated containers are strong, weather-resistant, water-resistant and extremely secure. They are able to withstand animals or insects and will protect your items in harsh weather conditions. Regardless of the outdoor temperature, these insulated containers will maintain a constant temperature and will prevent condensation from forming inside of the container. Container Traders high cube 40’ non operational refrigerated containers are extremely durable and will last for years with proper maintenance. They are the perfect solution to keeping your items cool.

Non-operational refrigerated containers are used for a number of different reasons. For short distances or a small period of time, these non-operational refrigerated containers will act like refrigerated counterparts and keep items cold. However because they do not have a mechanical cooling source, the contents must be frozen or pre-chilled and packed with ice-packs or dry ice. While it does take some additional packing and planing, these insulated container will maintain a cold temperature effectively for a short period of times. However, non-operational refrigerated containers are most useful for storing and shipping goods that do not need cooling but only need to maintain a steady temperature. For example, if you needed to store fine goods, cars or important documents and want to ensure the temperature does not impact these goods, non-operational refrigerated insulated containers the perfect solution. Insulated containers are also ideal for shipping container homes, offices or work spaces because the insulation will protect you from the elements.

Multiple ways to re purpose

The high cube 40’ non operational refrigerated insulated are frequently used to prepping and setting up events. Because these are ideal for short-term temperature control, many event planners choose to use insulated high cubes to ship pre-chilled food, wines or flowers to event destinations. Insulated shipping containers are also useful if there is no power source or generator at your destination but you still want to ensure temperature control. The 40’ high cubes offer plenty of space to fit everything you could need for a specific event without the hassle of having to find an outlet or use a power source. If you are only travelling a short distance but need to keep items cold, we recommend the high cube non operational refrigerated shipping containers.

Insulated shipping containers are also the number one choice for  shipping container homes, offices and work spaces. Over the last few years, more and more people have turned to shipping containers to act as extra living space, work space or other unique spaces. The extreme Australian weather can impact the comfort inside of a shipping container home or office if it is not insulated (or is not equipped with air conditioning or heat). The shipping container will feel like a sauna if the temperature is high but if it is cold, the inside will also be cool and chilly. When determining if a shipping container home is right for you, we recommend investing in an insulated shipping container. The high cube 40’ non operational refrigerated insulated shipping containers are extremely popular choices for shipping container homes and living spaces because they are so spacious and comfortable.

Many individuals and businesses choose insulated shipping containers to store their valuable personal or professional items. If you have items that need to stay at a consistent temperature or can be damaged with extreme temperatures, such as pieces of art, leather goods, wine, rare books, important legal documents or certain types of fabric, you will want to store these in an insulated shipping container. The 40’ high cube insulated shipping containers from Container Traders will easily fit the contents of a two-three bedroom home so if you are planning long-term travel or an extensive trip, we recommend storing your items in an insulated container!

Protect your goods from the elements

The high cube 40’ non operational refrigerated insulated shipping containers from Container Traders provide a spacious and convenient way to keep your items protected in a temperature controlled environment. You are able to fit a large amount of items, goods and products inside these strong and sturdy shipping containers. The insulation provides an easy way to keep things cool without having to find a power source or generator. With their security features and insulation against the elements, they are ideal for protecting valuable items.

Container Traders provides an excellent quality of second hand shipping containers. The safety and security of your items is our number one concern and we only offer the absolute best of used shipping containers at competitive prices. Our shipping containers are properly maintained and we inspect each one for quality assurance before it is delivered to your door. When you store anything of value or if you are shipping items that can be spoiled or ruined, it is essential that you are confident your items are protected while they are in their storage container and that is why you should choose Container Traders for all of your shipping containers needs.

Quality guaranteed

Container Traders specialises in high quality shipping containers. Our high cube non operational shipping containers are from the leading brands in the industry, they are well-maintained and have the latest security features available. Our goal is to provide you with the safest and strongest protection for your items while they are in storage or in transit.

At Container Traders, we take care of your shipping and storage needs and are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team are shipping containers experts and they will assist you as you search for the best shipping container to fit your needs. We will help you determine if you need a refrigerated shipping container or an insulated container. We can help you determine if a traditional 40’ container is the best fit or if you need the extra space provided by the high cubes. We will offer you tips on caring for and maintaining your shipping container so that it will last you for years to come! We have a wide selection of different shipping containers that fit every shipping and storage need you could ever have!

Find a shipping or storage container for your valuable and temperature controlled items can feel overwhelming but when you shop with Container Traders, you know that you are investing in a quality product from a team that cares about your items just as much as you do. We offer fast delivery and excellent prices on all of our high cube non-operational refrigerated insulated shipping containers.

When you have a large storage need or are concerned about keeping your items cool and protected during transport, come to Container Traders to find your high cube, non-operational insulated shipping container. As with all of our shipping containers, you know you will be receiving one of the best containers on the market that has been excellent maintained and will protect your items, whether you are shipping them across town or storing them for two years! For all of your shipping and storage needs in Australia, trust the leading seller of new and used shipping containers at Container Traders. You will enjoy an excellent product, great customer services and excellent prices. Shipping and storing items have never been easier as it is with Container Traders!

Dimensions and Sizing

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