40 Foot Open Top Standard Height Shipping Containers – New

40’ Used Open Top Shipping Containers

Open Top Shipping Containers are a second hand 12m Shipping Container that is without a steel roof. These units were created for the shipping and freighting internationally of odd shaped, or heavy machinery which isn’t able to be shipped through standard methods. A second hand open top container will be structurally in good condition and have the capability to be certified for rail or shipping in the future. These units have a Taplin for their roofs, which is removable should the storage not require it. These units are perfect for transporting odd shaped equipment between mine sites, or long distance via rail transit or overseas shipping.

40 foot shipping container soft open top

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General purpose shipping containers can carry a lot of cargo, but heavy items don’t lend themselves to be easily loaded through the traditional double container doors.

40 ft Open Top Containers allow for loading via crane through the container removal able tarpaulin roof covering.

Container Traders stock second hand 40 ft Open Top Containers from most of their storage depots Australia Wide.

40 ft open top shipping containers are useful for trucking, shipping and railing goods domestically, or internationally.

Handle Bulky Goods with Ease

The open top shipping containers were built to easily handle big and bulky items. With an open top shipping container, the top is open so you can load items in with a crane from above. This makes it incredibly easy to load in items like large pipes, steel bars, oversized cables, mining materials and logs.

Container Traders sells used 40 ft open top shipping containers

rs that are made of strong, solid steel and are fully secure. They have solid wood floors and have an open top, as well as, the standard double doors to allow for flexibility as to how you load your items. The 40 ft open top shipping containers have detachable bows and durable tarpaulins to cover your items after they have been loaded into your open top shipping container. After your items are loaded in, the attachable bows are placed over top and the tarpaulin is placed over the bows and the container to cover it. The tarpaulins help to protect your items. The tarpaulins are weather proof and water resistant and will keep the contents of your container dry and safe from the elements. The open top shipping containers are just as secure as traditional general purpose shipping containers.

You will find a variety of used 40 ft open top shipping containers at great prices at Container Traders. These durable containers provide the same strength of a general purpose container but have extra convenience. They can be loaded from the top with a crane or with a forklift through the standard double doors or even manually, making them very versatile. The 40 ft open top shipping containers are mostly used in the construction and mining industries as they are excellent solution for shipping and storing heavy items in bulk such as machinery, mining equipment, logs, dry cargo, minerals and chemicals.

Shipping Large Goods is a breeze

Although they are called “open top,” the 40 ft open top shipping containers do not actually ship with an open top. After the container has been loaded with cargo, the detachable bows are fitted on top of the container and the tarpaulin is fitted over the top and secured into place. With open top shipping containers, there are two options: the soft roof or the hard roof. The soft roof is made of durable tarpaulin and the hard roof is made of steel. The hard roof is put into place by a crane and just adds extra security. The 40 ft open top container can act just as a traditional general purpose shipping container once the roof is fitted on. They are convenient for loading in bulk items but they can be used as a general purpose container where you load the container from the standard double doors. You can also load cargo using a forklift through the standard doors. The versatility of these containers makes them a useful investment for any business that frequently transports and ships large items.

The open top shipping containers are just as sturdy and strong as the traditional general purpose shipping containers. The roof contributes to the structural support of the container so the open top does not stay open. The container cannot be shipped without a soft or hard top. If you have content that is extremely too tall or bulky for a regular container, the open top shipping container may not be the best option for you.

67m of Cubic storage

The 40 ft open top shipping containers are ideal for loading items in bulk quantities. With these containers, you can very easily use a crane to drop large amounts of items into the container from above or you can load many boxes or cartons straight into the container with a forklift. This ease of loading and unloading makes open top shipping containers ideal for warehouse environments. The open top shipping containers are also easily stacked on top of one another after they have been covered with their tarpaulin or hard top cover.

The 40 ft open top shipping containers are workhorses and are excellent additions to any company that has large shipping and storage needs. Easily transporting bulk items quickly and efficiently with an open top shipping container with a crane or a forklift can help your business work at a faster pace and complete more projects. With an open top shipping container, you can also use it without a crane or forklift for the times that you need to store or ship something that needs to be manually loaded in. The open top shipping container easily converts to a traditional shipping container once the tarpaulin and bows have been attached. This allows you to use your 40 ft open top shipping container in many different ways. You are able to enjoy the strength and convenience of these 40 ft open top shipping containers repeatedly and in a variety of ways!

Second Hand, but work like a new Shipping Container

Second hand shipping containers are popular choices for investments because even though they are not brand new, they are still like new. Second hand shipping containers are just as strong and sturdy and brand new shipping containers but often cost a fraction of the price. Shipping containers were originally built to transport goods on the top of cargo ships and so they can withstand tough conditions. These days many containers do not have to experience the harsh conditions of long-term travel and remain in excellent condition while they are being used, making them excellent second hand options. Our team of experts only sells high quality second hand shipping containers. At Container Traders, we inspect each and every single one of our shipping containers so that they arrive to your door just as strong as they were when they were brand new. You can trust the quality from Container Traders and remain confident that the used open top shipping containers are durable and will be able to serve your business for years!

Container Traders sells the best shipping containers in the country. We combine quality products with exceptional customer service and affordable prices to allow you and an easy and cost effective way to ship and store your items. Our containers are the most reliable and fully featured available! You must be able to trust that your open top shipping container has been maintained to its best condition so that it will safely hold your bulky and heavy items. The 40 ft open top shipping containers from Container Traders offer you a reliable way to ship, store and move large, bulky, or heavy items.

A Grade Shipping Containers-  A Grade Customer Service

The incredible customer service representatives at Container Traders, are experts in shipping containers. We want to make the entire process of purchasing a shipping container an enjoyable one for you and that is why we provide our extensive knowledge on shipping containers! You may be uncertain as to what your storage and shipping needs or exactly what type of shipping container you may need because there are so many to choose from! That is when you can turn to the experts at Container Traders. We will carefully asses your shipping and storage need and then present you with several available solutions. When you know which type of shipping container you may need, we can show you a wide variety of containers that will best fit your budget. Every single one of our shipping containers maintains the high level of strength that you have come to trust us for! Once you have purchased your shipping container with Container Traders, we will provide you with our fast and efficient delivery service. We have several locations around the country and so we are able to deliver your shipping container quickly and at your convenience. Our excellent delivery team will help you get your shipping container to the exact place you want to store it!

It is essential that you find a shipping container that is strong and versatile when your business frequently ships and moves heavy and bulky items. The open top shipping containers from Container Traders are just that! Our containers are made of the strongest, are weather-resistant, waterproof and vermin-proof. They are built to protect your items, no matter what you are storing or shipping and for how long you need to store or ship it. They are built to outlast the toughest conditions and the longest of journeys. The shipping containers from Container Traders have the latest features and are completely secure! The open top shipping containers provide convenience and versatility. They are easy to stack, extremely sturdy and very cost effective. The second hand 40 ft open top shipping containers from Container Traders are truly a worthwhile investment for your business. If you are ready to find a resilient and safe way to ship and store bulky items, contact us today to learn about how Container Traders can find the perfect open top shipping container for you!

Dimensions and Sizing

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