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40′ High Cubes Containers

Container Traders offers versatile 40’ high cube shipping containers for even extra storage space. Like their traditional counter parts, 40’ general purpose high cube shipping container are extremely useful and can be used in a variety of situations and for many purposes. They are excellent for residential, professional and commercial use. General purpose shipping containers are built too last and often they will outlast their use with a particular owner which is why used shipping containers are a popular option with many individuals who are shopping for a shipping or storage solution. Used general purpose shipping containers are cost effective solutions for your shipping or transport needs. Container Traders sells second hand general purpose shipping containers that are high quality and extremely affordable. We check all of our used shipping containers to ensure they are still safe and secure for all of shipping and storage needs. These extremely durable containers will last through your project, shipment or storage need and will cost less than a newer model.

High cube shipping containers differ from traditional shipping containers because they include extra height to hold your tallest of items. This difference can accommodate even more of your items or materials, because the 40’ high cube general purpose shipping containers from Container Traders are 9’6” high.

Recycle – Reuse – Re purpose

High cube general purpose shipping containers are often used for domestic transportation or as portable self-storage units. High cube general purpose can also be used as promotional booths for businesses or as supplementary accommodations for either personal or professional spaces. High cube general purpose containers are extremely useful for storing tall or bulky items such as lamps, beams, poles, tall bookshelves or anything oversized or for stacking extra boxes or cargo for transport. They are also useful if you just need extra cubic feet of storage space for whatever you are storing or shipping. It should be noted that even though a high cube shipping container offers more storage capacity than a standard container, the gross weight limit of both containers is the same so additional weight of the goods does need to be taken into consideration for cost of shipping purposes.  High cube general purpose shipping containers are durable and versatile. They are exceptionally spacious and can accommodate the bulkiest or largest of items or a large volume of items that need to be shipped.

Container Traders provides a very high quality of second hand shipping containers to our clients. We pride ourselves in offering the very best of shipping solutions. Our 40’ general purpose high cube shipping containers are made of the same solid steel construction as our standard sizes and standard double doors that open 270 degrees. Container Traders shipping containers are weather resistant and critter resistant. They were built to withstand extreme weather conditions and impervious to water, humidity and vermin. Our high cube general purpose shipping containers will keep your items protected during long transport or long storage. Your items will remain in pristine condition while our high cube shipping containers protect them from damage or wear and tear. When you need a quality second hand shipping container that is in good-as-new condition, we recommend our used shipping containers and if you are looking for quality with tons of space, our 40’ general purpose high cube shipping containers are the ideal solution for you!

Heavy Duty Storage Solution

The 40’ high cube general purpose shipping container provides so much space for anything and everything you need to store or ship. One of our most spacious shipping containers, the 40’ high cube general purpose is meant for the largest and biggest shipping and storage needs. They can hold anything from machinery to stacked boxes to furniture and much, much more. Additionally, high cube containers are also used for temporary office space or living space. Because of their height and extra space, the high cube containers are ideal for those who are interested in building a shipping container home. Having an extra height in storage can make a massive difference when you are using a storage space as office or living space. If you are interested in modifying your shipping container for any reason, we recommend the high cube shipping containers because they are easy to add features too due to their extra space.

High cube shipping containers are popular choices for those looking for long-term or heavy duty solutions to their shipping and storage needs. These containers are so versatile and with extra space, there are even more ways to use them for all your shipping and transportation needs! The versatility of shipping containers makes them perfect for personal and professional use. You can truly fit almost anything you need into these large containers. You may need to use a high cube shipping container to hold everything you own while you travel abroad or perhaps you need to ship supplies to your office across the country or you need to ship the contents of your office to your new building on the other side of the state; whatever reason it maybe you will love the space and accommodation the 40’ high cube shipping containers can provide you. The high cube shipping containers are so incredibly useful that you will find creative and innovative ways to use yours long after the initial project is complete!

Getting innovative- High Cubes offer the most versatility

High cube shipping containers are the prime choices for container homes. Shipping container homes are innovative ways to create an interesting living space. Because they are stackable, portable and sturdy, shipping containers have become ideal for creatives and artists who experiment with the different ways than can create living and office spaces out of shipping containers. There are shipping container cafes, bars, garages and offices and many of them are constructed of high cube shipping containers because of the space they offer!

High cube shipping containers also make for great temporary office spaces when your office is being built, renovated or if you need a temporary office at a job site. They are wind-proof, watertight and completely secure to keep you or your staff comfortable as you temporarily work out of your office. The extra space allows for modifications, which will help make you more comfortable in your temporary office. When it is time to go home for the day, you can close up your high cube shipping container and lock it, keeping your business documents and personal items safe until you return.

High cube shipping containers are also the prime choice for shipping because they offer so much space. If you wanted to ship the contents of your home or office or if you needed to move industrial goods across the country at an excellent cost, the high cube containers are ideal shipping containers. The high cubes provide extra space but are still easy and convenient to transport.

Whether you use your high cube general purpose shipping container for storage, shipping or for living or working space, you will enjoy a high quality, durable container that shows little signs of use and you’ll enjoy it at a great price. Used shipping containers are the cost effective solutions for shipping and storage because they are normally sold at a greatly reduced price but with almost the same level of quality that newer models offer. While it is possible you will see some signs of use in your second hand shipping container, you will find overall that the container has been well kept and is an extremely safe and secure place for your items or for a living space.

Shipping or moving- High Cubes are the one

Shipping or moving large items or being temporarily out of your home or office can be high stress situation but with the high cube general purpose shipping containers from Container Traders, it’s never been easier! We can help solve the toughest storage and shipping solutions with our high quality used high cube shipping containers!

No matter what reason you could need a second hand high cube general purpose shipping container, you will find the right one for your needs at Container Traders. We are the shipping container experts and will be able to help you find the perfect container for your shipping or storage needs. Every shipping container available at Container Traders is built too last, well maintained and is offered at a great price to you. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you choose the right shipping container and our efficient delivery team will make it convenient and easy to move and set up your shipping container.

Dimensions and Sizing

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