40ft Used High Cube Side Opening Shipping Containers For Sale

side opening shipping container

Used 40ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale

The 40ft, Side Open High Cube Shipping Container is one of the most useful and spacious containers on offer. If you have the space, the efficiency and practicality provided by this container cannot be beaten. Essentially, the 40ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Container is a general purpose shipping container with full, bi-fold side opening doors. With a huge amount of space already, this container boasts an extra foot of ceiling height for added storage capacity, and that storage capacity is far easier to load/unload and access due to the full length bi-fold side doors. When purchased used, the containers are fully inspected prior to delivery to ensure safety and quality, meaning you save money while receiving a top quality shipping container. Container Traders carry a large amount of stock right across Australia. Wherever you’re located, we can get the container you need right to you – and we offer next day dispatch in most cases so you won’t have to wait long. Get in touch with the friendly team to find out why a Used 40Ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Container might be the perfect container for you.

When to Use a 40ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Container

40ft Side Opening High Cube Shipping Containers are extremely versatile and able to be used for a plethora of purposes. The most benefit can be achieved in a few situations. If you’re a large company that regularly stores or ships goods that are carried in containers or on pallets, the side opening high cube container is ideal. The side doors make loading and unloading extremely easy and the 40ft high cube configuration means you have a large amount of storage space to utilise. Forklifts can easily access the goods when the side doors are opened, increasing productivity in the warehouse and accessibility when you need it. Another popular use for the 40ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Container is for pop-up shops and container modification. Given the high cube format, this container makes a particularly spacious retail or residential conversion, with extra ceiling height creating enhanced comfort and practicality. Additionally, the side opening doors create an open plan space that is perfect for modification into generously sized living spaces and spacious café’s or pop up shops.

Build and Benefits of Used 40ft Side Open High Cube Shipping Containers

Like all containers at Container Traders, the 40ft Side Opening High Cube Shipping Container is constructed from the highest quality materials and boasts supreme security and strength to ensure your goods are safe and protected. The containers are wind, water and vermin proof, and fitted with secure lockboxes so your goods are always protected. All our containers are inspected prior to dispatch, so even when purchased lightly used, you can rest assured the container quality is up to standard. You’ll be able to save money while still reaping all the benefits of our versatile and durable containers – it’s the perfect choice. Other benefits include the ease of storage and enhanced accessibility. The large side opening allows for greater flexibility when storing or transporting awkward, bulky or oversized items, including pallets, boxes and cargo, so you can rest assured just about anything will fit inside.