New 40 Foot – High Cube Shipping Containers Side Open For Sale

Innovation of the humble Shipping Container at its best, 12m of 9’6 High Storage with complete side and end access. In a inter modal container you can truck, ship or rail. The 40′ Side Opening High Cube is available in a range of colours. Call the team to discuss the purchase of your next side opening High Cube Container today. Ph: 13600 89 89 70

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40′ Container with Full Side Opening Bi-fold Doors

Extra space, extra doors and the same strong nature is what you will discover when you invest in a 40’ high cube open side shipping container from Container Traders. This is truly one of the most durable, spacious and useful containers available today.

The 40’ high cube open side shipping containers offer all of the possibility of traditional shipping containers, along with an extra foot of height and extra doors to be able to access your items.

Side opening shipping containers have two sets of doors and allow for both sides to open which makes loading and unloading, as well as, accessing your items incredibly easy. High cube shipping containers include extra height to hold your tallest of items. With a 40’ high cube general purpose shipping container, you will have an extra storage space available to you. This difference can accommodate even more of your items or materials. The 40’ high cube general purpose shipping containers from Container Traders are 9’6” high. Combining a high cube container with open side makes for a spacious and easy-to-access shipping container that can be used for personal, professional and commercial use!

Strong, Innovative and Creative

The shipping container industry has evolved to include more creative and innovative shipping containers over the years. 40’ high cube open side shipping containers combine the best of the innovations that the shipping container industry has to offer. You have more space to store your items and more availability to access your items. It is truly a win-win situation! Side opening containers are useful if you need a long-term storage solution where you can easily get in and out of your container. For example, if you have a long-term construction and need to stay in temporary place that does not fit all of your items, you may want to invest in a side opening shipping container. Or if you want a permanent storage space that can act as a tool shed or garage, the 40’ high cube shipping container can be extremely useful to you. For business owners or managers, side opening shipping containers allow you to have a versatile space to use as extra office space, promotional booths or the ease of storing and shipping extra products or large items. There are so many different uses for a high cube side opening shipping container.

Large Amount of Space and Extra Access

Container Traders 40’ high cube side opening shipping containers provide a large amount of space and extra access. The extra doors provide you with more ways to access or load in your items. They are perfect solutions for storing or shipping large and oversized items that may not fit through the standard double doors. Our shipping containers are extremely reliable and made too last. Your investment will pay off for years when you invest in a versatile shipping container from Container Traders.

Every shipping container from Container Traders is made of high quality steel and maintained in excellent condition. They offer solid, strong wood flooring, as well as, locks and security features. The high cube side opening shipping containers have standard double doors and doors on one side that open outward so you can easily get into and out of your shipping container. Container Traders shipping containers are extremely strong. They made to protect your items from any type of weather conditions, including rain, win, hail or snow. They will protect your items from vermin, insects or human intruders. They will resist rot, decay and any type of damage to your items. With extra height and extra doors, these sturdy containers are guaranteed to keep your items protected.

Bigger is Better

The 40’ high cube shipping containers are the biggest containers we offer and they can fit almost everything you could need to fit in a shipping container. These enormous containers are made for large quantities of items and can easily fit oversized items, such as, machinery, construction materials, vehicles or sporting equipment. You will not even struggle with loading your items into the shipping container with the extra door space provided to you by the open side containers. You can stack even more boxes and cartons on top of one another with the extra foot of height space in the shipping container! The 40’ high cube containers are the solution to your biggest shipping and storage problems!

Many businesses and individuals are finding creative ways to use side opening high cubes for a number of different projects. They are still used to the biggest shipping and storage problems but they also can be altered and modified to create a unique space. You can turn a high cube side opening shipping container into a living space, an office, an art gallery, a pop-up retail shop, a promotional booth, a creative work space, a portable coffee shop or bar. They offer extra space and the extra doors make it easier to modify or alter the container. For example, some individuals remove one of the side doors and replace it glass to create a window and allow light into a work or living space. The extra height will make it easier to stand and walk around inside the container and makes it an ideal choice for when you want to create a shipping container home or office!

Homeowners and individuals use their 40’ high cube open side shipping containers for permanent storage space. Using one of the modifications we suggested above or keeping the container intact, they will often use it as a tool shed or garage when they can store tools, sporting equipment, vehicles, boats, lawn tools or boxes of extra personal items. The 40’ high cubes are incredibly popular for personal use because they are easy to access. When you know that you are going to regularly need to access your shipping container for your stored items, the side opening container is the best option for you! Traditional shipping containers require you to only access the items that were the last items stored because there is only one way in and one way out but the extra doors of the side opening containers make it easy to get to your items that maybe in the back of the container.

Get Full Utilisation

Much like individuals, businesses utilise 40’ high cube open side shipping containers because they allow for easy access. If you use a shipping container to store extra products or old files or items that you still need on a regular basis but just don’t have the storage space for, you will love the ease of the high cube open side container. And open side shipping containers can be more than just storage space for a business. Many business owners use these containers a extra offices or as promotional booths at events and trade shows. They can easily be modified and altered so you can use them to showcase your items, temporarily act as a store or shop or to work from when you need the space or prefer a more innovative work space. The 40’ high cube open side shipping containers are built to last for years so you will be able to reuse them over and over again, for a variety of reasons as your business grows!

The 40’ high cube shipping container are some of the most popular commercial use or by large companies. These top of the line containers are handy for storing boxes and cartons in a warehouse setting as forklift operators can easily load in boxes into the side opening containers. They are stackable so you can store even more of your products or items more efficiently and effectively. They also are so large they will fit oversized cargo loads. If you need to ship construction materials, machinery, tools, long pieces of coil, cable, pipe or wood or any other large items; you can turn to the 40’ high cube shipping container to handle the job! 40’ high cube containers are also helpful on job sites. They can act as a temporary office during long-term construction. They can help ship items between sites or they can store tools and materials during construction. They can be used in a variety of ways and will last for years, making them excellent investments for your business!

Container Traders is proud to offer the newest and best shipping containers available on the market. We strive to provide great products at excellent prices with helpful customer service. If you are unsure of which shipping container is ideal for you, contact one of our shipping experts to help you learn more about the wide variety of shipping containers we provide. We offer fast delivery and friendly service. Shipping large items or putting anything into long-term storage can be stressful and overwhelming but it does not have to be! The experts at Container Traders are here to help you find the best shipping and storage solution at the best available price.

Dimensions and Sizing

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