40 Foot Hard Top Open Top Shipping Containers – New

Hard Top Open Tops

The safest and most efficient method for loading and unloading equipment from the container top.

The hard top is faster to open, load and close than our traditional open tops. Adding business efficiency’s, while providing a more secure top for transporting your goods from A to B.

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Shipping Container 40 Open Top

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Hard Top Open Top Containers

Many businesses use open top shipping containers to ship and store big or oversized items. Open top shipping containers allow for items to be loaded in from above with a crane which makes it easier to carry heavy and big items. Open top shipping containers are often used to transport and ship items such as large steel bars, long cables, logs, pieces of wood, old trees and many other large and heavy goods. Open top shipping containers have two different options for the “tops” or “roofs.” There are soft tops and hard tops. Soft tops are made with durable tarpaulin. They are attached to the container using detachable bows that are attached to the edges of the container. And there are hard top shipping containers that have a steel top that is lowered on and secured into place. The hard top shipping containers allow for extra security for your items. Container Traders sells sturdy brand new 40’ hard top shipping containers to help you with the biggest and heaviest of shipping needs.

Container Traders offers 40’ hard top shipping containers that are constructed of high quality steel and have the latest security locks. They each have standard double door, as well as, an open top to allow for flexibility when loading your items. The hard top is made of solid steel and secured into place. These spacious shipping containers will keep your items protected. They are watertight, weather-resistant and vermin-resistant. Your items will stay dry, secure and safe when they are inside a 40’ hard top shipping container from Container Traders. These containers are perfect for anyone who wants to the flexibility of loading items in with a crane but prefer extra stability.

Business Efficiency Improvements

You will find the best brand new 40’ hard top shipping containers at Container Traders. Our shipping containers are competitively prices, made of high quality steel and have the latest features. You will be able to enjoy the convenience of an open top and the durability of a strong hard top once your items are loaded in. These heavy duty shipping containers are ideal for shipping the heaviest and biggest of items!

Part of what makes the 40’ hard top shipping containers so popular is how very versatile they can be. When the hard top is secured into place, the 40’ hard top containers act much like general purpose shipping containers do. The hard top allows the shipping containers to be stacked on top of one another, which creates extra space on a truck, ship or in a warehouse. With the standard doors, you are able to load items in manually or you can remove the top to load items with a crane, whichever you prefer! You can use these handy shipping containers in a variety of ways. They are sturdy and secure and will keep your items protected, no matter if you loaded them in with a crane, forklift or manually!

The 40’ hard top shipping containers from Container Traders are very durable containers. The roof helps to support the structure and keep it protected. Hard top shipping containers cannot be shipped without the roof attached to it. If you do need to ship or store items that are oversized, awkwardly sized or just do not fit into a standard 40’ shipping container, you may not want to purchase a 40’ hard top shipping container but instead invest into a flat rack shipping container.  For extra strength of a hard top roof and the convenience of the open top, you can find the 40’ hard tops very versatile and sturdy.

The Strongest Lid for your Open Top

The 40’ hard top containers allow for you to load content into your shipping container with a crane, which can make increase your workflow and help you keep your business running at a faster rate. The ease of being able to quickly load in items can benefit any business! Additionally, the 40’ hard top containers will stack well on top of one another so in addition to ease, you can maximize space! You will be able to fit more containers on a ship, truck or inside of warehouse when you stack your 40’ hard top shipping containers!

40’ hard top shipping containers are popular because they are so durable but also very versatile. They are some of the most spacious containers available and can easily fit large items in with a crane but they also can be used a general purpose container once the hard top is secured on. If you need to load items in using a forklift or manually, you can do so with the 40’ hard top shipping containers because they have the standard double doors available as well. When you invest in a 40’ hard top shipping container from Container Traders, you are investing in a container that will last you for years to come and that can fit many different needs in your business as the year’s progress! These shipping containers give you both strength and convenience.

Convenience, and Security

Container Trader is proud to offer the most cutting edge containers available on the market. We sell 40’ hard top containers that have the newest features and are top of the line. You can be confident that you are investing in the absolute best shipping container available for your heavy items when you shop at Container Traders! Shipping and storing heavy items can be risky. You do not want to be worried about damage to your valuable goods or harming a crew member if a shipping container is low quality. But the 40’ hard top containers available from Container Traders are truly some of the best and strongest on the market. We also offer competitive prices on all of our shipping containers. We believe in durability and affordability at Container Traders. Your investment will pay off as these shipping containers are meant to last you for your years to come! Container Traders excellent maintains all of our shipping containers and we inspect them for quality assurance before they are delivered to you. We will ensure that your items are completely protected when they are inside a Container Traders shipping container!

Shipping and storing large or heavy items calls for a heavy duty shipping container and that is what you will receive from the 40’ hard top shipping containers at Container Traders. These are some of the strongest containers on the market. A structure made of solid steel, topped with a solid steel roof and security locks, you know you will be storing your items as securely as possible! We sell containers that are brand new and have the latest features, guaranteeing you are getting extra durability. Your business deserves the strongest shipping containers available and the containers from Container Traders are not only strong but convenient! They make it easy to load in heavy items and then you can easily stack your containers to create space.

Load and Unload in the safest- Quickest possible way

You can trust the experts at Container Traders to help you make the right choice for your shipping container. It can be difficult to know which is the best option for you when there are so many to choose from; general purpose containers, flat rack containers, refrigerated containers, high cubes, soft top containers and hard top containers. That is what we are here for. We know shipping containers and we know which ones work best in every situation so we will work with you to determine your exact shipping or storing needs and figure out which shipping container is best for you and your project. After we have determined your best fit, we will show you our wide selection. We offer a wide variety of shipping containers of different sizes and specialties. No matter what you need a shipping container for, you can find the right one at Container Traders with the help of our friendly customer service representatives. Not only do we offer helpful customer service, but we offer fast shipping! With locations around Australia, Containers Traders will be able to quickly deliver your shipping container to your business when it is convenient to you. We will handle the heavy lifting of getting your container to where it needs to be and then you can handle the heavy lifting of using your container!

Container Traders is proud to offer some of the highest quality shipping containers in the country. We combine quality products with exceptional service and unbeatable prices. You can be confident in your choice of shipping containers when you purchase a brand new hard top container from us. They are the strongest and most durable available with the newest features, allowing for convenience and ease of use. The shipping containers available from Container Traders are built too last and they will last your business for years to come. They will keep your items completely secure, no matter what you are using them for. For a spacious and secure shipping container, contact our experts at Container Traders today to find the best hard top shipping container for your business!

Dimensions and Sizing

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