New 40ft Shipping Containers (General Purpose / Standard) For Sale

40ft New Build General Purpose Shipping Containers are a whopping 67 cubic meters of quality, safe, dry, lockable, transportable storage for your personal effects or commercial belongings.

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40ft GP Shipping Containers For Sale

Container Traders stock multiple colours, of high quality 40’ general purpose new build shipping containers.  40’ New Builds having only done a single trip from the factories in China to Australia.

During this trip they suffer minimal to no damage, making them ideal for when your container will be in a high exposure location, or you want a container with no maintenance. 40ft New shipping containers can be used in a number of ways in a variety of different situations. When you are looking for the newest 40ft general purpose shipping containers with the most technologically advanced features, you can find them at Container Traders. We have a wide variety of 40’ general purpose shipping containers for sale that are perfect for residential, professional or commercial use. 40ft general purpose shipping containers can be used for transportation, for storage or for living and working. Depending on whatever your needs are, you can meet them with our brand new 40’ general purpose shipping containers! Container Traders 40’ containers are some of the most spacious and sturdiest shipping containers available on the market. They will help you protect your items during long-term storage or for long-distance shipping. You may even love your 40’ general purpose shipping container so much that you transform it into your home or office. When you purchase a 40ft container from Container Traders, you will find a quality shipping container at an excellent price.

General Purpose Shipping Containers

General purpose shipping containers are widely used today because they are some of the most useful tools in the world. Shipping containers used to only be used to transport good across the ocean or across the land. Shipping containers helped traders and sellers keep their shipments safe and secure while they were out exposed on cargo decks or in the back of tractor trailers. For this reason, they had to be extremely strong, durable and secure. Today, the durability and strength of general purpose containers make them ideal for personal, professional and commercial use. They boast a high level of ease and a high amount of space for holding all types of items, of varying sizes and dimensions. General purpose shipping containers make for excellent investments because they are sure to last. Built with some of the toughest steel, many individuals and businesses reuse their general purpose shipping containers over and over, in a variety of ways! You will love how safe and secure your items are when they are stored inside of a 40’ general purpose shipping container from Container Traders. These top of the line containers are clean, in excellent condition and are very cost effective.

Best Shipping Container

At Container Traders, we are proud to offer the very best shipping containers on the market to our clients. We provide high quality general purpose and specialty shipping containers. Our new 40’ general purpose shipping containers constructed with high quality, strong steel; and come equipped with standard double doors that can open to a full 270 degrees for easy maneuvering and load in and out. We also offer easy to use and durable locks and security features with each of our shipping containers. Container Traders are impervious to the elements. They will stand through winds, they will withstand heavy rains, dust, heat, humidity, rot and decay. Our 40’ general purpose shipping containers will keep out any intruders from your shipping container, whether they are insects, vermin, or humans. These general purpose shipping containers are the strongest on the market. They are extremely spacious, strong and are known as the workhorse of the shipping industry. The 40ft general purpose shipping container is one of the biggest containers available on the market. They are ideal for industrial shipping, commercial use, long term storage or for temporary working and living space. For the biggest storage needs and the toughest shipping problems, you can turn to a Container Traders 40’ general purpose shipping container to solve your problems! These enormous containers can hold many items, large items, bulky items and heavy items and will still have plenty of space to spare! If you are shipping something particularly heavy, moving a large number of items or simply have something extremely awkwardly large that you need to store or ship, turn to the 40’ general purpose shipping container to help you ship or store it with ease! Many individuals and businesses choose 40’ general purpose shipping containers as a long-term storage solution. For example, if you are having renovations or additions done on your home and need to store your persona items or if you are building a home or moving to a new one and need to live in temporary living space, you can use a 40’ general purpose shipping container to hold your items during your transition.

Versatile And Strong

General purpose shipping containers are the most popular and widely used shipping containers available on the market today.  General purpose shipping containers are excellent investments because they are extremely versatile and convenient. There are so many different ways you can use a 40ft general purpose shipping container. They are able to hold any type of product, item or good for personal or professional reasons. Their versatility makes them excellent choices for storing your personal items, like your clothes, antiques, furniture, books and Knick knacks, as well as, storing or shipping business related materials, commercial products, vehicles, machinery, heavy duty tools and other industrial materials. You can store your items in front of your home, near your office or you can ship them across the country using the 40’ general purpose shipping container and it will work excellently in every situation! They are so convenient to use that you may find yourself reusing them in many different ways! Many individuals and families who are making long-distance moves, handling an overflow of items or who need extra space for any reason use general purpose shipping containers for storage and shipping purposes. The general nature of these containers make them convenient to use and access them and store anything you may need. Many families use 40’ general purpose shipping containers as a permanent solution as a garden shed, tool shed or just extra storage on their property. Whether you need to store your motorcycle, lawnmower or you want to ship everything you own, you can use the 40’ shipping container for personal and residential use!

We Build Anything in a Container

Many businesses also prefer to use the 40’ general purpose shipping containers. Often times the 40’ shipping containers can make for excellent temporary office spaces in the event of rapid expansion or renovations of an office building. Some companies end up with excess products, important documents and files or simple too many materials that will not fit in any office so the 40’ shipping containers makes for excellent permanent or temporary storage space. Also, some companies need to ship large items or items in bulk on a regular basis and the 40’ shipping containers can be extremely useful in these situations. Since 40’ containers can be used repeatedly, you can save on shipping materials by reusing a brand new 40ft shipping container from Container Traders.There are many commercial and industrial reasons for using a 40’ general purpose shipping container. If your company ships large items, like construction materials, mining tools or bulky items, you can use a 40’ general purpose shipping container to make shipping easy and convenient. Additionally, if you have long-term jobs that are in harsh weather conditions, you can use a 40’ general purpose shipping container to keep your tools and materials protected while the site is closed. Or if you need office space on the job site, a 40’ general purpose shipping container can act as a temporary office. If you have multiple projects, we highly recommend investing in a 40’ general purpose shipping container so you can reuse it for years!

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Container Traders provides top of the line shipping containers. They are of the highest quality steel and include the latest in security features. Your brand new general purpose shipping container will be from the best of the market and comes at an exceptional price. We value your products, goods and items just as much as you do and that’s why we strive to locate the toughest and most sturdy shipping containers for you. Built to last and undeniably strong, the 40’ shipping containers from Container Traders provide the very best in shipping solutions. Part of our promise to you is to provide cost effective quality shipping containers with excellent customer service. We are shipping experts and we know how stressful shipping and storage can be for those who are not in the business. That’s why we ensure to provide you with the best advice and help you find the best container for your needs. Our friendly sales representatives will work with you to ensure you have the best shipping containers available then our friendly delivery team will provide you with quick and convenient shipping opportunities. Whether you need a storage unit for your personal move or you have to find several large units for shipping bulk goods for your commercial company, we will be able to provide you with the shipping container you need at a great price!

40ft Shipping Container Dimensions and Sizing

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