40ft Used Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

side opening shipping container

Used 40ft Side Open General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale

With the flexibility and versatility of the standard general purpose container, a size that can accommodate just about any storage or shipping need, and the added benefit of full-opening bi-fold side doors, the 40ft Side Open General Purpose Shipping Container is one of the most practical on the market. Whether you’re regularly shipping goods across road, rail or sea, or you simply want an on or off-site storage solution that provides easy access to your belongings, side opening containers are the perfect solution. They’re able to increase productivity, providing highly functional access points and increasing the speed of loading and unloading. They’re also constructed to the same quality as a standard general purpose shipping container, so you’ll be able to rest assured knowing the contents of your container are safe and secure. With lockboxes fitted as standard on both doors, the container provides a safe solution for users seeking an accessible storage or transport solution. Container Traders have a large range of stock available across Australia, so get in touch with one of the friendly team today to find out more.

When to Use a 40ft Side Open General Purpose Shipping Container

40ft Side Open General Purpose Shipping Containers are useful in a number of scenarios. If you need a storage solution that is easily accessible, perhaps at a work site, or on a residential property, then the side opening doors will be an important addition. If you need to regularly access the goods you store, this container is perfect for you. Furthermore, the 40ft Side Opening Container offers immense potential for effective container conversion. With the side doors fully open, you’re able to create a large seating, café, retail or living space. The innovative design means that when you’re done, you can shut the doors and secure your modified container with ease. Another great use for the 40ft Side Opening Shipping Container is within industries where pallets a, cartons and boxes need to be regularly loaded into storage or shipping containers. The side opening doors provide easy access for forklifts and are able to vastly improve efficiency and productivity in the warehouse.

Build and Benefits of 40ft Side Open General Purpose Shipping Containers

All the shipping containers we stock at Container Traders are constructed form the highest quality Corton steel and built to be strong and durable, no matter what conditions they are exposed to. They’re waterproof, wind proof and vermin proof, so wherever you choose to store or ship your goods, rest assured they’ll be safe inside one of our containers. The main benefit associated with the side opening container is the ease of access. With enhanced practicality and functionality, the side opening doors allow you to quickly load and unload your goods, or access goods that you might be storing. It provides a flexible range of alternate uses and it highly beneficial when you choose to convert a container into a living or retail space. Like other containers, they’re also completely portable, so whatever you choose to do with your 40ft Side Opening Container, it can be moved anywhere you need. It should also be mentioned that our range of used containers are significantly cheaper than their brand new relatives. They’re fully inspected before dispatch to ensure the highest quality, however the cost savings will most likely make a large impact on your purchase decision.