New 40 Foot – General Purpose Side Open Shipping Containers For Sale

40′ General Purpose Side Opening Containers are ideal for Pallet Storage via forklifts, and side access of heavy or odd shaped parts/machinery. These units have dual access and are secure with lockable double doors on both the side and rear end. Open Side Containers are one trip brand new shipping containers, the best quality available in Australia.

side opening shipping container

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The big brother of the 20’ side opening containers.

The big brother of the vert common and easily accessible 20’side opening containers. The factories have started anufacturing 40’side opening containers. Engineered to the highest international standards to withstand the rigours of sea life, they are configured to allow the entire 12m side wall to be accessible for loading and unloading of equipment.

For the most space and the most ease, you can find convenient and sturdy 40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers at Container Traders. These containers provide a spacious way to store and ship your items but also allow for easy access and convenient loading and unloading. Side opening shipping containers that allow for both sides to open make for the easy load in and allows for full access into your shipping container.  40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers are useful in a variety of situations such as, long-term storage for families; portable work spaces for businesses, pop-up shops or large shipping needs for industrial companies and international companies. No matter what you need a 40’ side opening shipping container for, you will find the highest quality and latest features in the containers from Container Traders. The 40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers offer spacious and durable containers that will fit everything you need to store and ship and allows you to rearrange, organize or reach your items without having to unload the whole container!

Shipping Containers are incredibly useful and versatile

The more popular shipping containers become, the more innovative they become to be more useful and helpful to businesses and individuals. Side opening shipping containers are one example of innovations in the shipping container industry that is incredibly useful and versatile. Side opening containers are handy if you know you will need to be in and out of your shipping container to access items. They are also helpful in warehouses as you can easily stack boxes and crates with a forklift into a side opening shipping container. The most important thing to remember about 40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers is that while they are handy and versatile, you will need to leave extra space outside of the container to accommodate both doors opening outwards.

The durability and strength of shipping containers make them a popular item among individuals and businesses. They provide a large amount of space for shipping and storing items and with the extra convenience of side opening doors, you can fit oversized or extra-large items that may not fit through the standard doors of a traditional general purpose shipping container. These reliable containers are made too last, allowing you to make the most off of your investment. They are built of high quality steel and can be reused many times over, in many different ways.

Container Traders’ shipping containers are in exceptional condition and very competitively priced. Our high quality open side shipping containers are made of strong steel and come with security features. They each have standard double doors, as well as, doors on one side that open to allow for easy access. 40’ general purpose shipping containers are the workhorse of the shipping industry and they will withstand the harshest of conditions including heavy rains, winds, extreme heat, humidity and intruders. They are weather-proof, water-proof and vermin-proof. These enormous containers will fit almost everything you need to ship and store and with the extra door, loading and unloading your items is incredibly easy and can be done very quickly!

40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers are the biggest containers available

40’ general purpose side opening shipping containers are the biggest containers available and the unique door opening means they fit the biggest of items! If you need to ship or store large pieces of machinery, oversized pipes, construction materials, long coils, ropes and beams, you can do so easily with these containers. Or if you want to store large pieces of furniture, boxes of items and personal items, you can fit everything you need and even more inside these huge containers! For your biggest and toughest shipping and storage problems, turn to Container Traders!

Side opening shipping containers are becoming extremely popular because they can be used in a number of creative and innovative ways. In addition to traditional uses such as long-term renovations or travel; portable offices or shipping large quantities of products to vendors or customers; storage or transport of construction materials or shipping any large items or large amounts of items a very great distance; side opening shipping containers have many more unique uses. Many people are choosing to turn their side opening shipping container into living space, work space or extension of their office, gallery, store or restaurant. With the enormous amount of space provided by 40’ general purpose shipping containers and the ability to easily modify with the addition of side opening doors, they are ideal for creating long-term portable or permanent living and working spaces.

Many individuals and homeowners use 40’ general purpose open side shipping containers as a permanent tool shed, garage, work space or garden shed. With the added doors, they can easily get to their items without stress and the 40’ of storage space, makes them ideal when you are living in small spaces or prefer to maintain a smaller home but want to keep some important items. The general nature of these shipping containers means they can fit a wide variety of items, whether that is boxes of holiday decorations, sporting equipment or vehicles and tools, such a motorcycles, canoes or mowers. The 40’ general purpose open side shipping containers are beloved by individuals because they can continue to access their items. When someone just needs a little bit of extra storage space, shipping containers can be difficult to utilize because with traditional containers, there is only one way in and one way out of the container. This means that what you load in first, will be the last one loaded out and vice versa but with the 40’ general purpose open side shipping container, you can reach items that are located in the back or far corners of your shipping container by accessing them through the side door!

40′ Side Opening Containers allow for lots of storage space

Business owners enjoy using 40’ general purpose open side shipping containers for similar reasons as individual: they allow for lots of storage space but are still easy to access, making them the best of both worlds for long-term storage. For example, if you store old files, financial documents and contracts inside of your 40’ general purpose shipping containers but need to quickly access some of those files for something like an audit, you do not need to spend all day sorting through your shipping container. Many businesses also use general purpose open side shipping containers during special events or trade shows. The open side containers allow them to be easily turned into kiosks, promotional booths and pop-up shops. The diversity of these containers make them excellent investments for a business as you can use them for a pop-up shop one year and later, you can use them to store an excess of products or materials. In both situations, they will offer strong and secure space for your business!

Open side shipping containers are especially useful in warehouses or anywhere that holds large quantities of items. With a 40’ general purpose open shipping, you can easily load cartons or boxes in with a forklift for quick storage. Along with being easy to access, the nature of shipping containers means they are heavy duty and strong so you can load a large number of items and even stack your shipping containers on top of one another to create more space.

40’ general purpose open side shipping containers are also incredibly useful for large companies, industrial shipping and construction projects because they can store and ship large items. The 40’ general purpose open side shipping containers from Container Traders are ideal for shipping large pieces of machinery, heavy construction materials, oversized tools or bulky items. They are incredibly useful to have on hand at construction sites or job sites where you may need to store extra tools or materials or if you wanted to have a portable office on-site. 40’ general purpose open side shipping containers will perform a variety of jobs for your business or on your work site. Made too last, you can reuse them over and over again at different jobs or for different reasons. They are truly a quality investment!

Container Traders are proud to offer high quality 40′ Open Side Containers

Container Traders offers quality to its customers. We are proud to offer the high quality, strongest and most fully-featured shipping containers at a competitive price. We believe in combining durability and security with ease and convenience and that is what you will discover when you invest in a Container Traders shipping container. Our friendly shipping experts will be able to help you identify what is the best shipping container for your needs, whether that be personal or professional. We will be able to help ease the stress of shipping large items or finding long-term storage space. Every shipping container available at Container Traders is made of the highest quality material and is exceptionally well cared for. We also provide fast and efficient delivery and will be able to answer any question you may have about caring for your shipping container, maximizing space in your container or modifying and altering your container.

Dimensions and Sizing

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