40ft Used Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

party in a side open container

Used 40ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale

With all the benefits of a general purpose container, and the added functionality of full bi-fold side doors on each side, the 40ft both side opening general purpose container offers a huge amount of potential for storage, shipping and modification. The 40ft size is incredibly popular for both commercial and residential uses, particularly for large shipments or for the storage of goods in bulk. It provides a huge capacity with enhanced accessibility, so it’s the perfect choice when ease of access is important to you. Container Traders have a large amount of stock Australia wide and we strive for next day dispatch so you’ll never be waiting long for your container to arrive. Get in touch with the helpful team to find out more information or to get a quote today.

When to Use a 40ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Container

Both side opening containers are appropriate for a range of applications, providing a large amount of usable, efficient, open space for storage, transportation or conversion. A growing trend toward container modification has resulted in the 40ft both side opening containers becoming extremely popular for residential and retail purposes. Given the ability to completely open both sides of the container, these units are being used to create spacious and open plan pop-up stores, cafes, granny flats and more. Eliminating the need for removal of walls or the addition of doors, these containers are able to save clients time and money when it comes to converting their container. Like all other containers, they’re also highly useful for the storage of goods, either commercially, in warehouses, or residentially. The 40ft dimensions provide a huge amount of internal capacity, so the container has room for practically anything you want to store. Since they’re constructed on the general purpose container base, they’re highly portable so they’re also very popular for businesses that regularly transport large shipments across road, rail or sea.

Build and Benefits of 40ft Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

Like all containers at Container Traders, the 40ft both side opening general purpose container is constructed from the highest quality materials and is built to last. Made from anti-corrosion steel, the containers are completely weatherproof, wind proof and vermin proof, meaning your goods are efficiently protected inside. Each door is also fitted with a secure lockbox, so when your container is not in use you’ll have peace of mind that the contents are safe. The full bi-fold side doors allow for incredibly easy loading, unloading and accessing of goods whenever you need. Given each side of the container has a set of doors; you can load from both sides simultaneously, or access goods without the need to search through an entire container to find what you’re looking for. Another benefit of this particular container is its used condition. We inspect every container before dispatch to ensure quality and efficiency is maintained. You’ll benefit from cost savings without having to sacrifice quality, what’s not to like?