40ft New Both Side Opening General Purpose Shipping Containers

Open both side shipping containers 20ft

New 40ft Both Side Opening Shipping Containers for Sale

For an efficient and practical storage or shipment solution, look no further than the side opening containers available at Container Traders. Brand new and in impeccable condition, the 40ft both side opening general purpose shipping containers offer a huge amount of potential for residential and commercial needs. Their large capacity and generous proportions let them fit just about anything, and wide openings on both sides allow for easy loading and unloading using any number of methods – from forklifts to manual loading, the fully-opening sides are perfect. When you purchase a brand new container, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your unit will exude quality. Our brand new containers have only completed one trip, and that’s the trip to you. What’s more, we’ve got stock Australia wide and we strive for next day dispatch so you’ll never be waiting long for delivery. Get in touch with the helpful team at Container Traders to find out more or request a quote today.

When to Use a 40ft Both Side Opening Shipping Container

The 40ft both side opening shipping container can be extremely useful in a number of circumstances. They’re highly efficient and have the ability to increase productivity in warehouse and commercial environments. Given their large side openings, they can be easily loaded with goods using multiple forklifts and multiple access points. This means the speed of loading and unloading can be greatly increased. They’re also perfect for shipping because they’re built on standard bases which means they are easily portable and can be transported where and when you need. Another, increasingly popular use for side opening containers is for shipping container modifications and conversions. When clients convert shipping containers for retail purposes, they generally opt for large openings to provide spaciousness. When you choose to use a both side opening container, you eliminate the need for extensive conversion, saving you both time and money when it comes to actually modifying the unit. Similarly, when constructing a container home, growing trends for open plan living call for large spaces with minimal walls, exactly what can be provided by a both side opening shipping container.

Build and Benefits of 40ft Both Side Opening Shipping Containers

The 40ft both side opening shipping container comes with a list of benefits that are bound to impress. Like all our containers, they’re constructed from the highest quality materials and are built to last. When all doors are closed, they’re water and weather proof and completely lockable using secure lockboxes fitted to each access point. They also offer a huge amount of internal capacity for storage and shipment of practically anything. The dimensions of the 40ft container are generous and the capacity is appropriate for even the largest of shipments or warehouse storage requirements. Their footprint is fairly substantial so not all residential sites will be able to accommodate them; however, they’re more than suitable for commercial sites, home moving and more. They’re also built on the standard shipping container base so they’re just as portable as a general purpose container, meaning if you need to move your container you can do so with ease.