40′ Bolster Shipping Containers

40′ New Bolster Flat Rack Shipping Container

When you are needing an economical method to truck heavy, bulky wide and awkward freight, look no further than the 40′ Bolster.

Made to carry up to 30,000 KG anywhere in the world, and manufactured to the highest standard. The Bolster Container is a great Choice.

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Bolster Shipping Containers For Sale

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40′ Bolster

For oversized items that do not need to be covered or protected from the elements but do not fit in standard size shipping containers, there are bolsters.

And we stock bolsters for fast dispatch to you, Australia wide.

Bolsters are the ideal container for these types of items because they can carry large items but are covered. A bolster is a type of flat rack shipping containers which has no ends.

Flat rack shipping containers have a very strong base and have either fixed ends or fold able ends. Flat racks are most useful for shipping long or awkward size items. Bolsters do not have any side or end walls or a roof. Bolsters are ideal for shipping items that need support but can also be open to the elements. Bolsters have a steel frame and a wooden or steel platform where the item is placed on. Container Traders sells durable 40’ bolster shipping containers that are made to ship the largest items.

Container Traders’ 40’ bolster shipping container are built out of Corten steel and come in standard sizes so they can be moved from truck to port to ship easily and efficiently. Bolsters can also be stacked much like general purpose shipping containers can be because they also have corner fittings, which make them easy to store when not in use. Flat rack shipping containers keep your items safe during shipment. The flat rack shipping containers handle the bumps and dips in the road or on the sea and will keep your items protected.

Versatile and Inter modal

Flat rack shipping containers were created because there are many items that did not fit into the standard 20’ or 40’ general purpose shipping containers. Before flat rack shipping containers there was no easy or convenient way to ship items like cars, boats, machinery or heavy materials. Flat rack shipping containers are some of the strongest shipping containers on the market. You can easily ship large and heavy items on a flat rack shipping container or bolsters. The most important thing to remember when shipping an item on a bolster shipping container is that they will not be covered by a roof, top or any sides. Items shipping on bolsters are completely exposed to the elements so ensure that your item can withstand weather and elements before you choose to use a bolster to ship it. Bolster shipping containers from Container Traders were built to handle the biggest and heaviest of shipping cargo.

Why would you need a flat rack shipping container as opposed to an open top shipping container? Open top shipping containers are excellent for carrying heavy loads and loading items in bulk but they cannot be shipped without their top or roof secured on which means when you have oversized items that are extremely tall they will not fit in an open top shipping container. Additionally, open top shipping containers have sides so extra wide items or extra-long items will not fit inside of them. Flat rack and bolster shipping containers were built to handle the widest, longest and biggest of items that needed to be shipped. Bolster shipping containers are ideal for shipping items such as machinery, large pieces of metal or wood, industrial parts, cars, boats or yachts. Flat racks can be used for any oversized item that can be outside!

Stack them for fast return Transport – An operational Dream

Who uses bolster shipping containers? Bolster shipping containers are not used like traditional general purpose shipping containers are often used. Bolster shipping containers are mainly used by the construction industry, industrial shipping, international moving companies, mining companies or logging companies. These industry often use tools and machinery that weigh many tons and bolster shipping containers are ideal for carrying that amount of weight.

Bolster shipping container are very convenient shipping containers to have available because they are easy to stack and store when they are not being used. Since they are a 40’ platform, you can easily stack them in bulk or move them into tight spaces when you are not using them to ship items. If you have bulk shipping needs, you can easily purchase bolster shipping containers in bulk and store them together on top of one another.

Flat rack shipping containers are not often used for storage like general purpose shipping containers however there are creative uses for them, especially the 40’ bolster shipping container. One of the more creative ways individuals have used bolster shipping containers is as a bridge on properties and farms. The bolster shipping container holds heavy items so cars and trucks can safely drive over them if there is a small dip or hole on your property or if you need a temporary bridge because of flooding from a nearby creek, you can use a bolster shipping container to create a temporary bridge. This will save you money from having to construct something more permanent and when you no longer need to use the bridge, you can simply stack the bolsters and pack them away.

Highest Grade of Construction

Container Traders offers the most durable shipping containers available on the market today. The 40’ bolster shipping container are constructed of Corten steel and you have your choice of a steel or wooden platform, depending on your needs. Either wooden or steel platforms can hold heavy items. Container Traders have the highest quality of bolster shipping containers available. It is important to be confident that no matter what you are shipping on your bolster shipping container, that is safe and secure on top of it and you can trust that when you invest in Container Traders shipping containers.

There are many shipping containers available to you on the market today. You may not be sure what type of shipping container you need or which you will want for your business. After all, how do you know if you need a bolster or a collapsible end shipping container? Perhaps you are not even sure if you need an open top shipping container or a flat rack shipping container. Luckily you do not need to know because the knowledgeable team at Container Traders is here to help you choose the right shipping containers for your shipping needs! We will assess your shipping needs, including the size and weight of your items then we will present you what the best type and size shipping container for your shipping needs. After you have chosen the type of shipping container that you would like, you can choose from the wide selection that Container Traders offers. We have every different kind of shipping containers and many options to choose from and we will help you find the best for you and your budget. All of our shipping containers are carefully maintained and inspected for quality before they are sold and delivered. Whether you are purchasing new or second hand, you will be able to rest assured that your shipping container is in perfect condition! After you have chosen your shipping container, we will have it delivered to you! Container Traders has locations all across the country and so we are able to easily and quickly ship your 40’ bolster shipping container wherever you need it delivered! Our team makes it easy to purchase and receive a shipping container. We want to ensure that the entire process is easy and convenient for you! Container Traders believes in durable, high quality shipping containers, as well as, exceptional service and incredible prices. You get the full package from Container Traders and you will able to confident that the shipping containers you have invested in will last you for years to come because we only offer the best shipping containers on the market!

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It is important that you are certain your bolster shipping container is the best on the market. You do not want to risk damage to items or your business by investing in a shipping container that is low quality. Whether you are shipping a cargo load of construction materials, heavy machinery or your personal car to your new home; it is essential that your bolster shipping container is strong, quality and will last you for years! Container Traders is proud to offer the best shipping containers in the entire country! We only sell quality shipping containers and we offer them at every price point so you will be able to find the perfect one for your budget! From our friendly sales representatives to our incredible products, excellent price points and easy shipping, we take the hassle out of shipping large items. For the toughest of shipping containers at the best prices, you can trust Container Traders. When you are looking for the best way to ship your heavy, large and oversized items, you can turn to the experts at Container Traders. Our 40’ bolster shipping container can meet the toughest of shipping needs. Strong enough to hold the biggest of yachts and easy enough to stack and store in a closet when the job is done, these containers are truly one of a kind. Contact the experts at Shipping Containers today to learn more about our 40’ bolster shipping containers!

Dimensions and Sizing

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