New 40 Foot – Flat Rack Containers Fixed End with Timber Floor For Sale

 40′ Fixed End Flat Racks

Forking or craning your oversized, bulky goods is easy with Flat rack Shipping Containers.

Great for intermodal transport. Built to handle extremely heavy goods.

There is primarily an unbreakable base, and the added flexibility of end walls that can remain fixed, or fold down.

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40′ Fixed End Flat Racks

Need to fork or crane load oversized, really heavy items for inter modal transport?

You should strongly consider Container Traders flat racks.

There is primarily an unbreakable base, with the flexibility of end walls that can remain fixed, or fold down.

There are three different types of flat rack shipping containers: fixed end flat racks, collapsible end flat racks and bolsters. The fixed end flat rack shipping containers have a strong base or platform and then have two fixed end walls but no side walls. They are meant to carry very wide or tall items easily. The fixed end flat rack shipping containers do not have any roof or tops so they do not protect your items from the elements like general purpose shipping containers however they do make it easy to ship extra-large items. Container Traders offers 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers at excellent prices.

Strong and Stackable

Container Traders shipping containers are some of the sturdiest on the market. The two fixed end walls are made of strong Corten steel and the platform is made of either steel or wood. The 40’ fixed end flat racks can be stacked on top of one another which is convenient if you are shipping a few different items and need multiple fixed end flat racks. The fixed end flat rack shipping containers from Container Traders do not have a roof or top and your items are exposed to the elements and weather but they will keep your items secure during transport. They make a big job incredibly easy.

Before flat rack shipping containers, it was impossible to ship large items. You could not easily ship a boat or car; industrial materials or heavy machinery. The innovation of the flat rack shipping container is truly an amazing one. It has opened up the way for many industries to easily ship and move items. It’s also made international moves and purchasing large items from the other side of the country, like a boat, extremely easy. Fixed end flat rack shipping items ship many large or awkward sized items such as yachts, large pieces of metal, oversized cables and mining materials. These sturdy shipping containers can be stacked on top of one another as well so when you are not shipping extremely tall items you can easily ship even more items on a ship or truck, maximizing space but stacking the fixed end flat rack shipping containers.

Empty Nest them to save space

40’ flat rack shipping containers are ideal for construction and mining industries. These industries often need to move large items such as machinery, heavy logs, industrial parts, oversized cables or steel coils and the 40’ flat rack shipping containers are ideal for this type of shipping! They are also extremely useful for moving companies which often have to move large items like boats and yachts or cars and trucks for individuals who are moving across the country or need their items shipped to them. The fixed flat rack shipping containers can hold an extremely heavy amount of weight in a very small area. The durable nature of the 40’ flat rack shipping containers make them the workhorse of the shipping container industry!

The biggest and heaviest of items are ideal for the 40’ fixed flat rack shipping containers. Because they do not have side walls, they will fit wide load items. These items cannot fit into a general purpose container because of the walls but they are ideal for the 40’ fixed flat rack shipping container. Because there are no side walls and no roof, it is very important that whatever you choose to ship in your 40’ flat rack shipping container can handle the weather and the elements. Being shipping in a flat rack means they will be exposed to wind, rain, dirt, dust and insects. So while they may not be ideal for every shipping situation, it is certainly helpful in those situations when you have a large or heavy items that can withstand the weather.

40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers can also maximise space as they can be stacked on top of one another. This can be helpful if you need to ship more than one flat rack on a truck, train or ship. All you need to do is pack each fixed end flat rack shipping container and as long as the loads are wider and not taller, you will be able to stack the containers on top of one another to maximise space. If you are frequently shipping large, wide and heavy items, you may want to purchase the 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers in bulk. They will easily stack and you can transport even more items quite easily. When you are constantly moving between job sites or hauling items across the country, you would want these 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers to do the heavy work for you and make your job easier!

Maximise your Transport Efficiency

Container Traders is known to sell the most durable and toughest shipping containers in all of Australia. The 40’ end fixed end flat rack shipping containers sold from Container Traders are the strongest on the market. They were built with heavy duty Corten steel and can handle the heaviest of cargo loads. We believe in high quality at Container Traders and we maintain all of our shipping containers so they are in exceptional condition. When they arrive at your door, you can rest assured they are pristine and ready to protect your items during shipment! With Container Traders and our durable 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping container, you do not need to be stressed over shipping your extra large or bulky items ever again! We make shipping heavy items easy by offering the strongest and biggest shipping containers on the market!

Shipping heavy items is a big job, both literally and figuratively. It is so important that you are completely confident in your shipping container and it’s ability to protect your items and keep them secure. Container Traders are experts in durable shipping containers and our team of excellent customer service representatives will be able to help you find the best shipping container to fit your needs. There are many different types and sizes of shipping containers available to you today. It can be difficult to know what you may need for your shipping needs. Do you need an open top shipping container or a flat rack shipping container? Do you need a bolster or fixed end flat rack? It can be quite overwhelming with all of the options! Luckily our team is here to help. We will carefully assess every single one of your shipping needs and then present you with the best shipping solutions for you. We have a wide variety of shipping containers that are in excellent condition and can fit any budget! Each and every single one of our shipping containers is built to last and made of the high quality steel with the latest features. We have a variety of new and used so we can find the perfect shipping container for your budget! You will be able to be confident in the knowledge that whatever shipping container type or size you purchase from Container Traders, it will meet all of your shipping needs. And of course, once you have purchased your shipping container, we will make sure it gets to you quickly! Our excellent delivery team will deliver your shipping container straight to your door and help you place it where you need it! We have located all over Australia and are able to provide fast and efficient delivery no matter where you are located. Container Traders believes in making the shipping process easy. We want everything from choosing your shipping container to maintaining it to be stress free for you and we will help you every step of the way! We are here to answer any questions you may have about your shipping container, how to best pack it, store it or maintain it. We are proud to offer quality shipping containers and quality customer service, along with unbeatable prices! You will never need to look for another place to purchase shipping containers again when you shop at Container Traders, the leading seller of shipping containers in Australia!

It has never been easier to ship and store large items than it is with our 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers! Container Traders sells the strongest, most durable and long lasting 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping containers on the market! They will be able to handle the heaviest and bulkiest of loads, whether you are shipping your yacht across the country or need to haul tons of logs from a work site. Trust Container Traders to find the best shipping container for you. Contact our incredible customer service representatives today to discover how Container Traders can provide you with an incredible, fully-featured 40’ fixed end flat rack shipping container today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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