30ft General Purpose Shipping Containers for Sale

Why use a 30ft General Purpose Shipping Container?

We doubt it’ll be news to you when we say that a shipping container can be a fairly large and substantial addition to any site. Particularly when you’re planning to use any of the larger size variations we offer, shipping containers can sometimes become quite overwhelming. If you’re looking for more storage than is provided by the 20ft (6m) shipping containers, but you don’t have the space for a 40ft (12m) shipping container on your site, the 30ft general purpose shipping container can help.

Container Traders offer shipping containers in a less common, 30ft format. In fact, due to the method of construction used to create these 30ft variations, the containers can be built at any length between 20 and 40 feet (6 and 12 metres). This option is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra room for their goods, without the luxury of unlimited space on their site. The bespoke (or pre-determined 30ft) customisations give you full control over container size meaning you can create the most efficient container for your needs.

What is a 30ft General Purpose Shipping Container Good For?

30ft shipping containers are perfect for a plethora of uses. Whether you simply need to store personal goods such as books, toys, paperwork or memorabilia on your residential site, or you’re planning to use the container for shipping stock, storing small vehicles and carrying industrial equipment, the 30ft container can get the job done. They’re also great for further modification into generously sized rooms for the creation of living or work spaces – the possibilities are endless.

How is a 30ft General Purpose Shipping Container Made?

At its core, a 30ft shipping container is a cut-down 40ft container. Our team of modifiers take a traditional 40ft container as a base and trim it to the desired size. Whether it’s 30ft or not, the container is cut, and the doors are reattached and secured to create a brand-new container. Despite undergoing a fairly substantial modification, the 30ft containers we supply to customers are guaranteed to be as durable and robust as their non-modified counterparts. They’re wind proof, waterproof and weatherproof and are completely safe when the provided lockbox is in use.

How Big is a 30ft General Purpose Shipping Container?

30ft General Purpose shipping containers come in standard measurements, however, due to the nature of their construction, can be fully customised. The standard external measurements are: 30ft (9.144m) long, 8ft (2.438m) wide and 8.5ft (2.592m) high. The standard internal measurements are: 29.6ft (9.027m) long, 7.7ft (2.352m) wide and 7.7 (2.352m) high.

Get in Touch

Container Traders offer 30ft containers in used condition only. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll receive a container that is quality assured and ready for use – rest assured you won’t be disappointed. The 30ft shipping container is the perfect middle point for anybody who may be limited by space and left desiring impressive storage potential. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our 30ft container range.

More FAQs about Shipping Containers

Buying the right size Shipping Container

Container Traders have a experienced and friendly team to assist with your queries for buying the right container for your storage needs, our team pride ourselves on being industry experienced. The Traders Team will ask you, what size do you require? If you are unsure, we will discuss what your storing in the container, perhaps the dimensions of the items, the period of time you require storage and a few more things. We will then be able to assess and assist what size it is you may require for your storage!

Delivery of your Shipping Container

When buying your Shipping Container, it is important you have ensured the truck that will deliver your container will have sufficient space on the property. We have tilt trays, side-loaders, hi-ab trucks and flat beds available. A tilt tray requires a minimum of 3 metres in width for access, so make sure your gate, or posts or driveway has this width. Upon entry a the container will usually sit on the truck at approx. 4m in height.. so check to see there are no overhanging branches, or cables that will stop delivery.

Need to replace a garage or shed?

Shipping Containers are a perfect solution for farm equipment, the shed tools, dirt bikes and cars. A Shipping Container is a non permanent structure on your property. Which for long term (or short term) storage is a perfect option in case you decide to move home!

Shipping Containers in the community

Shipping Containers are a popular choice in the domestic market for storage solutions. A Shipping Container can be delivered to your suburban property with ease using our efficient trucking options. Shipping Containers are used commonly for storage, however if you look a little closer in the local community you will also find Shipping Containers are now being created for cafes, bars, and homes.

Have you thought of a shipping container for your local sports club?

Shipping Containers are durable and made from corton steel. A Shipping Container is completely weatherproof, which will protect all sporting equipment for your local club.  A Shipping Container can also be supplied with a lockbox. A Lockbox is a steel box welded on the shipping container doors to ensure that no theft will ensure via the double container doors. This not only shows you a Shipping Containers are durable, but they are secure too!

Why buy a Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers have double opening container doors, with 2 bar locking mechinisms. The doors are tried and tested before they leave the depot and port. This ensures that opening and closing your storage container will be at ease. The Containers are guaranteed to be vermin and water proof! Your storage needs to be locked up and kept safe, and dry.. a Shipping Container is the best solution for this!

How are Shipping Containers economical?

Shipping Containers are a cost effective option for storage your equipment, furniture, commercial belongings and industrial tools. They are relocatable, and 100% recyclable.