20 Foot Soft Open Top Shipping Containers – New

Open Top Containers

The Open Top operates like a happy medium between the general storage container and the flat rack.

You can crane load bulky goods in the top, and close the lid for a water transport options

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Open the top- Load- and take anywhere in the entire World

Open top shipping containers are the best solution for shipping and storing items that are heavy or oversized and can only be moved with machinery. Some items are too large to fit through standard doors or they are too heavy to be carried through standard doors and the shipping industry has evolved to help solve that problem with open top shipping containers. As the name indicates, open top shipping containers have an open top which allows for items to be loaded in using a crane. The items are then secured when a top or roof is put on top of the container. Open top containers have two options for tops: soft tops and hard tops. Hard tops are usually made of steel and placed on with a crane. Soft tops are made of durable tarpaulin and are secured on with detachable bows on the side of the container. Container Traders sells excellent high quality soft top shipping containers to help ship and store your heavy and oversized items.

The new 20’ soft top shipping containers available at Container Traders are made of strong steel, have sturdy plywood floors and are equipped with the standard double doors to give you flexibility for how you want to load in your items. Each 20’ soft top shipping containers also comes with detachable bows that can attach to the sides of the container and weather resistant PVC tarpaulins. When the tarpaulins are on top of the container, they protect your items from wind, rain, animals and any harsh weather. They are very secure but can be easily and quickly removed for when you need quick access to your items. The new 20’ soft top shipping containers from Container Traders are very durable and will keep your heaviest of cargo protected and secure.

Competitive Prices

Container Traders offers competitive prices on our brand new 20’ soft top shipping container. These sturdy containers will last you for decades and are an excellent investment for your business if you often ship or store large items such as heavy machinery, mining equipment, logs, construction materials, cables or pipes. Soft top shipping containers make it incredibly easy to ship and store large items such as these.

The soft top shipping containers from Container Traders are just as secure and protected as general purpose shipping containers. The soft top is made of strong tarpaulin which is weather resistant and water resistant. It is secured on with sturdy bows on either side of the container and it will not move and it will help keep you contents in place. For extra security, you may opt for a hard top option but it is not necessary as the tarpaulin is very strong. When the top is secure, the soft top shipping container is just as sturdy as a traditional general purpose container. When the top is in place, the soft top containers act much like general purpose shipping containers. You can load items through the standard doors manually or with a forklift if you prefer not to load items in with a crane from above. This makes these soft top shipping containers very versatile.

Water Tight

Soft top shipping containers do not stay open during transport. The soft top tarpaulin roof contributes to the sturdy structure of the container and it must be in place to ship the container. So while soft top containers are very useful, they do not always fit extremely large and oversized items. For items that do not fit into a standard size, we recommend the flat rack shipping container. But for items that are large and can be covered, we recommend the soft top shipping container as they will allow for convenience of loading in with a crane but will also keep your items secure and protected.

Soft top shipping containers are most often used on construction sites, mining sites, in warehouses or when clearing and hauling debris. With soft top shipping containers, you can easily use a crane to load and unload your container, which will make for faster work. Once the containers are full and the top has been secured on, you can stack the soft top shipping containers much like you stack general purpose containers. This way you can create more space in a warehouse, on a truck or in a ship when using soft top shipping containers.

Many businesses invest in 20’ soft top shipping containers because they are versatile. They are very convenient for loading items. You can choose to load in overhead with a crane or you can choose to load in through the standard double doors with a forklift. Both options make loading and unloading your soft top shipping container very easy and quick. The tarpaulin can also be easily removed, which makes for quick access should you need to get to your contents right away. However, once you have attached the tarpaulins with the bows and secured the top into place, the soft top shipping containers act just like general purpose containers where you can use the standard doors to access your items. You can maximize space with these 20’ soft top containers by stacking them on top of each other. These shipping containers were built to last and you can use them in many different ways over the years. They are strong and convenient!

We understand the importance of keeping you moving

Container Traders offers the latest in shipping containers with our brand new 20’ soft top shipping containers. Our containers are some of the strongest on the market. They come from leading brands, have the latest security features are designed to last for decades. When you invest in a soft top container from Container Traders, you can rest assured that you are investing in the highest quality container that will keep your items secure while they are in transport or storage. We understand the importance of having high quality containers for your business. You want your containers to last for year through a variety of projects and jobs. These cost effective solutions are extremely popular because they can be used over and over with little sign of wear and tear or damage. We offer these shipping containers at unbeatable prices and each one undergoes an inspection for quality control before they are sold and delivered. Our expert team of customer service representatives ensure that every shipping container we have available is completely strong, sturdy and secure so that you can remain completely confident that your items and your crew are protected. It is important to be completely certain that your containers will be able to hold the heaviest of cargo loads and are of the strongest durability and it’s essential that you find the best, strongest and most durable containers available. Purchase a soft top shipping container from Container Traders and you know you are getting the highest quality available!

Fast Delivery

There are many different types of shipping container available these days and it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best for you. You may be unsure if you need an open top shipping container or a flat rack shipping container. You may be uncertain which height you need or if you only need a general purpose container. You may not know which is better the soft top or the hard top. When investing in a shipping container, you want to be certain it will fit all of your shipping and storage needs and that is why our excellent customer service representatives are here to help you! At Container Traders, we believe in quality service and we will help you assess your shipping or storage needs and determine the best model and size shipping container for you. Then we will present you with a wide selection of options at affordable prices. We will be able to advise you on how to make the best use of your shipping container and maintain it so that it lasts for decades! Once you have chosen the best shipping container for your business, we will provide fast delivery to your business! Container Traders has locations across the country and no matter where you are located, we will be able to deliver your new soft top shipping container quickly and conveniently. The process of finding an excellent shipping container is incredibly easy with us! At Container Traders, you will find great products and great service.

If you are purchasing a soft top shipping container for your business, you know how important it is to find one that is strong, durable, secure and will keep your materials secure and is convenient for your team to unload, load and move around. That is what you will find with the brand new soft top shipping containers from Container Traders! Our brand new containers have the most cutting edge technology for strength and ease of use. They have sophisticated security locks and the strongest steel. Not only do we offer high quality, we offer amazing prices. We sell competitively priced, well made shipping containers that can meet every shipping and storing need you may have at Container Traders.

Dimensions and Sizing

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