Used 20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers

20ft Used Refrigerated Shipping Containers are the most common Refrigerated Shipping Container in Australia. Shipping Containers are great because they are a recyclable and economical storage solution. Australian businesses, both commercial and industrial are commonly using Refrigerated Shipping Containers to keep their goods stored at set temperature ranges.

Price Ranges for 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers

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Used 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

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Refrigerated Shipping containers are the perfect choice

If you need to chill or freeze volumes of stock or materials in a safe lockable, robust, transportable structure. Container Traders refrigerated containers are powered by 3 phase, can be set to hold temperatures from -20ºC to +20ºC and can be pre-tripped set at your desired temperature and delivered to you within 24 – 48 hours of you reading this!

One of the most innovative solutions to be created is the general purpose refrigerated shipping container. General purpose refrigerated shipping containers allow you to transport and store anything that requires temperature control. For example, when you ship or store foods like meats, cheeses, dairy, seafood, you must have a refrigerated container so you can keep your items fresh. Container Traders offers the best second hand refrigerated shipping containers to help you maintain temperature controlled items easily and conveniently.

Trusted Brands at the best prices

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If you are shipping or storing perishable items, quality refrigeration is of upmost importance. That is why it’s essential you work with a company that stands for quality. Container Traders offers the best shipping and storage solution in Australia. We pride ourselves on the safety and security and strength of our shipping containers. We know how important it is that you are absolutely certain your general purpose refrigerated shipping container is performing at one hundred percent capacity and we always ensure quality of our shipping containers. Our handy 20’ used general purpose refrigerated shipping containers come with the guarantee of exceptional quality and you’ll find them at unbelievable costs.

Built to last

All Refrigerated Containers feature corrosion resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel exterior, a three coat paint system and smooth high grade Stainless Steel inner linings and aluminium scuff plates. The interior floor is an insulated base with aluminium “T” section floor rail and corrugation subfloor. Our general purpose refrigerated containers are very strong and made to withstand tough weather and long transports. These durable refrigerated containers will be able to keep your items cold and protected, no matter how far they are being transported or how long they need to be stored.

20ft Reefer Interior

Inside a 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers

The refrigerated containers from Container Traders provide the most technologically advanced temperature control solutions. They have precise temperature control and low power consumption. Container Traders ensures that the used 20’ refrigerated shipping containers are maintained to their high standards and we quality check each one before delivering it. Refrigerated containers require a power source or generator on the truck or ship to keep the container cool. At the dock, the container is plugged into the dock power supply and on the ship, power comes from either the ship’s power supply or a power pack, which is run by a diesel generator. If a refrigerated container is being shipped by rail, power is supplied by a generator. The 20’ general purpose refrigerated containers are built to be easily transported and can be stacked on top of one another, making them ideal for multiple projects, events or multiple shipments. They are made of heavy duty steel on the outside and stainless steel floors on the inside. Our 20’ general purpose refrigerated shipping container have standard 3 phase power and the temperature ranges from -20 degrees to 20 degrees. Container Traders refrigerated containers are extremely durable and made to last through harsh weather and long journeys. Made to last and incredibly durable, the 20’ refrigerated shipping are sure to meet all of your refrigerated container needs for years to come!

Industry Uses

General purpose refrigerated containers are used in a variety of industries and for many different reasons. Restaurants often need refrigerated containers during peak season when they need extra storage capacity. Grocery and food stores often require temporary cold storage during peak seasons as well. General purpose refrigerated containers are ideal for businesses and companies with high and lows season. When you need to keep extra items cold during busy seasons, you can use your 20’ general purpose refrigerated shipping container and save money on having to expand your store or have a permanent cold storage room conducted. When the high season is over and you may want to cut costs on electricity, you can switch your refrigerated container off saving energy costs. Many stores may need to ship refrigerated items like foods, plants or flowers to partner stores or their clients and would use a refrigerated container to keep those items cool and fresh during transport.

Event planners and special event companies often use general purpose refrigerated containers when they have events that are being hosted outside of a building such as on a beach, in the mountains or in the country. The 20’ general purpose refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders are portable and extremely handy so they are easy to move from event to event. Event coordinators trust the best refrigerated containers from Container Traders to keep items cool and fresh before and during events.

General purpose refrigerated containers are also often used on work sites like mining sites, construction sites, film sites, festival sites or other job sites; any portable refrigeration is needed. They can keep food cold or help protect anything that is sensitive to temperature. Refrigerated containers are cost effective and easy alternatives to have an entire cold-room constructed and because they are portable, they can be used in a variety of different situations.

Packing your container…

No matter what you need a refrigerated container for, it is important to keep some things into consideration for the best results. Correct packing can be crucial. For the best success with your 20’ general purpose refrigerated container, items should be pre-chilled or frozen when they are loaded. They should be packed carefully to ensure ventilation and prevent slippage. Different goods often have different requirements so they may require different packing and loading methods. Ensuring that your container is correctly and professional loaded will help maintain the quality of your refrigerated goods during storage or transport.

Refrigerated containers are a cost effective solution to keeping items cold and purchasing a second hand refrigerated container from Container Traders ensures that you are getting the most for your hard-earned money. We stand for quality containers, whether they are used or brand new, so you can ensure you are getting an excellently maintained and well run shipping container. However, you’ll receive it at a fraction of the cost of a brand new shipping container! We will ensure that any technology is still functioning properly and will keep your items cool, just as it would have when your refrigerated container was brand new! Each of our shipping containers, whether they are used or brand new, comes from a leading brand, and they are all excellently maintained and cared for. Our team of experts are careful to inspect and check each and every single one of our shipping containers for quality assurance. Nothing gets past their expert eyes! When you invest in a general purpose refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders, you can rest assured that our experts will ensure that we are only providing the highest quality and best working shipping containers available.

Cold and Fresh

It is absolutely essential when shipping perishable items that you are sure they will remain cold and fresh. You do not want to risk ruining an event, spoiling a delivery, hurting a project or causing harm to your employees, your customers or your guests by not being certain that your refrigerated shipping container will stay cool. Container Traders makes sure their used general purpose refrigerated shipping containers are maintained to the highest standards. Our containers come from the leading brands and we check them 24-48 hours before delivery to ensure they are working properly and are in the best condition possible!

Quality Assurance

Our team of experts will be able to help you learn about your new 20’ general purpose refrigerated shipping container. We will walk you through best practices for using your refrigerated container, caring for and loading and unloading it so that your items remain fresh and protected while they are in transport. We will show you how to set the temperature, change the temperature, clean and care for your refrigerated container. We also provide fast and efficient delivery of your general purpose shipping container. If you realize you need a general purpose shipping container quickly to keep items from spoiling or being ruined, contact Container Traders and we will work with you to provide the fastest delivery so that you do not risk spoiling food or plants and losing out on money. We can help take the stress out of the situation and provide you with an excellent well cared for general purpose refrigerated shipping container that we will deliver to you quickly and efficiently.

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Container Traders takes the stress out of shipping and storing. We promise quality service with quality products at incredible prices. Our shipping containers combine durability and strength with convenience and ease of use. They are the safest containers on the market and they are the easiest to maneuver and move around. We are proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced refrigerated shipping containers available. You will find keeping your items cool and fresh so easy when you invest in a Container Traders 20’ general purpose refrigerated shipping container!

Dimensions and Sizing

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