New 20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers

NEW 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers forsale

If you have questions about Refrigerated Containers, we have the answers! New Refrigerated Shipping Containers (or “Reefers” as they are referred to in the industry), are used for keeping your goods stored at a set temperature. A New Shipping Container is a one trip unit, the best quality of Container you can buy in Australia. All the machinery will be brand new, giving you a guarantee of the highest quality. Reefers have a temperature range of +25 degrees down to -25 Degrees and operate using 3 phase power.

 – Now with 6 MONTHS WARRANTY! AND Ongoing Technician Support –

Looking for a USED 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container?

Outside of a 20 foot Refrigerated Container

redtickControlled Temperature (from -25 C to +25 C)
redtickBrand New - One Trip Unit
redtickHighest Quality Machinery
redtickOperational and Lockable Doors
redtickEconomical Running Equipment
redtickEasily Transportable
redtick100% Weatherproof
redtickDelivery Australia Wide
redtickAustralia Owned and Operated

New 20ft Refrigerated (GP) Shipping Containers for sale

The brand new Refrigerated Shipping Containers are state of the art. If you need something strong, secure and robust, and want the peace of mind of knowing the container is brand new, our team can assist you with orders of any quantity; from 1 container to 100+ containers. They are the perfect onsite storage solution for keeping goods stored at a controlled temperature!

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The domestic refrigerated containers come with a 10m cord to connect to a 415v, 32amp power outlet on a generator, using a 4 or 5 pin connection. They will use 18amps on initial startup, then 8amps while running. With a general purpose refrigerated shipping containers you are able to transport and store anything that requires temperature control as the container is able to stay cool through the 3 Phase power source.  Container Traders offers the newest refrigerated shipping containers on the market to help you store, ship and maintain temperature controlled items with ease – the temperature ranges from -25 degrees to 20 degrees.

20ft NEW Refrigerated Shipping Containers 20GP-reefer2

The Best Brands, at the Best Prices

Container Traders only supply the best quality brands to Australia – Daikin, Carrier, ThermoKing & Mitsubishi Electric, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the container. Commonly known as reefers, refrigerated containers were originally designed to ship temperature regulated items across long distances on ships or by rail. Many of the items you find in grocery stores or specialty food stores are shipped to their respective stores in refrigerated containers. In addition to being used for large companies and grocery stores, 20 ft general purpose refrigerated containers are becoming more and more popular with small businesses, because of how convenient and practical they are, in a variety of situations. They are the most practical way to safely transport meats, cheeses, dairy, seafood, fruits, flowers, vegetables and other foods.

Container Traders offers the most technologically advanced, fully featured refrigerated containers on the market. Our refrigerated containers will provide you with precise temperature control. Container Traders specialise in high quality shipping containers and you will never have to be concerned about your items going bad or spoiling when they are shipped or stored in 20 ft refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders! The 20’ general purpose refrigerated containers can be easily shipped and moved and they can safely stack on top of one another. The portable nature of these 20’ general purpose refrigerated containers makes them a perfect solution for long-term use or for using for several projects or events or multiple shipments. Container Traders refrigerated containers are made of heavy duty steel on the outside and stainless steel floors on the inside. They have the standard 3 phase power and the temperature ranges from -25 degrees to 20 degrees.

Inside View & Materials

All Refrigerated Containers feature corrosion resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel exterior, a three coat paint system and smooth high grade Stainless Steel inner linings and aluminium scuff plates. The interior floor is an insulated base with aluminum “T” section floor rail and corrugation subfloor. Our general purpose refrigerated containers are very strong and made to withstand tough weather and long transports. These durable refrigerated containers will be able to keep your items cold and protected, no matter how far they are being transported or how long they need to be stored.

Reefer Interior

Store your perishables with security

General purpose refrigerated containers are widely used across many different industries and in a multitude of situations. Food stores, grocery story and restaurants may have a need for refrigerated shipping containers during busy or peak seasons. When they need extra storage because they need to keep extra products because they are expecting an increase in sales, they can use general purpose refrigerated containers. Using a 20’ general purpose shipping container can help a business save money on having to expand the store or construct permanent cold storage room. And when peak season ends and your product needs return to normal, you can simply power down your refrigerated container and save energy costs. Additionally large stores or chains will use refrigerated containers to safely ship cold-stored products to other locations.

Have you got an event – or need cold storage On-Site?

General purpose refrigerated containers are also widely used in the event market. Many special event companies invest in general purpose refrigerated containers for events that are hosted outdoors, such as a beach wedding or festival in the mountains. The 20 ft general purpose refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders are easy to move and transport from event to event. You can prep in one area and transport all the food directly to the event, keeping it cool and ready to heat and serve.

The construction and mining industries have long known the benefits of having cold storage shipping container on site. For long projects or jobs, it can be helpful to use a refrigerated shipping container to keep food cold or have a temperature controlled area for storing tools any other materials. In addition the construction and mining industries, general purpose refrigerated containers are now used on film sites, festival sites or other job sites and any portable refrigeration is needed. Refrigerated containers are very convenient and cost effective ways to keep things cold while you are outdoors or away from electricity.

Easy and quiet to operate

It’s incredibly important that you are completely confident in your refrigerated container and its ability to keep your items cold. There are some best practices to help your 20’ general purpose refrigerated container do its job to the best of its abilities. It’s important that your items are pre-chilled or frozen when they are loaded into your container. They also should be carefully packed so they are well ventilated and will not slip or fall while in transport. Your packing and loading methods may depend on what you are shipping and storing but being certain that your refrigerated container is correctly loaded can help ensure the quality of your contents during shipping or storage.

Container Traders stands for high quality with excellent prices. We provide cost effective solutions to keeping your items cold in transit. You can be certain that you are investing in a high quality and well maintained shipping container when you invest in a Container Traders shipping container! Our shipping containers come from the leading brands and have the newest features and technology. Our team of shipping experts perform inspections on each of our refrigerated shipping containers to ensure quality assurance before they are delivered to you! You know that your refrigerated container will be delivered in its best condition! For a high quality, top of the line general purpose refrigerated shipping container, shop with the leading shipping container supplier in the industry. Our containers are the very best in the business and they are available at excellent prices.

The Latest Technology in manufacturing

When shipping and storing perishable items, you want to be completely certain that your refrigerated container works perfectly. You cannot take any chances on spoiling your goods, harming your guests or ruining an event but not storing shipping your perishable items in the highest quality refrigerated shipping container available on the market. The general purpose refrigerated shipping containers from Container Traders are the newest on the market and maintained to the highest standards before they are sold. We take away any stress that may come with shipping perishable foods by quality checking each and every single of our our shipping containers before delivery!

You need to know you are working with a trustworthy company that prides itself on quality products and exceptional service. When you ship or store perishable items, you need to be positive that you are using a quality refrigeration container and that is what we always provide! Container Traders is one of the leading provider of shipping containers in the country. Our goal is to provide the strongest, safest and most secure shipping and storage containers in all of Australia. From our team of friendly shipping experts who will help you find the right shipping container for your needs to our fast and efficient delivery team and finally, a quality product that is sure to last, you will love shopping with Container Traders.

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At Container Traders, we make the process of finding and purchasing a shipping container easy and convenient for you. We will help you find the best container for you and we will provide you with the best tips for using your refrigerated container so your items remain fresh and unspoiled. We will instruct you on how to set the temperature, properly pack your container and we will show you how to maintain your shipping container between shipments and storage so it lasts and provides expert quality no matter how many times you use it!

Additionally, we provide fast delivery of your general purpose shipping container. In the case of emergency, contact our shipping experts. We have location around the country and will be able to help you achieve cool storage quickly in case your refrigerated unit breaks or you receive extra product that you do not want to spoil. You will rest assured knowing the leading shipping experts in Australia are handling your shipping needs

Container Traders combines durable and convenient products, durable containers, excellent service and amazing prices for a one of a kind shipping container experience. We are proud to offer the newest and most advanced shipping containers available on the market and we are proud to provide them with amazing customer service. Whether you are planning a wedding, need to hold extra product for your cafe or just need to ship items to a vendor, you will be able to do so with our 20’ refrigerated shipping containers!

Dimensions and Sizing

Click here to view the detailed dimensions of a 20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Container.