20ft Refrigerated Non Operational High Cube Shipping Containers

20ft Insulated Non Operational High Cube Shipping Containers

Great for storing just about anything. But ideal for items that require passive protection from the extreme Australian temperatures. Delivery can be arranged Australia Wide, so get in touch. We would love to help 1300 89 89 70.

redtickPassive temperature control to protect contents.
redtickHigh cube format offers enhanced storage.
redtickGuaranteed quality, perfectly maintained.
redtickDelivery Australia-wide, next day dispatch.
redtickRefurbishment options before delivery.

Used 20ft Insulated (Non-Operational) High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale

Insulated, or non-operational, shipping containers are passively temperature controlled units that are perfect for storing or transporting items best kept in an environment of moderate ambient temperature. They are able to keep goods cooler during warmer periods and warmer during colder periods, however, this process is not actively completed – i.e. there is no power required. Insulated containers are ex-refrigerated containers that have been decommissioned, and their active refrigeration components removed. The high cube format increases your internal storage space, without increasing overall footprint, meaning extra room for your goods or extra spacious living and work areas. Container Traders have a huge range of stock right across Australia. We strive for next day dispatch so you’ll never be waiting long for your container – get in touch with our friendly team to get more information or request a quote today.

When should you use a 20ft Insulated (Non-Operational) High Cube Shipping Container?

Perfect for the storage of goods that, unlike their counterparts placed in refrigerated containers, do not require mechanical refrigeration, non-operational high cube containers can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re able to effectively and safely store items such as cars, collectibles, important documents, wine, leather and artwork can all benefit greatly from passive temperature management. Large fluctuations can cause these items to spoil, so insulated containers offer an unbeatable layer of protection, security and peace of mind. Another common use for insulated shipping containers is for conversion into living or work spaces. With the added benefit of insulation, they’re able to increase the overall comfort of your conversion once completed, providing passive temperature management and eliminating the need for added insulation during the modification process. Not to mention these containers come with added ceiling height meaning your conversion is more spacious without taking up precious floor space.

What are the Benefits of 20ft Insulated (Non-Operational) High Cube Shipping Containers?

These containers are constructed with stainless steel interior lining, aluminium exteriors and a thick wall of highly efficient insulation which means the internal temperature stays approximately 5 degrees colder during warmer months and 5 degrees warmer during cooler months. This means that the goods stored or shipped within are not exposed to external fluctuations, maintaining safety and providing peace of mind. The insulated containers on offer at Container Traders are all standard built, meaning they’re constructed from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to be wind, water and vermin proof. Furthermore, when you purchase an insulated container from us, we’ll give you the choice of an optional refurbishment – including enamel based anti-corrosion re-painting and wire buffing. They’re also built on the standard base which allows for super easy transportation and incredible portability, should you wish to move your container. The 20ft high cube configuration is arguably the most versatile on the market – big enough to comfortably house an array of goods or be converted in to a spacious living or office space.

Dimensions and Sizing

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