Used 20ft Shipping Container (General Purpose / Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Containers) – For Sale

20ft General Purpose / Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Shipping Containers

containers are built to last well beyond there sea life. Re-purposing containers can provide some trendy, and seriously handy applications. Container Traders have a wide range of second hand containers from all of Australia coastal capitals, and most of Australia’s larger regional inland cities and towns. We can arrange next day delivery of quality second Hand Containers to most sites. 20′ Second Hand Containers are the most economical storage solution of the market today. If you need a fast, dry lockable, safe storage container. Give the team a call now on  1300 89 89 70

20ft used GP shipping containers

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20ft Used Shipping Containers – General Purpose / Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Containers

We have 20 ft Used Shipping Containers  that are durable second hand condition.  These 20 ft general purpose shipping containers can be used for a variety of projects. Because of their durability, the 20’ general purpose container can last for years and many owners do not need them for their entire lifetime which is why Container Traders sells a wide range of used shipping containers.

Our used 20’ general purpose shipping containers are kept in excellent condition and cost less than new models.

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Re-purposing Shipping Containers

General purpose shipping containers can be reused over and over for any place or any purpose. They were constructed to be transported on decks of ships and in the backs of trucks for long trips so they are built to survive anything nature or transport can throw at them. They are well-equipped to take care of your items for long-term storage or for long-term shipping. Whether it is for your home, apartment, mansion, office building or work site, general purpose shipping containers are the inexpensive and long-lasting way to store or ship anything. They are the easy and convenient way to handle temporary storage or shipping large items. Choosing a used shipping container is even more cost effective and is just as high quality and durable as the new ones! Container Traders offers used general purpose containers that are in exceptional conditions and we offer them at incredibly low prices. You won’t find used general purpose shipping containers in as great as condition or for as great of a price as you will when you shop with Container Traders.

Built to Last Well Beyond Sea Life

Container Traders provides high quality used general purpose containers. Built with quality steel and thick flooring, the 20’ containers are built to last. They come with standard double doors that open to a full 270 degrees so you can easily load in your items and unload your items when you need to. They have locks and security features to protect your items from thieves or animals. They are weather resistant, water proof, vermin proof and will protect your items during harsh Australian weather. With a Container Traders shipping container, you do not need to worry about rot, decay, excessive humidity or moisture. They will keep your items in the exact condition they were in when you originally stored them. When you use a general purpose 20’ shipping container from Container Traders your items will stay in the same condition as if they were still in your home or office, except you create space and don’t need to worry about them when they are stored in a Container Traders shipping container!

The Most Economic Storage Solution

The 20’ general purpose shipping container is one of our most popular items because it is extremely versatile. The 20’ general purpose container is very spacious and can fit many items but it is also compact enough to maximise space. The 20’ containers can be easily moved and transported to wherever you need to go. Because of their perfect size, they are portable so you can move them from place to place, if you need to do so. It is popular option as the middle-of-the-road option between our 10’ shipping container and our 40’ shipping container. If you need to fit a large number of items but keep your shipping container near your office or home, the 20’ general purpose is an excellent solution for your shipping or storage needs. As their name implies, general purpose shipping containers can be used for any purpose and are used in a multitude of situations, to store almost any type of items in almost every situation. They are so versatile that they can be used for both personal and professional use. A used 20’ general purpose shipping container can be a storage solution when you are moving or doing home renovations. For temporary or long-term moves, used containers are economical ways to protect your items and create extra space in your home or living space. If you need to store tools, extra furniture, clothing, machinery, sporting equipment or any other personal effects while you are moving, expanding, renovating or even if you need to create extra space. General purpose shipping containers are excellent investments because you can continue to find reasons and ways to use them, long after their original purpose was fulfilled.

Great for Work Sites and Home Storage

General purpose shipping containers are also excellent for work spaces and office building. If you are expanding your office space, moving office buildings or if you simply have an overflow of documents, supplies, furniture or materials that you need to store, a 20’ shipping container is an excellent option for you! The 20’ general purpose container will fit easily near an office space, whether it is in a parking garage, a parking lot or located in the building itself. You can easily move them around your office space or building if you need use them for multiple reasons. You will be able to keep your most important items safe and secure in our used general purpose containers. 20’ general purpose containers can also be used for work sites or off site jobs. You may need to set up space during a construction job or at an any other job site. They are made to last in the outdoors, can withstand high winds, rain, snow and harsh weather and will fit perfectly on any job-site without taking up too much room. You can use the 20’ general purpose containers to store materials, tools or machinery and keep it secure when the site is closed. Or you can use the 20’ general purpose container as handy work space during the job for meetings or conversations. The 20’ general purpose containers are long-lasting, secure and incredibly convenient. Additionally, because the 20’ general purpose containers are so easy to transport, you will have no problem moving it to another job site when one project or job is completed. You can constantly reuse the 20’ general purpose shipping containers for multiple jobs and projects. They are strong enough to last through the longest of projects and when the job is complete, your 20’ general purpose shipping container will be ready to be used at your next work site or job, just as strong and durable as the previous one!

Economical and Effective

Used shipping containers are the economical choice. They are cost effective and Container Traders provides them at a great value. The nature of shipping containers is to be strong and long-lasting and because of that, even though the general purpose shipping containers from Container Traders have been used previously, they are still in exceptional condition and will keep your items just as safe and secure as a brand new shipping container would. Shipping containers can survive the longest moves, longest storage needs and the toughest conditions with very little wear and tear, making a used container an excellent option for anyone who wants to save money but is still looking for high quality. Container Traders is proud to offer general purpose shipping containers that are of the highest quality in Australia. We value the safety and security of your personal or business items just as much as you do and we promise to provide the most durable and secure general purpose shipping container, whether you purchase a used or a brand new shipping container from us! When you shop with Container Traders, you know you are getting excellent quality at excellent prices. No matter what type of shipping container you purchase from Container Traders, we will provide outstanding customer. We want to make the process of shipping or storing your items as easy and stress-free as possible and so we will work with you to find the best shipping container for you and deliver quickly and at your convenience. If you are unsure of whether you need a brand new or a used general purpose shipping container, contact one of our friendly and genuine sales representatives today to discuss the different shipping container options we can provide you. We guarantee that we will help you find the most perfect shipping container for all of your personal or professional shipping and storage needs.

Dimensions and Sizing

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